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Kritak  +   2133d ago
Beta Key
May I have a beta key please?

centaureas  +   2133d ago
please please gimme a beta key i beg you
Simon_Brezhnev  +   2133d ago
i'll like a code please.
nackno  +   2133d ago
pretty please!
May i have a code =)
squidyj  +   2133d ago
I would like a code please sir.
jonnypho  +   2133d ago
Thank you
Hope I get one.
toogoodforyall  +   2133d ago
i want a beta key
ClearConscious  +   2133d ago
Key Please :)
Br0wNb0y  +   2133d ago
i got a code but once I redeem it and am given a link to download.. i don't see the game. what am i missing?
TwinEgo  +   2133d ago
Key please xD

I hope its as good as Torchlight :)
Ashta  +   2133d ago
I would like a key also. Please?
ClearConscious  +   2133d ago
I'm confused on what to download exactly, I didn't see the game as a possible download.
Br0wNb0y  +   2133d ago

Don't see it. Redeeming for a second time gives me this:

Once closed beta begins, you will receive an email with instructions for how to participate. Please be patient!

I'm going to assume it hasn't started yet
yl76  +   2133d ago
ooh this looks like something i can get my mind off of WoW
ScreamoKitty  +   2133d ago
Key please
I enjoyed other stuff like torchlight, would love to try this, please could I also have a key?
fady2hotty  +   2133d ago
Please and thank you!
I would like a key also.
gameguyr  +   2133d ago
i'd like one to :-)
could i have one to?
LionMCK  +   2133d ago
Code Please
Hook me up, I've played just about every mmo out there and still play FFXI so I'd love to give this a shot.
zaidx4  +   2133d ago
Beta Key Please and Thank You!!
Beta key please!!!! Thank you N4G!!
Shinkus  +   2133d ago
I would like to try it
zannaz82  +   2133d ago
key please please please
I so want a key! thanks :-)
Bigrhyno  +   2133d ago
I'd like one
aconrad  +   2133d ago
please!!!!!! i would like one
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   2133d ago
Hey, if there are any left, I would love to beta test for you guys.
Genji919  +   2133d ago
I would very much like a beta key...
Pretty please?
chargersmonster  +   2133d ago
gelliock  +   2133d ago
ill take one of those keys bro
taylork37  +   2133d ago
key me please.
forgehand  +   2133d ago
I'd like a key please.
davidryan  +   2133d ago
Beta Key
one for me please!
DexterPsycho  +   2133d ago
I would like one
I would like a code please :)
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