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NiiGhTx  +   2216d ago
Funny how 360 weebols say MGS4 is a movie, or Heavy Rain. Yet, FF13 is a movie as well, and they'll buy it. lololol
Guitardr85  +   2216d ago
I know!!! Personally, I like a lot of movies, loL! I know...Im crazy!
Whitefox789  +   2216d ago
Well considering your icon is Grey Fox I'm going to go and say yes you are crazy ! :D
Guitardr85  +   2216d ago
and how!!! This is how crazy I am...BUBBLES TO YOU!!!
A 6.8 gig hallway is what it's starting to sound like (based on early reviews). Meh. FFX was the same way I guess. Hallways, and a few fields. then a pick-your-destination world map that allowed revisiting of said locations.

I do recall seeing a video not too long ago. It was a Japanese demo of the game, and it featured a big open landscape, and a huge animal/monster walking around. They attacked it and got killed. It kinda had that open-world feeling FFXII did.

Whether or not the game is as linear as they say, those cutscenes or cinematics or whatever are veryyy nice looking.. I can understand them taking up so much disc space.
Lehman Brothers  +   2216d ago
@ Marty
you are one of thebiggest morons here on n4g..

"Having native 1080p & uncompressed audio just enhanced the gaming experience"

I know.. every PS3 owner has a 7.1 TRUE HD sound system at home, lol!

Damn.. you kids cant even effort sonys exclusive games but you want to tell me about Real gaming experience with a 7.1 TRUE HD SOUND SYSTEM??


Sounds like desperation because the 360 version will look superior in terms of graphics.
webeblazing  +   2216d ago
actually i dont im getting one next month hater and to the game part i dont buy every game i see or game that everybody hype and follow the heard. i got other hobbies besides gaming that takes money to do and what u said about bout 7.1 and 1080p makes what u said sound stupid but both will be the same cuz its MP
meatnormous  +   2216d ago
I have a 7.1 surround sound system. Onkyo makes some great models that won't break the bank.
Bumpmapping  +   2216d ago
Awww jealous are we?
Marty8370  +   2216d ago
@Lehman Brothers
Whats up, are we jealous.

The point is PS3 owners get the option of even better 7.1 audio, if they have the amp to support it. Where as Crapbox is incapable of 7.1 audio, it don't even have optical out let alone the space on it's 6.8Gb DVD9 to store it. So dated it.
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Meryl  +   2216d ago
keep on dreaming, that's why uncharted 2 got the graphics(and goty) award this year, wait uncharted was on PS3 right, move along, troll in denial alert
RedDragan  +   2216d ago
Lehmann you forget, the kids that can't afford 7.1 are on the 360 mate.

PS3 has richer, better class of customer who prefer quality and quantity at the same time.
AnotherGamerUser  +   2216d ago
Why would you use a user name for a FAILED company?
CWMR  +   2215d ago
-The point he is making is that even though you guys trump it as some major must-have feature the reality is that the vast majority of people won't even be able to use it. I would be willing to bet my life that most PS3 fanboys trumping the lossless audio won't even be able to use it.-
HINDERIZATION  +   2216d ago
They have to use more gigs for the movements in the game and the videos as well.
The lesser amount of gigs is really just walking and the same actions for battles. I'm not surprised.
stop complaining about the awesomeness of lots of memory for blu-ray. Complain about the seXbox. It ruined it for all of us D:
frankymv  +   2216d ago
Will absolutely pass on this game
Learned my lessons from the past.
jhani  +   2216d ago
what about
Metal Gear solid: Rising? Its a multiplatform game and the series are known to have more data allocated to cutscenes than actual gameplay. Any guess on how things will work on MTS:Rising?
Honolulu  +   2216d ago
I would'nt be too worried for the cutscenes in MGS: Rising, though.
Especially if they decided to make the game a multiplatform title early on.

Kojima loves his cutscenes. But the big difference there is that all cutscenes in the metal gear-series are rendered on the fly, using in-game assets. So the only thing hogging up the extra space on the medium is the sounds, music and dialog, and maybe for the occasional high-res prop and asset that was made specifically for this or that cutscene. this is easily a much better way to go if you're on a tight storage budget.

The FF-franchise has both realtime cutscenes and prerendered cinematics, and for the realtime-stuff they even have several different iterations of the charactermodels with different level of detail that they pick and use from for the different situation like if the camera is really close up or someone is far away, this is done in most modern games... but I've never seen it done to the same extent for main characters than in the later ff-titles.
If I remember correctly, FFXII even had separate character models for detailed hands.

At the end of the day, the way MGS tackles the situation is a lot more efficient economical when it comes disc space. The FF-games really pig out when it comes to storage because of their way of handling cutscenes, with a lot of prerendered cinematics... but they sure do have a talented cinematic team at Squenix.
Solotov  +   2216d ago
Will this proves that Squaresoft can not blame DVD for the game's shortcomings.
Subzero200x  +   2216d ago
FFXIII is 32.6GB of movies
lol why am i not surprised, and if anything this is why the ps3 is poor as a game system....haven't they learned anything from the ps1?
Whitefox789  +   2216d ago
It's all uncompressed man...
3sq  +   2216d ago
SE made the game and you are blaming PS3? gtfo.
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HINDERIZATION  +   2216d ago
damn seXbox...
kraze07  +   2216d ago
rezenu  +   2216d ago
Not sure if I want this game now...

It seems like they chopped this game up to pieces.
kewlkat007  +   2216d ago
Nothing new here FF's always pushed Cutscenes...well lots of them
The day we get a 30GB game that actually equals hours of playtime....well won't be a while
Meryl  +   2216d ago
I am going to laugh when FF vs XIII shows the bots just how gimped XIII really is
SaberEdge  +   2216d ago
I bet you it won't. It might look slightly better because it will have been made later (sequels always look at least a little better than their predecessors), but I bet there will be no significant difference between the two.
-Gespenst-  +   2216d ago
Okay, but nearly 7gb for the gameplay aspect of a game alone is pretty f**king big if you think about it. I'm sure it was the same for FFX onwards, albeit lesser equivalents in terms of data of course. And FFX is still one of the greatest rpgs ever made. (people who disagree with me on that last statement are ignorant to why the game is actually good.)
bjornbear  +   2216d ago
why would
a company do a new game on a new generation platform with the POSSIBILITY of working with 50Gb make a game that doesn't take advantage of that space?

Just tell me, I dare yea ;)
SaberEdge  +   2216d ago
For the same reason that most games don't fill up a DVD9.
dchang  +   2216d ago
So the size of a game determines the gametime? Isn't this an RPG? Won't we expect to see at least 30+ Hours?
webeblazing  +   2216d ago
u know what i want
i want a new paresite eve its funny cuz these new games that mixing shooting wit rpgs then people act like it wasnt done b4 i loved how paresite eve did it truely felt like an rpg and the boss battle at the end on the skyscraper wuz the truth
Meryl  +   2216d ago
new version of parasite eve on psp:P I heard it may have copied from RE5, as long as the controls are fine i will have no problem with it
Tony-A  +   2216d ago
Hey look! It's nothing but "a movie", right? Like MGS4? More video than gameplay?

Oh wait, this one is a semi-multiplatform so it doesn't count...
DigitalHorror81  +   2216d ago
I love my Metal Gear as much as the next guy, but damn, 75% of a game being cut scenes is a little ridiculous. If I wanted a 60 dollar movie, I'd browse the Blu-ray aisle at my local supermarket.
Whitefox789  +   2216d ago
Well its uncompressed data what can I say?
pegger24  +   2216d ago
uncompressed sound
I would venture to guess that most of the 32.6 gigs is the sound files. 5.1 dolby sound tracks are large files, so I am guessin that 7.1 audio might be huge. Just a thought. I think if you were expecting a dumbed down version for the ps3 you are wrong. Those cutscenes are as much the game as the playable parts. If you are playing final fantasy for just action you are going to be disappointed. The game is about more about story and my guess is these movies are a great vehicle to move the story along.
or you can just hate on the game for being nothing but movies, doesn't make a lick of difference to me, I cannot wait
Figboy  +   2216d ago
this has been one of the NASTIEST generations in gaming
i have ever seen.

because of fanboyism, beloved franchises like GTA, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, etc, have been turned into pariahs and outcast.

and for WHAT? because a game goes multi-platform?

look, me and my buddy played a good 10 hours of Final Fantasy 13 (he's since played more), and the game is really, REALLY good. the graphics are great, the battle system is great, the game is in Japanese, so i have no idea what the story really is, but the gist of it seems really good.

this unnecessary hate for the game because it's multi-platform is ridiculous.

this game is being ostracized for reasons i just don't understand.

a lot of you guys are simply being snobby, elitist pricks. you snort in derision when looking at games like Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, God of War 3, Alan Wake, Splinter Cell: Conviction, when just a frigging generation ago, we never would have IMAGINED playing games of that caliber and quality.

it's unreal.

maybe it's because i've been playing games since 1985, but i'm constantly impressed at how far this industry has grown, and if a game like Final Fantasy XIII can't impress because it's a multi-platform, then what the f*ck DOES impress you guys? seriously. WHAT?

you guys are SPOILED. that's all it is. SPOILED, and have absolutely NO APPRECIATION for the time, effort, and dedication it takes to make a game look as good as Darksiders, let alone an Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, Mass Effect, Splinter Cell: Conviction, and Final Fantasy XIII.

you guys are unbelievable.
Traveler  +   2216d ago
I agree with you, Figboy. I appreciate the time and effort that went into FFXIII. I am going to buy it and play it and I couldn't care less about all this hate and conspiracy theories about the game. It is going to be a fantastic game and that is what is important. Gaming is better than it has ever been. The only thing putting a negative cloud over things is the extreme amount of fanboyism and hate on all sides.
wages of sin  +   2216d ago
That is the best comment I've ever seen on this site ever. My last bubble goes to you good sir, kudos. From one old gamer to another.
Son_Lee  +   2216d ago
You deserve an award for that comment. That's all I can say.
Immortal Kaim  +   2216d ago
Great comment Figboy, kids these days really do display a sense of entitlement. The fanboyism here is absolutely out of hand.
andron666  +   2215d ago
Great comment....
Getting bored with all the fanboy hate too.

If the game data fills one entire DVD then it's no small game, many games come on 1 DVD with compressed graphics and sound. This just shows the game is huge...
NatureOfLogic  +   2216d ago
This is the only thing keeping my hopes alive for this game

Just sounds Great
jalen247  +   2216d ago
They must have compressed the game play content on the blu-ray disc to make it equal to the game play content on the 360's dvd disc. That would explain why the game play data is 6.8 GB. Shame on Square Enix.
thewhoopimen  +   2216d ago
They did
They did... Read this article:

Final Fantasy XIII Had Lots of Deleted Content
Art director says enough content removed to make another game.
AKS  +   2216d ago
The first poster posted accurate info. You just owned yourself if you disagreed.
Both versions should be fine. I'm getting the PS3 version because I have a home theater setup that can actually take advantage of uncompressed audio and whatnot, but that won't benefit most people much.

It's awesome of Squeenix to include those features for those of us with the equipment to use it.
Midgard228  +   2216d ago
and army of two is 3 hours long for 60 bucks? who cares, least u know effort was still put into something. I loved mgs4 it was a good movie and game, wats wrong with ff13 being like that.

this gen just has a ton of complainers, so annoying
collin1986  +   2216d ago
I have a 32" sharp aquos that is full 1080p hd display and i can definitely tell the difference between 720p and 1080p, and actually think my t.v looks nicer then most t.v's that are larger.
NOOBKILLA  +   2216d ago
I'm glad you enjoy your TV man. I'm not saying you can't have a good experience.

Look, my brother-n-law has a 1080p sharp aquos and I believe it is a 46" but i'm not sure. He calls me all the time asking me what he can do to get his television to look like mine with his playstation/blu ray player. I have a 55" Samsung LED. He can't do anything; my tv is just a better piece of machinery.

Now listen, i'm not saying that his or your TV is crap. I'm just saying that you get a better experience with a PS3 with a better TV.
EvilBlackCat  +   2216d ago
32.6GB of movies and just 6.8GB of actual game content?

LOL! wow this is why i hate the previous Final Fantasy games and a few other games.

A LOT OF CG and less actual game content.

Come on just imaging how cool will be if they create a world that is a 40gb of actual content.

I dont buy a game to sit back and watch a damn movie... i buy a game to play the role of the character in use in the game.
AnotherGamerUser  +   2216d ago
Both Versions
Equal EPIC fail of a game... LOL another MOVIE game.
Stryfeno2  +   2216d ago
FFXIII 32.6gb for PS3, because droids like movies

FFXIII 6.8gb for 360, because we play games...Thanks SE.
UP  +   2216d ago
you have officially earned dumbest comment of the day
The reason there is more memory is because the movies are native 1080p and the audio is uncompressed
CernaML  +   2216d ago
Yikes... You pretty much posted the exact same thing that Patchstation has already posted.
UP  +   2216d ago
having the movies at native 1080 does not make them longer. its just every thing is at a higher quality (for people with the right gear anyway)and it uses more space on the disk. who does not like things at a better quality. If you have a huge disk space you might as well use it.
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Imallvol7  +   2216d ago
Why is this an article. The game is over 30GB. I want my Final Fantasy with the cut scenes? What is this trying to say? "Look, take out all the story stuff and it fits on a DVD." Yeah, that's correct, but then its not a Final Fantasy game.

Dumb articles.
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