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TwistedMetal  +   2123d ago
PS2's Rockstar created GTa3 says hello.
Dannycr  +   2123d ago
Title should be
5 reasons why Halo: Combat Evolved is the Most Important Xbox Game Of The Decade.

This statement is overlooking huge games on consoles and PC like Half Life 2. Again, just Halo over-hype like any other day. The article points out that it carried the original xbox towards sucess, while that is true, a whole new batch of games like GTA, God Of War, Metroid Prime, Oblivion, Twilight Princess, etc were showing up on other consoles and they did the same for their respective consoles. The Difference: Halo has sold more than them, which means just that, it just sold more.

Halo has probably sold more than even Ocarina Of Time, would you dare to say it's a better game?
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TABSF  +   2123d ago
1. First Person Shooters are the best on PC
2. Half-life Popularized Machinima
3. Windows made the money to Kept Microsoft in the Gaming Industry
farsided  +   2122d ago
1. in your opinion, fps's are better on the pc.

My problem with that is a lack of multiplayer accessibility (not everyone is gonna drag their computers over to one person's house so they can play counter strike together, when they could just have a 4 way free for all on a console)

new player accessibility (do you know how tough it is for someone fresh to pc fps's...or someone who hasn't played them in a couple be competitive? whereas if you can navigate a gamepad in one game, you can pick up any console fps within a day)

and monetary accessibility (I work on a laptop, but because it has a crappy graphics card, if I want to game on PC I have to go out and drop at least 500 bucks on a competitive gaming rig to run some of the newer pc fps's)

2. I didn't even know what Machinima was until everybody at school was talking about how funny RvB was (I'm sorry, what was the big Half Life Machinima? I've never heard of it)

3. Though windows did fund Microsofts first generation console, had it not been for the success of Halo: CE and Halo 2, Bill would have seen the futility of trying to make money ever in the console gaming market and probably would have cut funding for the program. There is no way the 360 would exist without a flagship title backing it.
Redgehammer  +   2123d ago
I agree
In 2003 I was a PC gamer who considered consoles to be for children. I thought the mouse was the end all be all for inputting my orders to kill an enemy; and HL Death match,TFC, counter-strike, and Quake were the most fun I had on my PC. Then Halo came out and it changed my PC experience and expectations levels for all FPS's that would follow in Halo's immense Spartan sized shoes. Halo CE sapped so many hours of my life that you would think I was grinding to beat Diablo. The competitive nature of Halo reminded me of being a younger person and playing organized sports. The hours I spent playing Halo on my PC are still some of the most fun matches I have had the pleasure to play.
Now, 6 years later I play the hell out of my 360 (Team fortress is my game of choice though) and if it wasn't for Halo, I, probably, would have let the entire console thing pass me by without incident. The Master Chief is an Iconic part of my gaming past, and I am in complete concordance with the author of the article and his assessment of Halo's importance to gaming in the last decade.

I do consider Half-Life 2 to be my favorite PC game of all time though( right ahead of HL 1).
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Letros  +   2123d ago
While I have played a ton of FPS since the days of Doom, my fondest memories come from the Half-Life series.

But I agree with the article Halo CE was MS's WMD, oddly enough it was originally a Mac title, hehe.

Imagine everyone buying Macs to game on, ugh bad thoughts.
inSaneELF  +   2123d ago
Lol I only have one account. I Don't know where you got that silly idea.
ChickeyCantor  +   2123d ago
And no those are not pokemon games.
The BS Police  +   2123d ago
1. Goldeneye was released in 1997.

2. Perfect Dark while released this decade it didn't really do anything to break the mold like Halo 1 did from a gameplay perspective.
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ChickeyCantor  +   2123d ago
Actually PD introduced a much higher AI compared to GE, plus co-up.

Even if he is talking about a decade, i still say GE/PD.
blahblah123  +   2123d ago
I think if you were born in the 90s and aren't old enough to remember playing Doom or Heretic off a floppy in typing class when nobody was looking, then HALO is probably a big deal.

For a lot of the rest of us, Goldeneye is still the superior game.
RockmanII7  +   2123d ago
I as a 360 only owner can realize that their probably wouldn't be a 360 if it wasn't for Halo. Halo was the reason you bought a Xbox like how RE4 was the reason why you bought a GC.
kasasensei  +   2122d ago
I bought a 360 only for halo3. ^^
N4BmpS  +   2123d ago
The most Important Game of the Decade? Don't Know about that.
Halo is a big figure in the Gaming industry, but I'm not completely convinced of it being proclaimed as the Most Important Game of the Decade. I'm not the biggest Halo fan, but that's not why I'm saying what I'm saying. Halo isn't the only game that had a great Decade, sure there were very few to have the success that it had on it's first launch. But what about GTA, what about Mario, the MVP of the gaming industry(all one million of his variations). I'm not gonna feed you any BS about a PS1 or 2 game that should be game of the Decade, actually I can't think of any except maybe Devil May cry, which expanded the hack-slash genre, and God of war which took it further and maybe the MGS franchise(which was pretty good this decade). What I'm trying to say is that many games deserve to be called "important game of the decade." But Halo deserves it's Kudos.
spacetoilet  +   2122d ago
"Most Important Game of the Decade"
OMFG this article = MEGA-FAIL.

Sheeit Halo!!? That sh1t was done in the 90's (and better) with DooM and Goldeneye 64. Important my 4ss.
Best launch titel of all console releases? Where from his duma 4ss did he pull that gem of a 'fact' from? IS this guy 17? Too young to realise Super Mario World, or even Super Mario 64 blow the piss out of Halo as industry changing and amazing launch games?

Here is two I can think of right now that are waaaay more important games of this decade... World Of Warcraft, Grand Theft Auto III.
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farsided  +   2122d ago
the 90's aren't exactly this decade are they?
...and it didn't start with WoW, the Warcraft universe started back in '94. WoW became popular because of the following Blizzard already had from their previous games. Same goes for the GTA series which started back in '97. And Super Mario 64 came out in '96! All these games are basically ineligible, no matter how good they are!

Halo: CE on the other hand was the first in it's series and actually began in 2001, this decade. Did WoW sell computers? no! Guess what? Everquest 1 and 2 did it first, back in '99 and '04! Did GTA III benefit either the ps2 or the xbox in a massive way? no! it just stirred up a buttload of controversy and got a bunch of moms angry at Rockstar!

BTW...have you even tried playing goldeneye 64 (hey that wasn't the first in it's series either!) recently? the last time I did was this summer and I threw down the controller in frustration because you have to have a third hand to even aim the damn gun! on the other hand, I can still enjoy the original halo in all its nostalgic glory every time I pick it up (it helps that I have one of the later smaller controllers lol...)

Recap, it may not be the best game (or best selling) this decade, but it is still the most important, and I feel that all the reasons he gave in this article were very solid.
chrisulloa  +   2122d ago
Don't forget it brought LAN console parties, dedicated melee buttons, online fps gameplay, the space marine, and vehicles to us. (inb4 an assload of people name a bunch of different games that only had ONE of those things)
LUCKYXS7LEVEN  +   2122d ago
u forgot to add it also made everyone power rangers again n cheer for the green guy
Mr Marbles  +   2122d ago
is a god amongst games.
kasasensei  +   2122d ago
Not the most important, just one of them. Which means a lot, obviously.
There is a "before halo" and an "after halo".
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farsided  +   2122d ago
Halo is the console fps version of WoW
simply because every time a new big balls mmo comes out, there's always the question of whether it's gonna be the WoW killer... whereas every time a new shooter hits the PS3 or 360, there's always the question of whether it's gonna be the Halo killer. I say that because even despite the popularity of the CoD games and Uncharted 2 and everything else recently, you never hear that a game could potentially be the MW2/UC2/KZ2/etc...-killer.
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