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evilelement  +   2205d ago
Please Please Please
Code is my power :P
krouse93  +   2205d ago
Can I please Have a beta key.
kornkid  +   2205d ago
Please =D
I would like a beta key please!

Thanks in advance!

LUV U n4g!
tacomonster  +   2205d ago
I want a key!
artsaber  +   2205d ago
Rodimus Prime transforming...
for a beta key
xMayh3m  +   2205d ago
Key Please!!!
dalibor  +   2205d ago
If there are still beta keys I would def. want one. If not thanks for trying. Game on.
WhyGeeGee  +   2205d ago
Key please and thank you in advance
I'm interested in getting a key.
mattmifflin  +   2205d ago
Beta Key
I'm ready to test this baby :)~
BobJones4980  +   2205d ago
Please give me a beta key
xcoldfearx  +   2205d ago
<3 n4g beta key please
swift  +   2205d ago
ooohh pretty please... :)
dagundam  +   2205d ago
beta key pleasse!! :D
Stevo35  +   2205d ago
No thanks
I dont want one.
Swisskid15  +   2205d ago
I'm the moon, can I get a beta key?
Swisskid15  +   2205d ago
I am also not getting a download link
Gryffin  +   2205d ago
Key Please
I would love a key please. Thank you.
Wingnut26  +   2205d ago
Pick me!
I'd love one of these keys. Thanks!
NewsGforce  +   2205d ago
this is relevant to my interests, nice work n4g; ill check it out
LuNaTiC83  +   2205d ago
count me in!!
Spazz  +   2205d ago
I guess I can give it a shot, send me a beta key please
whodatiz  +   2205d ago
beta key
posting for beta key
broomhead123  +   2205d ago
i wouldnt mind a beta key :P i do love beta's!
1wwefan07  +   2205d ago
give me please
azex  +   2205d ago
i want one =p
corki101  +   2205d ago
Please gimme a beta key! :)
yamzilla  +   2205d ago
Code me up please!!
YamiSora  +   2205d ago
I would like one to please.
SteelyPhil  +   2205d ago
key please
need something to do before The Old Republic
sincorpdeath  +   2205d ago
Testing for a beta key
Let's hope this works
andrew01992  +   2205d ago
can i have one pleasexxxxxxx
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