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sofocado  +   2019d ago
@ Honolulu
"That's because a 360 game disc can't hold more than 6.8gb-something of data, the rest of the space is used up for physical protection against piracy.... which doesn't really work that well though."

You are not serious right? I think that if it was a PS3 exclusive the BR would be filled with more HD Video and the same amount of game play. Lost Odyssey was 4 dvd it got more game play.
Honolulu  +   2019d ago
Definetly, I agree, they would most likely have more unnecessery stuff hogging up the storage on disc. It's been the same for all the Final Fantasy-titles since 7.
It was first with FFXII that they hit a wall and started having problems with lack space for their extravagant cinematics, but that game was of the size of an mmo and very different compared to the other ones in the series.

Why does so many think my post was negatively charged in any way?
a 360-disc holds 6.8gb of data, they probably went for that size with ff13 since it's an easilly divived figure when they counted in the engine framework and mastodont sized cinematics that has to be on each disc. They most likely aimed for that size so it would be easier to port without too much hassle, and it's a really smart move, imo.
I don't get it why everyone is so hostile in the gaming community nowadays.
SaberEdge  +   2019d ago
Yeah, but that is 6.8GB just for game content. They still have to spread the game over several discs anyway, so why in the world would they limit content because of the 360. It is a really weak argument.
Justin_bristoe  +   2019d ago
dont u mean u get played by ms??..yes thats what u ment
jackdoe  +   2019d ago
Old news. First found when game came out in Japan.
JJFNIGHTS80  +   2019d ago
Isn't kinda dumb for Sqaure Enix to only I mean ONLY have 6.8GB of game play and the rest is 32.6 GB of cut scenes in movies? They should of added more game time instead of movies. I'm just asking if any Final Fantasy fans in here what do you care bout most the movie cut scenes or the game play?
-Gespenst-  +   2019d ago
There's apparently 60 hours of gameplay, and that's not including side quests. I think that's plenty. So 7GB therefore isn't so small. And this article isn't a valid argument when the distrubution of memory follows the exact same canon of the game's predecessors; there's always been loads of cutscenes. The numbers just appear bigger because SE are working with a more advanced console and so the data they work with is obviously going to be on a larger scale. This is but an equivalent of previous titles.
And what's funny is, there was definately the same tenuous pre-game release hating for X, X-2 and XII, which, funnily enough, all sold superbly and only served to strengthen the Final Fantasy franchise, as well as being in my opinion, all outstanding games.
I don't believe import reviews are wholly reliable either. Surely you should wait until the western version is reviewed before condemning the game to mediocrity. A lot is lost in translation, even if you've learnt the language, and I believe an entirely japanese game cannot be truly apprecated by a westerner unless it's translated to accommodate their own language.
That said, I know this makes it difficult for me to extrapolate that the game will be great, but I have good reason; seeing that Final Fantasy games have consistently performed immensely. No one has any real substantial reason to say this is a bad game yet in the western world. Too much is lacking to cast such a judgement.
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SeraphimBlade  +   2019d ago
Well it makes sense
I've done work in 3d animation, and I know that a rendered video takes a lot more space and data then un-rendered objects that the gamer guides and controls.

As long as the story's good, I don't mind.
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Michael-Jackson  +   2019d ago
If you want the best experience possible, get the PS3 Version.
SephireX  +   2019d ago
Game Size
Actually it is likely that the game data would have been more than 6.8gb in size if it weren't for the limitations of the 360 dvd9 format. Square said themselves that a lot of content had to be left out of the game. There is no denying that the quality of the game has suffered from being multi-platform due to such limitations. However, I'm not sure if this game will be any good anyway. Square may have gone in the wrong direction with this iteration. Only time will tell. I have both consoles but I'll be getting this on PS3. I'd be mad not to.
DigitalAnalog  +   2019d ago
OH well,

Now we know where Square-Enix has put more resources into!

-End Statement
stonecold1  +   2019d ago
i will wait for final fantasy vs 13
arrives and i will wait till this version goes in the bargain bins if 50percent of content has been taken out i wont pay full price but if its true the game has been gimped because of the dvd final fantasy 13 has been ruined i cant wait till vs arrives on ps3 atleast it wont get held back on development and wont be gimped because of the 360 limitions everytime i see this article it dosent sound good the more i hear about iti was on the fence about this version but dont know now
Halo3 MLG Pro  +   2019d ago
DAMN IT! You can thank Sony for that crap. You really think these companies are going to make more game just because their is more room? NOPE! Just more useless movies. MGS4 is a perfect example of a game that has more movies and cut scenes than actual gameplay.

Bluray is not needed for actual games.
DJ  +   2019d ago
Except MGS4's cutscenes were completely in-game. No pre-rendered sequences.
It was a very long game with a ton of high quality cutscenes and a gripping story. But I guess high production values, in combination with fun, innovative gameplay, have no affect on you.
TheObserver  +   2019d ago
I have been observing with little or no bias, but the Xbox 360 fanboys is getting on my nerves.

Look, FF series is always known for their superb story and top notch CGI, like an interactive book, yet the kids who started this gaming generation do not want the CGI part, calling it a movie or useless. *Facepalm* If they have more space for CGI, sure why not. More eye candy anyway.

I guess it's okay, FPS will do just fine if you don't want those useless "movies". If it is not your cup of tea then drink something else.
CWMR  +   2019d ago
-Way to paint with a broad brush. Only a few people have said that and at least one of them that I know of was a PS3 fan. So quit acting like 360 fans in general think that. I am over 30 and have been playing games most of my life and I don't think that way about cutscenes. I don't want all games to have long cutscenes, but for some games it is appropriate and part of their tradition--Final Fantasy being among them.

Nevertheless, even though I enjoy the cutscenes in the Final Fantasy games, I really don't mind if the game is spread out on a couple discs for the 360 version. It doesn't hinder my enjoyment in the slightest. Lost Odyssey is one of my favorite 360 games and it had multiple discs. It honestly doesn't bother me.-
TXCrowe  +   2019d ago
So 360 Sales should total less than 1,000 right?
Cause after all Metal Gear 4 Sucked so bad because of all the cut scenes...

If it sells a lot on 360 then all that means is 360 peeps are full of it!

So, 360 owners, please stick to your guns ... DON'T BUY FF13 - after all its just a MOVIE!
slugboss  +   2019d ago
6.8gb is still sort of high for those ugly ingame graphics...
It must be all the menus you have to cycle through in jrpgs. :p
andyo13  +   2019d ago
I Think n4g forgot
I think n4g forgot that ff13 on ps3 has uncompressed videos. So its no surprise that its going to take up 32 gbs. If you guys actually did film you'd know how much space video takes up.
statfreak  +   2019d ago
Yea, video takes up a ton of room. Which would explain the amount in GB, I just wonder how much of it is cutscenes.
DJ  +   2019d ago
Does it really matter?
The CG sequences look amazing. And the game itself looks really fun, too.
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hazelamy  +   2019d ago
square love their fmv, and i have to say i love it too. :)
who's surprised by this? honestly?
maybe the reason xiii is so linear is because they have to ensure players view the fmv in the right order, with content spread across multiple discs you have to have a set order to the content, where it wouldn't be a problem with it all on one disc.
of course that means any multiformat open world title will always be limited.
the slower drive in the ps3 may mean games take longer to load but it doesn't have as much effect on the game as limited storage space.

and to those saying this proves you don't need more storage than dvd offers just because of the amount of fmv, i say it does nothing of the sort.
look at titles like mass effect 2 and forza 3, apart from an intro vid they don't have much fmv at all, the first mass effect was all in engine, you could tell by the texture pop up in all the cutscenes.
el zorro  +   2019d ago
Yeah but what percentage of games this generation have needed more than one disc?...5% maybe...I'd say it is not an issue.....if more than 50% of games needed more than one disc then I would say it was worth talking about...but I have played some absolutely massive games that fit on one dvd, so I don't think it is an issue this gen....maybe next gen when game textures take up more space and stuff like that...but not this gen.
The Judderman  +   2019d ago
the more i hear and see about this game the more it sounds complete pants. Square seem to have lost the plot in recent years. Think i‘ll stick with mass effect.
Main_Street_Saint  +   2019d ago
Too many movies
It might not be enough game, IMHO. As much as I love cutscenes, it is a bit overboard to have that many hours of movie and not as many hours of actual game. PS3 or 360 who cares, I'm pretty much staying away from this one, period.

I know, I'll pick up a lot of heat for what I'm saying but I just don't care.
MegaPowa  +   2019d ago
all this for a some boring game :| you people need help
PS360PCROCKS  +   2019d ago
duh FF is always like that
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