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Darkfocus  +   2019d ago
free beta key I'll take one
Thanks N4G
luckyj  +   2019d ago
Just what ive been looking for hopefully this game is good =] would love a beta key thanks.
M337ING  +   2019d ago
I would like to get a beta key.
The Goddamn Batman  +   2019d ago
Keys everywhere!
I'll take one too, if there's still any left.
bobrea  +   2019d ago
I can has beta key?!
Goldenarmz  +   2019d ago
Latoneyde  +   2019d ago
I'm in, if possible
sleigher_007  +   2019d ago
Looking forward to trying this game.

kingdavid  +   2019d ago
Id like a key shalt you permit :P.
paddypat  +   2019d ago
me want a beta key
me want!
sniperdx  +   2019d ago
Wouldn't mind trying this out hope its a good one
Arkem  +   2019d ago
Sounds interesting, if there are any codes left I'd love to try this game! = )

Thanks N4G
Mnemica  +   2019d ago
Beta key plx ! ty ^_^
darkhitman  +   2019d ago
hell yeah i will try it out
Motion  +   2019d ago
I'll check it out
JasonAJB  +   2019d ago
Please and thank you
I'l take a key :)
darkhitman  +   2019d ago
beta key
i will take a code off your hands
B-Rein  +   2019d ago
I Want
aiphanes  +   2019d ago
beta key
It would be awesome to get a beta key for this MMO!
HavenOfFear  +   2019d ago
Haven't heard much about this but if it's an MMO, I'll definitely have to try it out.
rhain28  +   2019d ago
thanks n4g :)
majormarkd  +   2019d ago
so we just post here and we get a key?
Aleusiaa  +   2019d ago
I would be very interested in a key please
J-R  +   2019d ago
Send me the beta key! :)
MeatAbstract  +   2019d ago
Any keys still going?
cdnsoulja  +   2019d ago
key please
would love to try this one
Lindon  +   2019d ago
Beta Key
Great work with getting beta keys! (gimme i key!)
belkski  +   2019d ago
Beta Key!!
Yes please! Thanks!
Chalice  +   2019d ago
Can I get a key please?
Thx :)
eNowise  +   2019d ago
Beta Key
Hopefully there are still keys, I'd love to try it out.. thanks ;)
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