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Aceluffy  +   1738d ago
I have come to a point
Where I'll never justify paying full price for multiplat games, if I really have to buy them, I'll wait for price drop.
After seeing Uncharted 2 in my Samsung HDTV with my own eyes, I can't go back to mediocre games anymore, well not buying them right away anyway. So in a way, this article does have a valid point. Multiplat devs won't easily have my money and I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks like this.
Az  +   1738d ago
@ Aceluffy
Yeah, i was just thinking the same when i just finished Uncharted 2. " How will I be able to play other games?" Damn the game is awesome , love it to bits. Oh well time to play through it again and fetch those remaining treasures!
wh0am1  +   1738d ago
i also have a samsung HDTV

and you're right I think we're spoiled by UNcharted 2
Naughty Dog has set the bar too high (i think)
dkgshiz  +   1738d ago
These bots are butt hurt
Pure and simple.
orange-skittle  +   1738d ago
Thought he was referring to the fact that Uncharted 2 has a beautiful single player experience and the MP is god awful! Talk about annoying w/ no map depth at all. You have 2 types of kills, Melee or Grenade. Let's not get started on the Pistole that drops you w/ 2 shots. Just punch and shoot and the opponent goes down. Horrible experience online, but played through single player twice. Great game.
samfk  +   1738d ago
ridiculous , AGAIN! i apreciate people need a headline for the story ,but cmon on here its,usually so far from the truth its absurd!i know you want people to read stuff ,jus stop the overplaying things wearing a bit thin!
wh0am1  +   1738d ago
"Uncharted 2 achieved what MGS 4 so desperately tried to achieve..."
"Uncharted 2 achieved what Metal Gear Solid 4 so desperately tried to achieve, without the need for literally hours and hours of cut scenes"

I whole heartedly agree with this statement.
While I enjoyed MGS 4 very much
i found it a drag to play through again because there are so many lengthy cutscenes.
Some of them are still spectacular even after repeated viewings but some scenes can feel tagged on on consequent viewings.

However in Uncharted 2 the gamplay and cinematics blend in so seamlessly together.
It never feels tagged on.

Not to mention there are no loading screens in Uncharted!!!
The_Nameless_One  +   1738d ago
Good read. However,
I felt his comparison with MGS4 is faulty because Uncharted 2 did not have to explain and finish literally 20 years of game history.
MakoXL  +   1738d ago
What?! This guy's clearly an idiot.
bilbobob  +   1738d ago
In this day and age......
of the credit crunch. I dont know about anyone else but I wont buy shoddy put together, terrible ports, of games anymore. For a long while people, especially on here ranted on about low PS3 game sales. did any of you ever think that there might be many people out there who in the past refused to buy a multi platform game that was a shoddy port.

What person in there right mind would waste their money. Now games like Uncharted 2 show that PS3 games can look absolutely stunning and have all the rest to boot.

So people will expect more. Even on multi plat games. After all the excuse for learning the cell has to be mute now. they all should know what there doing. If they are worth the money they want paying for the job they should be anyway.
Odin777  +   1738d ago
I don't think this guy knew that MGS4 cutscenes can be skipped. If it really is that big of a deal just press start and skip.
kraze07  +   1738d ago
Article automatically fails due to the fact that the author doesn't like MGS4. Must have ADHD or something.
robser73  +   1738d ago
An alternative point of views about results of Uncharted 2
Honestly, I think this article is a good tool to increase the web site hits !
Honestly, everyone can talk any words about Uncharted 2. This game it's a masterpiece without all reviews requirement, but thank to all players they want to have it, to play it.
RumbleFish  +   1738d ago
I can only speak for myself...
...but I have stopped buying games that are of mediocre quality. I don't accept mediocrity. I am lucky, not to have so much time for games, but when there is a good game I get everything out of it. All 40 titles of MGS 4 e.g.

I prefer to play a good game 10 times over playing ten games.

Not to buy mediocre games is the only power we gamers have to show developers what we expect.
Bobalob  +   1738d ago
back in the day games were making leaps and bounds by the month we're stuck in this generic sh*te lul using the same engines revamped for years because of the consoles

ChickeyCantor  +   1737d ago
why are people pretending its the second coming of christ.
unknownhero1123  +   1737d ago
some people are just crazy.

btw, is that megabyte in your avatar? I loved that show.
likeaboss302  +   1737d ago
I rented Uncharted 2 from Gamefly. After the first couple hours of playing it I went and purchased it from them. Knowing that Gamefly would then buy another copy to put into the rental inventory. I like to support good games whenever I can. This game is AAA all the way and coming from a 360/PS3/Wii owner to boot.
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Gm0n  +   1737d ago
Bad News...this is good news...competition is good!
I'm not discrediting Naughty Dog's talent but this is what happens when you have fierce competition. You get quality. That's why it's good Microshaft is in the console market. Hopefully other developers will be as classy as Naughty Dog, opening a new age of sharing and collaboration so all gamer development houses can produce quality work like Uncharted 2.
2cents  +   1737d ago
Why and Could...
The most over used words in games articles these days.

Give me facts, I dont give a toss WHY something COULD cause something else. Is it or isnt it. Lazy ass journalism, riding the waves of speculation. Another couple of minutes of my life wasted.
Substance please.

Uncharted 2 IS an amazing game, and HAS raised the bar for developers, but its not the second coming of christ. Its a 3rd person action shooter. There are many other mediums of film and gaming that dont fit the profile.
MostUnfurrowed  +   1737d ago
It's an editorial, if you don't like speculation or subjectivity then I'm not quite sure why you clicked on an article with two of these 'overused' words in. What did you expect from an article of this calibre? If you expected anything other than light-hearted speculation, then you sir are ill-informed.
2cents  +   1737d ago
The word 'why' conjures many a thought and avenue for debate. There may be an immense weight to the target of the word, or it could turn out to be playground rumor. This as far as I am concerned is nothing more than a fart in the wind, stinks but dissipates quickly.

The Headline has an above average captivation to the words selected. WHY / BAD NEWS / INDUSTRY. My curiosity got the better of me, as I was surfing and not pondering I clicked immediately on the link to find nothing more than a stinker. Others may enjoy this type of thing, not me. Seeing as there are a number of self appointed judges on this site I felt it my duty to add my "2 cents".

My previous comment could have been posted with the last two lines alone,

but where's the fun in that hmm?
MostUnfurrowed  +   1737d ago
Whilst I don't agree with you, I have bubbled you up, so to speak. :) You beat most of the inane 'lol, xbots' chatter that frequents these parts. It wasn't intended as a serious piece of journalism, more a whimsical pub-talk-esque type thing.

Have a good'un.
2cents  +   1736d ago
Bubbles back my friend.

bednet  +   1737d ago
Credit goes mostly to the developer and not the console, don't get me wrong, I love my PS3, but the game would have been just as good as a 360 exclusive, granted maybe less graphically impressive, but still extremely good. Good job Naughty Dog.
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