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charon  +   2132d ago
key please
Foreverblue  +   2132d ago
I would HIGHLY like a beta key if you would be so kind :D
qadsia123  +   2132d ago
N4G FTW!!!!
can I have a beta key PLEASE!!!!
afro_bullet  +   2132d ago
Would be sweet!
A beta key would be awesome! would very much like one!
Luffy  +   2132d ago
Can I still get a beta key?:D
ozz  +   2132d ago
Yes please!
Final_Rpg  +   2132d ago
beta key please.
Zaor  +   2132d ago
I want a beta key. Ty
pwneddemocrat  +   2132d ago
Count me in
riqued  +   2132d ago
2.5?! Finally! A key for me, ok?
Wicked Sick  +   2132d ago
Can i get a key, please? : )
TorchlighT was an awesome game published by Perfect World Entertainment, I'm looking forward to this one!
jelli  +   2132d ago
Code please, would be interesting to try it out.
MarkusMB  +   2132d ago
Beta key please. Thanks N4G, great work.
MarkusMB  +   2132d ago
Hello, Beta Key Please. Thanks very much.
lee2381  +   2132d ago
can I have a beta key PLEASE!!!! many thanks....
shaun79  +   2132d ago
Beta key for me please!
Nasmar  +   2132d ago
I hope I get a beta key :)
Hellome  +   2132d ago
Owhh well, let's give it a chance.
Tichols  +   2132d ago
Beta Key
I'd like access to beta also, may I have a key :-)
damonic  +   2132d ago
This has got my interest
I would like one of the Beta Keys too! Thanks in advance N4G.
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massiveman  +   2132d ago
N4G FTW!!!
yeah man beta keys !!! thanks n4g :D
allxdr  +   2132d ago
beta key
yes please
leedsunited92  +   2132d ago
sentraxx  +   2132d ago
Key Please :=)
jamie2497  +   2132d ago
Beta Key Please!!
NickIni  +   2132d ago
A beta key please if I'm not too late.
ARMY_HAWK  +   2132d ago
Beta please :)
cHk4  +   2132d ago
Could I please have a beta key?

Thanks :)
young juice  +   2132d ago
oooo i want one please
Argyle  +   2132d ago
looking for a beta key
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