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Madis007  +   2186d ago
This game was 4hr long..
Dead Space was 12hr long

So. 12hr and 4hr are same? Not
SpoonyRedMage  +   2186d ago
He lied.... the game's Uber short and has no real replay value... I regret spending £40 on it.
Bnet343  +   2185d ago
Yeah, you actually bought it? All I have to ask is what were you thinking. I'll go on ahead and say it right now, I have not played Extraction but I have played the original and beat it. Judging by reviews, I'm pretty sure the original is a better experience.
hatchimatchi  +   2185d ago
yea spoony pretty much summed it up.

the game IS short as can be and has zero replay value.

I bought it and beat it in 2 sessions which lasted a grand total of probably 6 hours.

It doesn't compare at all to the original and for the life of me i cannot figure out why it gets great reviews and why people say it changes the way on rail shooter are played.

it's not a horrible game but it's definitely not a 'great' game by any means. It's worth a rental but definitely not a purchase.
PS360WII  +   2186d ago
I think he may be adding in the challange maps as well. This game was awesome though and gave a lot of Dead Space mythos which is uber as the story for Dead Space is pretty interesting ^^

That said though I am eagerly waiting the next PS3/360 Dead Space, but still think they should make another Extraction 2 lol. More Dead Space is all I want
SpoonyRedMage  +   2186d ago
See... that's the sad thing, also applies to Madworld, Halo 3: ODST and Modern Warfare 2... they're really short but those few hours are immense, they're not really worth buying at full price.
PS360WII  +   2186d ago
True but when lining up Extraction to a lot of other games of it's type they don't really hold a candle to Dead Space.. maybe the Umbrella Chronicles but even then I think Extraction takes the cake.

So I really don't have a problem with the full price of this game but then this guy tries to compair it to the 3rd person game, and well you just shouldn't do that. Sure if you run thru DS:1 and take your time in DS:E they might take the same time but they are still blatently different games.
EvilTwin  +   2185d ago
Spoony -- The difference with games like Halo or COD is that multiplayer is the biggest time sink. You may only spend 6 hours on the single player, but then you've got a lot of online fragging to take care of. I think I've put 30 hours or so into COD:MWR so far.

Extraction and MadWorld, OTOH, don't really have much replay incentive...5 or 6 hours for $50 is a bad deal. People can put over 100 hours into an online shooter. That's $0.60 per hour of gaming (using 360/PS3 pricing). At $50, MadWorld is $8.34 per hour of gaming. You can go buy a DVD at Wal-Mart for that much, and if it's a good movie, you'll watch it quite a few times.

$20 is a much fairer deal. But for some reason, publishers are convinced that every single game is worth $50 or $60. And they're wrong.
PS360WII  +   2185d ago
But you also have to count those who don't play online. You may have 30 hours for multiplayer but some other guy just has the 6 hours for the single player and that's it.

So for the offline player COD, Halo and whatever those games would be worth the 20 bucks the online player feels MadWorld and DS: Extration should be.

Which is why publishers just charge the 50/60 for all games
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rivithed  +   2186d ago
About 6 hours
I played through it was was about half that. But there is replay value in it with the challenge modes. I liked the game and I'm a fan of the series.
TheColbertinator  +   2186d ago
Ahhh no.Just no.
Bnet343  +   2185d ago
lol where the hell have you been?
Shnazzyone  +   2185d ago
My brother and me railed through it in roughly 4 hours... In what messed up reality is 4 hours = 12. Seriously... EA... stop pretending like this games wasn't hucked together in under a year. Then act like it's failure has nothing to do with the total lack of originality on the title.
lizard81288  +   2185d ago
even if you play challenge mode, thats not going to put 6+ hours into the game. after you have beaten the main game, there's no need to replay it. challenge mode is about what 2-5 minutes long per challenge? and there like 5 challenges.

good thing i "acquired" it and didn't waste my money. good story and all but its, yeah, look at what other people said.
randy840  +   2185d ago
If you play through the campaign and then leave the game on for 8 hours while you go drinking, then yes, it's the same length as the PC/PS3/Xbox 360 Dark Space.

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