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The Happy Baby  +   2087d ago
ooo-gimme gime gimme.
xMAxTrigger  +   2087d ago
JoySticksFTW  +   2086d ago
I'm in, if you still have them :)
AntoineDcoolette  +   2086d ago
Can I still get a beta key? lol
Kappa Mikey  +   2086d ago
Ohhh plz plz I want a beta key
CptBach  +   2086d ago
I would like a Beta key plz
playboi28  +   2086d ago
Beta Key
I would greatly appreciate a beta key.
lbartley  +   2087d ago
I'll give it a shot.
Old Greg  +   2087d ago
Dont Forget Old Greg
Old Greg wants to join your beta. Give him a key.

Do you love me?
Lirky  +   2087d ago
Can i have a code.
I posted i hope im allowed to get a code.
LeetGoose  +   2087d ago
Code please
Code please
user9422077  +   2087d ago
I'd like one please.
MisterBronze  +   2087d ago
Yes please!
I really like the look of this, I wuold like a code please :)
oldermand  +   2087d ago
<3 N4G
Hey, could i get a key? :D plzzz
KilL7roCitY  +   2087d ago
Could i get a key ? thanks.
Kslay31  +   2087d ago
N4G is the best
Send me a beta key plz, lol.
Doombrinqer  +   2087d ago
Sounds interesting, i'll give it a try
Cook1eMan  +   2087d ago
Can I have one, plz?
xyxzor  +   2087d ago
Looks interesting, I'd love to give some constructive feedback.
Empyrean_Eclipse  +   2087d ago
i want a key pls
i want a key please, thanks!
Karlnag3  +   2087d ago
I'd also like a key. MMO Betas ftw :)
sakura2009  +   2087d ago
me plz thanks
lociefer  +   2087d ago
ill take 1 merci beaucoup
TheCrookedWarden  +   2087d ago
I would love a beta key oh so much.
emjayx  +   2087d ago
Cool another code, i want one :)
sakura2009  +   2087d ago
i got my beta keys
Syphon911  +   2087d ago
Beta Key!
I'd love to try this game!
DarkStormuk99  +   2087d ago
ohhh beta key please
Karlnag3  +   2087d ago
my key didn't work T~T
sakura2009  +   2087d ago
liar, u just want another beta key
Cat  +   2087d ago
now, now, Sakura...

Any users having trouble, please refer to the update. I'll keep ya posted as I hear from PW.
GenoZStriker  +   2087d ago
Competitive PvP. :) Sounds great. 1 please.
reaperman  +   2087d ago
Interested in checking this out, a key would be appreciated. thanx
Statonxyb  +   2087d ago
I'll take a key!
Br0wNb0y  +   2087d ago
I'll try it out. Thanks!
fpsskippa  +   2087d ago
im a beta fanatic
fpsskippa  +   2087d ago
I got my key and it worked, but there is no download. Is that the problem other people are experiencing or are their keys not working in general?
jeekay87  +   2087d ago
definitely interested in trying out a new beta
xMAxTrigger  +   2087d ago
Give me a code please
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