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SnuggleBandit  +   2215d ago
swallow your gamer pride and make it through, just for the story. I agree about that section, it was way waay too hard.

I have a similar story except on the first gow. I made it all the way to the ares boss fight on normal mode, but no matter how many hundreds of times i tried that fight i never got close to beating him. Finally i just switched to easy mode, and it still took me a bunch of times to beat him!

Anyways, IMO beating GOW on any difficulty is a pretty good accomplishment...they are not exactly easy games (or maybe i just suck at action games)
syanara  +   2215d ago
you think its hard now?
in the collection there is a trophy for beating that part in under 10 minutes!!!

there is a PS.BLOG video about it that should give you some pointers!
Jinxstar  +   2214d ago
Yeah but there is an urn that gives you infinite magic as well that makes the 10 minutes very easy.
FamilyGuy  +   2213d ago
This is a very familiar feeling
though for me it was Onimusha 3. I was never able to beat the final boss. I don't remember why (i may have been short on health restoring items), just that I couldn't and never beat it and eventually moved my attention onto some other game and never bought Onimusha 4 because of it.

Another hard fight was Sephiroth in the first Kingdom Hearts game but I was determined and eventually won that fight (after maybe 30 attempts lol). Freya in Star Ocean 3 was up there too but eventually found a good strategy on beating her, though I never beat her after that.

The last 3-4 floors (60 somethings) in the Tower of Lost Souls in Soul Calibur IV come to mind too, probably 50 attempts before passing that and after all the other fights had been a cake walk.

I havn't had any experience with being overwhelmed by a combination of enemies working well together like that though (unless you count SCIV and how the player would switch out and finish/extend their partners combos).

Just keep trying, and obviously you'll have to play more defensive than you're use to, and you'll pass that section and get to the main course.
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Rock Bottom  +   2212d ago
I have bad news for you Cajun Chicken
I did my first GoW2 run on hard, and the last time that I died before completing my first run was while fighting the sisters of fate. My second run was on titan mode, and I finished both runs in less than ten days.

The sad thing however is that I don't dare to call myself a hardcore gamer, which leads us back to you... What are you?! :(


never give up, especially if you loved the game.
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alphakennybody  +   2215d ago
I understand what ya mean, what I did for that part spam with electicity and arrows I keep my distance when fighting them. Or take the easy way out, Just stop playing for a day and relax then comeback the next day fully refreshed and ready to kickass that how I passed it on my second playthrough on titan mode( yeh, got frustrated at one point and was about to throw my controller away :P at that time)
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SilentNegotiator  +   2215d ago
In all three God of War games (1, 2, Chains of Olympus), I found that there is at least one outrageously, perhaps unreasonably, difficult part. It can quite a hindrance, but ultimately worth working through.
thor  +   2215d ago
I never completed Kingdom Hearts 2... I suppose actually levelling up could have helped me but I got stuck in the final bit and never went back to it...
RockmanII7  +   2214d ago
you just reminded me
I never beat the first kingdom hearts game because of the boss battle in the little mermaid level. I deleted that save a long time ago and have no intentions of going back to the series.
aaronisbla  +   2215d ago
i assume you aren't playing on titan mode, as this mode will make you wanna throw ur controller lol.

Sirens and Gorgons: wait for the gorgons to try to flash stone you, the one that does it instantly, and right before it hits, use the GOLDEN FLEECE to reflect the blast back, not only will it freeze the sirens, it also freezes the gorgons. Instead of just sending it back, it does a radius splash, similar to how you got into Eurayles temple. If you got a decent hammer, smash them.

In fact, when you try to grab the gorgons and they are not ready for the insta kill yet, they will try to flash freeze you, use his to your advantage
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Darkeyes  +   2215d ago
I frankly never had such a problem with GOW2... It's been a real long time since I have played GOW2, but I don't really remember the sequence.... But it should be easy, use all your powers (by this time sure all of them should be at fully upgraded) ad I usually kept on dodging with the right stick.. Don't really remember frankly, but dodging with the right stick was always my tactic with dealing with Medusa and Siren creatures....

And besides, you aren't missing much as after that, all you have to do is defeat the Big breasted sister
SPOILER ALERT... Go back in Time, and challenge Zeus... Then you fight Zeus in a battle (which frankly is easier than most other battles) and at the end when you are just about to kill the son of a bi*ch with the Blade of Olympus, Nafina (or whatever her name is) comes in between and she dies.... Zeus flees to mount Olympus.... You go back in time where the Titans initially started fight with the Gods (all in CGI video) and take all Titans in present and start climbing Mount Olympus... Thus ending leaving you on Gia cursing Zeus.... SPOILER ENDS. This is where GOW3 starts.

You can see the vids on Youtube.. Besides, similar thing happened to me in GOW1. But for me it was a faulty disc or a broken PS2 as every time I played it, when I reached near the end of getting the Pandoras Box, my game Always froze and leaving me no option but to give up.. I tried 3 different copies and all had a similar problem. Might pick up GOW collection to play the last part of GOW1, but I already know what happens, so nothing great I am loosing.. But still when it froze I pulled out a lot of my hair lol.
Jinxstar  +   2214d ago
Aclay  +   2215d ago
I don't know what difficulty you are playing God of War 2 on, however on my first playthrough on Titan Mode it took me at least 6 hours or more of trying that sequence over and over until I beat it. On Normal Difficulty I don't remember that portion of the game being that tough for me at all.

"aaronisbla" gave some VERY good advice though, because I was about to say the exact same thing that he mentioned. I would also say that if you're still having trouble getting past the the Gorgons and Sirens, just use your Electrical Magic Attack because it works very well against the Sirens by immobilizing them in one place. While they are unable to move, do some heavy combo attacks and they shouldn't last for too long... I'm just hoping that you upgraded the Electrical magic attack to at least level 3 or Maxed out by this point in the game because it's one of the best magic attacks in the game IMO.

Using "Rage of the Titans" is also another tip I'd give as well, because if I'm not mistaken, once Kratos is in this state, the Gorgon's magic to turn you in to stone is ineffective against Kratos.

There's numerous ways to get through any given battle in the God of War games, you've just got to keep experimenting with different things if you ever get stuck.
Zaiyan  +   2214d ago
You need to user L1 + Square a lot to create distance and dodge with R man. You are indefinately next to the end, actually, another few minutes after that and its all cutscenes.

Just keep going, i'm sure you'll get it done at some point!
Jinxstar  +   2214d ago
My favorite series next to Zelda. I owned both on PS2 and mastered them. Now I have double platinums and can't wait for 3...

My advise. Take your time. Keep rolling. Single swipes with blades. hold block as you roll and dont get greedy. Use magic if they gang up and just keep trying.

It's not mean't to be easy but at least it aint demons souls hard eh? If by the time the new game releases you don't have it beat suck up your pride and beat it. Your only about 30-45 min to the end.
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pixelsword  +   2214d ago
Try to focus on the group that messes you up first, or just focus on one type of beast first, bud
You are fighting them all when it's the combination of creatures that does you in.

That part is kinda hard, but kinda rewarding when completed.

Ewe ken Dew eet!

*smokes pipe... wait, that guy didn't have a pipe, did he?*
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aaronisbla  +   2214d ago
i already told you one of the best ways of beating them, its also the fastest. combine that with rolling and you should be ok without wasting any magic, save it for whats to come
Heartbroken-Menace  +   2213d ago
Normal mode is okay, god mode seems impossible
Can't wait for GOW3 regardless.
OmegaSlayer  +   2213d ago
Spam magics, dodge and single strike with L1+Square
Tyetan  +   2212d ago
I had a similar problem, except I made it all the way to Zeus and then switched to easy mode. I play more for the story anyway, so I wasn't to broke up about it.
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