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qwertyuiopasdfghjkl  +   2219d ago
Cmon PD!
IF you keep doing things like this, GT5 will drop into a negative day one purchase for me.
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Jijoro  +   2219d ago
Seriously? Im sorry but this is just an embarassment. Jijoro out.
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IcyJoker187  +   2219d ago
Your being a sore loser, next time stop thinking GT will ever be De-Throned.
Saaking  +   2219d ago
Out and stay out.
kevinx1000  +   2218d ago
omg, i knew there were like 1 or 2 demos, but 4!?
you guys complaining about ODST (wich a lot more feautures) for $60 when you get 4 demos (of demos, of demos...) for over a $100??
shysun  +   2219d ago
Damn, thats whats up!
tedisome  +   2219d ago
I translated the thing verbatim
This is what the guy says about the user created tracks in finnish:
"... You can make your tracks, race against others online.... The online portion of this game is just going to be an astonishingly big and popular thing.... and virtual racers are going to be able to compete against each other (when the game comes out) next spring in this totally realistic environment...."

Again, you can argue if the guy knows what he's talking about but you can not deny the words that come from his mouth.

NaiNaiNai  +   2219d ago
Hes talking online gaming the whole time, so more then likely it means you can pick which tracks you want to race online.

argue against it all you want, but so far I've been right about everything I've said about this game.
tedisome  +   2219d ago
No argument here.
You can "believe" what "he more than likely means". Have at it. I'm just telling you what he actually, literally s-a-y-s.

Blaster_Master  +   2219d ago
Sony Commercial

"Dont believe everything you hear on the internet. How do you think WW1 was started?" LOL!
butterfinger  +   2219d ago
I am skeptical like most of you, but GT5 will be amazing with or without this feature. This is definitely not a deal-breaker by any means.
TruEve  +   2219d ago
I agree
Def. not a deal breaker, but it would make the deal so much more lucrative :P :D.

I'm still skeptical until I see multiple publications confirm this info from Poly.
DaTruth  +   2219d ago
Me and GT5 haven't come to a deal yet, but this might be the deal maker!
patterson  +   2219d ago
This is big! I so hope this is true. :D
dustgavin  +   2219d ago
This is going to be a wonderful feature.
Comet  +   2219d ago
No really, never heard about Forza until now... I've been playing Gran Turismo since 1999 on my PS1 though... ;D
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   2219d ago
Not a racing sim fan,
...but this made GT5 pop up on my radar real quick!! *giggles*
rbluetank  +   2219d ago
i need a great racing game for my ps3.....
i will be getting this game ASAP; after hearing about this new feature.... i need now is a music editor in the game and it is a wrap....
maskedwarrior  +   2219d ago
I wonder if it will be like ModNation Racers.
gamingisnotacrime  +   2219d ago
I love GT and will buy GT5 day one as i did with GT PSP
but until PD confirms this, i say is a no go.
PD prides themselves on their high fidelity to detail, they wont let crappy looking tracks be used in GT5. no way
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TwistedMetal  +   2219d ago
lol I dont even know why anyone is wasteing money on forza 3 at all especially double consoles owners
It just seems like a dumb investment when you got so many better games you can spend that money on. grab gtp and the grab gt5 when it releases next year. I dont see why anyone would buy forza 3 and waste 60 on it when you got the difinitive racer that is gt5 which completely out classes it in everyway for the same price. start thinking people becuase gt5 is where its at.
Sikct9a  +   2219d ago
That's just too awesome.
NaiNaiNai  +   2219d ago
Wow pathetic mods, deleted my comments, when they were in fact TRUE.

Way to proof your loyalty to the ps3 populace again mods. XD
hagla  +   2218d ago
So it should
Well in all honesty i and many other fans of the series have been waiting for this game since the release of the PS3. Considering how long it is taking to be released, features such as this are now becoming expected for it to live up to expectations... I don't see this as a bonus anymore, not after such a long wait.
kevin360uk  +   2218d ago
Il be surprised
As much as i cant wait for GT5, i question whether the information is 100% accurate. That would be pretty complex to do unless we're talking simple layed out tracks. It wouldnt be wise putting working hours into making a track editor if no weather/day/night modes of some nature arent put into the game, something more important to affect gameplay
peeps  +   2218d ago
quite interesting to see this news, especially after watching a recent Invisible Walls (gametrailers podcast thing) where they discussed forza 3 and mentioned how they wondered when a sim racer would allow you to edit/make custom tracks.

also was surprised to see forza 3 doesn't have the video editor the devs said was used to create that video with the cars 'breakdancing' as someone put it lol
Cybertmx  +   2218d ago
I think your looking too far into this...
I cannot say for sure as I obviously haven't played the game, but surely this only means that you can change already existing tracks, not sure if any of you remember, but Project Gotham Racing 3 allowed you to make your own tracks, but really only allowed you to configure combinations of corners already mapped and designed into the track. So really it would be more of a "variation" of an existing track rather than a Track Mania style design. My 2 cents.
FxckOSX  +   2218d ago
that TRACK means "custom sound TRACK" or mistaken for Modnation
but excellent if it's realized.
volcane  +   2218d ago
I am very skeptical that it will have a proper track editor, where you can build your own tracks from scratch. The sources don't seem very reliable to truly confirm this as fact.

I'll wait until a proper press release from SCE or PD.
artsaber  +   2218d ago
Hmmm... scratches chin. GT5 = LBP of Racers?
Could this make GT5 the Little Big Planet of racers? This appears to mean that we may be able to create tracks and publish them online for others to race, etc? If it had that feature, it would be HUGE. Just add an infinity symbol next to the playability factor if that were true.

Could it possibly be a racer that we could never get tired of playing? An infinite amount of new tracks due to user based submissions? Imagine the possibilities.
Master of Unlocking  +   2218d ago
Gotta love & respect
Yamauchi-san and the guys at PD. They endured all the sh!t the people at Turn10 were throwing at them, all the mud-slinging, the taunting, the several attempts at humiliating them, all of that in silence, for years, without ever retorting. They kept quiet, didn't try to overhype their game with silly slogans or by putting down the competition, just kept a low profile and let gamers get excited over the unreasonable promises made by T10.
But all along, they were building the <real> ultimately definitive sim racing game with the utmost humility, and as they progressively give us snippets of info here and there, and all the flaws in F3 are being revealed on the internet, we're just all realising that T10 was actually only a bunch of aggressive jackasses with a big mouth who made a rather humble (unlike the people that developped it) and goofy bumper cars racer with PS2-like graphics and some crackpot VCR-like Rewind feature (next time, I want an in-game button to flush my real-life toilets, by the way ;-)...).

I hereby declare Kazunori Yamauchi IS the <real> reincarnation of the Bushi of feudal Japan!(no, Jean Reno isn't, he's just a very good actor)
gtamike123  +   2218d ago
lol at 360
The xbox 360 just got Road killed
FishCake9T4  +   2218d ago
zoks310  +   2218d ago
This could be a possibility, but I hope that Im wrong......... :-(
Possibility: What if the rep confused GT5 with Mod Nation Racer?

It is very possible, I've seen legit people make mistakes in interviews before and I'm sure most of the users on this site have seen this happen in the past also. They are so many uninformed and ignorant people in the industry, and that is throughout, from the bottom to the top, from Video Game Journalist to various Video Game company Executives..

But like I said, I hope I'm wrong, and we do get an editor for GT5. I just want this game so badly it hurts.
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PirateThom  +   2218d ago
It's not the first time Gran Turismo 5 and track editors have been mentioned though.
Pwee  +   2218d ago
This is very cool news!

If true Obvs!
solidt12  +   2218d ago
This is great, adds even more value to the game. Unlimited replayability
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