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Cyrax_87  +   2249d ago
I was wondering when a new review would finally be added to meta.
currently sitting on 97 average lol.

edit: @ nForce

lmao, I know. since when is 12-13 hours short? There's always something to nitpick.
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JRaptor  +   2249d ago
Yeah, I'm surprised that OPM UK still isn't up..even still, its doing well at 97
Tomonobu Itagaki  +   2249d ago
Be patient, Eurogamer and Edge still didn't published their review, it still have chances to drop to 80-82.
Cwalat  +   2249d ago
Uncharted will hopefully score high on Metacritic, personally i hope it scores above 9.8, so it becomes historical moment for gaming industry. It's what Naughtygod deserves and hopefully will result in shi**load of sales.

I won't judge any reviews til i play the game myself. Only then will it become clear who actually is biased or not.
jammy_70  +   2249d ago
so gllllaaaaadd i have a pppsss33!!!!!!!

isat 97 now... but surly it should be 98?
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DAVID BRENT  +   2249d ago
13 hours= short? wtf
why with ps3 games people make up ridiculous negatives to hide the fact that cant find any just so not to give a ps3 game a perfect score?
mal_tez92  +   2249d ago
I dont really care about metascore
The fact that GTA4 has a 98 is proof enough that they mean nothing. I mean I've seen overrated games before but that REALLY doesnt deserve it.

I'm pretty sure Uncharted 2 does deserve the scores it is getting because Drake's Fortune is the closes't thing to 100/100 perfection that exists in gaming.
Syronicus  +   2249d ago
Great score but...
The reasons for the minus .5 point are pathetic. Sorry, but they seem to have simply tried to justify their reasons for not wanting to give the game the perfect score it deserved.
heroicjanitor  +   2249d ago
That negative was gay
Action games are rarely as long as uncharted 2, that's even without forgetting the multiplayer
starvinbull  +   2249d ago
Edge are on a bit of a roll as far as PS3 reviews go this generation. They will have no reason to mark this game down but then again they have found reasons to do so in the past with other games.
If a PS3 game isn't as innovative and fun as LBP it doesn't stand much of a chance of a fair review in Edge. Perhaps Uncharted 2 will be just a bit too good for them to mark it down.

A game literally has to be getting game of the year awards to be taken seriously on the PS3 in Edge, how did they arrive at that policy?
Christopher  +   2249d ago
Yeah, also not getting why they don't think it's very long.
Most are reporting 12-15 hours. Most single-player games today aren't able to get that level of play through even with hunting for hidden flags/clues/whatever and forcing you to spend time backtracking over area you've already covered.

Just finished my first time through Batman AA and it took me only a few hours, would have taken a lot less without looking for the Riddler items and the need to backtrack once I had all the bat gadgets for getting to them in each location. Regardless, the game wasn't too short for what it was and is still a great game (9/10 for me).

So, very confused why anyone would complain about 12-15 hours on a single-player element of the game that also has multiplayer attached to it.
Face Palm  +   2249d ago
Apparently a 13 hour PS3 game is short but an 6-8 hour 360 game (just about EVERY 360 game) is just fine :/

Basically, they gave docked it 0.5 points for being longer than most games...

Seems similar to how IGN took 0.5 points off of U2 for it not explaining stealth that great... Yeah, that's really worth docking half a point for...
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SnuggleBandit  +   2249d ago
its pretty ridiculous that ps3 exclusives have to do EVERYTHING right and are nitpicked to death when we know that if it was a multiplat game that these miniscule points would just be ignored
ShadowCK  +   2249d ago
Why is everyone boasting about the 97% on Metacritic for Uncharted 2? It's based off three reviews and it's definitely not going to last. Gears of war 2 has the same score when it was first released and I bet you that GameSpot, Edge and GameTrailers will shoot Uncharted 2 down.

You may argue there is four reviews on Metacritic but I don't count the PlayStation Magazine because they automatically give every PlayStation exclusive a 10/10 with no good reasons whatsoever. How it's on Metacritic is outstanding.
TheDeadMetalhead  +   2249d ago
12-13 hours is too short, but Halo 3: ODST's 6-hour campaign and rehashed multiplayer is perfectly respectable? Talk about a double-standard. >.>

Day one. =D
Sarcasm  +   2248d ago
"but I don't count the PlayStation Magazine because they automatically give every PlayStation exclusive a 10/10 with no good reasons whatsoever."

Uhhh don't you look silly...

OPM Review Scores:

SOCOM Confrontation: 7/10
Resistance 2: 8/10
Motorstorm PR: 6/10
Infamous: 8/10
Warhawk: 6.5/10
Heavenly Sword: 8/10
Lair: 5/10
Motorstorm 1: 8.5/10
Time Crisis 4: 8/10
Uncharted 1: 8/10
R&C Future: 9.5/10

WOWW... those are ALLL 10s!!!
thesummerofgeorge  +   2248d ago
Not only is 13 hours not short at all
but especially an action game that is so groundbreaking and spectacular in every other way, it can't be like 25+ hours, for the type of game it is and for how rich every other aspect is, 12-13 hours is not only adequate, it's impressive.

Perfect scores are the hardest to get when the game actually deserves it. U:2 is only being nitpicked because it is so outstanding.
TheReaper42  +   2248d ago
heck if i can get an action movie that lasts 13 hours.. da damn~
yoghurt  +   2249d ago
great score, but I STILL don't understand this:

- Story Mode which is short (approx. 12-13 hours)

since when is that short......

nobody minds a 9.5, but give it a real reason!
mastiffchild  +   2249d ago
I know. That's longer than most action games I've played recently and a very acceptable length when you consider it's longer than the first game AND on top they added brilliant MP.

Unless they thought it was that amazing they never wanted it to end and knocked off.5 to spite ND for not giving them more! Or they mostook it for an RPG?

What did Meristation think of ODST or COD4's length in SP?(honest question as IIRC they're a pretty tough marking lot)
jjohan35  +   2249d ago
I completely agree with Mastiffchild. Everyone forgives ODST's and COD's short campaigns, while a 12 hour campaign for Uncharted 2 is considered too short?
cLiCK_sLiCK9  +   2248d ago
You guys have understand that most reviewers must have a "GOOD" and "BAD" comments on their actual review. For this reason, they post stupid comments like " Naughty God has to rest" and "Ummmmm Short campaign??" comments because there just really isnt anything BAD about this particular game. And commenting NONE on "BAD" wont sound so professional imo.

Because of the way they reviewed this game, it clearly deserves a 10 imo. By saying saying that Naughty Dog is going on a vacation doest justify .5 points taken away.

Pssh. And ppl once told that there is no such thing as a perfect game...
theEnemy  +   2248d ago
lol yeah
maybe Uncharted 2 is so good that they are forced to invent cons.

pathetic. really..
nForce  +   2249d ago
Negative points
-History mode is short (12-13h aprox.)
-Naughty Dog has to rest instead of putting already to do another game


Meristation never gives a perfect puntuation to the exclusives ps3 games. (MGS4 & LBP only).
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Sheddi  +   2249d ago
I havent clicked on the link but this one...
"-Naughty Dog has to rest instead of putting already to do another game"
really? did they really write that?
jjohan35  +   2248d ago
Am I the only one who is a bit concerned that Naughty Dog decided to include revenge attribute to the online play? (also known as martyrdom). It pretty much makes melee kills obsolete.
El Botto  +   2249d ago
Uncharted 1 has no rival on the 360. Despite being two years old and being rated down for being a PS3 exclusive
today it still stands as a testimony of the true power of the PS3. There is no game on the betabox360 that comes close to rivalling it.

And now Uncharted 2 has arrived. Its sheer superiority will never be surpassed by the flopbox.

Uncharted 2 blows away all the crap thats on the 360.
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Shane Kim  +   2249d ago
Can't argue with that.

Unrivaled 2 stands on a 97 on meta (it's only 5 reviews but still) while Gaylo 3: Go Go power rangeeeeeeeers, dooo dooo dooooo doodoooo, Go Go power rangeeeeeeers, mighty morphin power raaaaangeeeeeeeeeeeeers, is on 85.
AliTheBrit  +   2249d ago
Although Uncharted graphics where and still are awesome, I have to Disagree.

I Think that Gears of War 2 Easily Matches and in many aspects, out-performs Uncharted 1 Graphics Wise

But thats just my Humble Opinion, Then Again I'm willing to bet you have only Played Uncharted
While I have played both.
El Botto  +   2249d ago
Lensoftrush has proven that Uncharted 1 is VASTLY superior than Gears 2 in terms of visuals.
Gears 2 uses bloom to hide the fact that every object and character in gears 2 is low res. Hell, Drake's hair alone has more polygons than an entire level of gears 2.

So dont lie, bot.

Shane, I agree. Let us not forget that 85 metacritic on XBOX standard is in reality only worth a 6.5 if Halo ODST came to the PS3.

So a 9.5 for Uncharted 2 would be equal to a 13/10 on XBOX 360.
Nelson M  +   2249d ago
Ali The BoT
You Can Take Your Humble Opinion
Write it Down on a Sheet of Toilet paper
Pass it Over to me
And i'll Wipe my Ass with it
Thy Silly little BoT
ReviewsArePolitics  +   2249d ago
I agree with Ali in just one thing
That his opinion is humble. In fact, so humble, to the point of ignorance and worthlessness.

Anyway, the lighting, the colors, the AI, the interactivity, the polygon count, the textures, the soundtrack, the animation, the gameplay and the fun are on another level, Gears can't really compete. Objectively, the polygon count is twice as high per character, and the textures are twice as detailed.
Ravage27  +   2249d ago
er...13hrs for action games is considered short now???
Maybe all PS3-exclusives are expected to set the new standard for the industry, which they ALWAYS do. Then again what were they expecting?

95/100 is a very good score considering Meristation don't hand out 9s that often.
Superduper09  +   2249d ago
12-13 hrs are not short lol. Most games these days have only 6-10 hrs single player campaign.
Decerto  +   2249d ago
12-13 hours short?

Thats like twice as long as other games in that genre. Shouldnt be a negative point. Thats just silly.
only on playstaychun  +   2249d ago
12-13hrs is a long time considering many people will probably play through the game many times. I am glad to see Uncharted 2 getting the scores it deserves...
kerrak  +   2249d ago
Being spanish i regularly check this web. It's one of the bigs in Spain and they deserve being checked as they show no big bias. Before clicking i was convinced their score would be 9,5. This is how they handle great ps3 exclusives. Avoid 10 at all cost (which they don't on other platforms) because they have lots of 360 readers that whine every good ps3 review. So, knowing Meristation, i know their 9,5 truly means 10.
DigitalAnalog  +   2249d ago
Good review......
We're getting a lot of 9.5's all over the place, I wonder what does it take to get a 9.6 or a 9.7?
Decerto  +   2249d ago
A gift basket.
TheDeadMetalhead  +   2249d ago
A release on 360.
Sir Ken_Kutaragi  +   2249d ago
I LOVE My PS3;) + The PlayStation Brand;)
I will take for 2009 -

KillZone 2
Uncharted 2:Micro$oft are Thieves
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
Demon Souls
MLB 09:The Show
God of War:Collection (Blu-ray, God of War 1 & 2!!!)
Flower[For the Death of the ChatBox 360]
Shatter[xBots Dreams]
Fat Princess[Gabe Newell]
Everybody's Mini Golf
Hustle King's(F-ME!!! It Looks REAL!!!) ;-P
WipeOut:HD+Fury (on Blu-ray)
KillZone 2 '3 DLC Pack' (Well the ChatBots call their DLC Full Games on this!!!) ;-D
+ All the other Multi-Format games which Look better on the PS3(+FREE Online play to!!!)... ;-P

-x.Red.x-  +   2249d ago
you and me know 2010 will be bigger then 09

bosnian_gamer  +   2249d ago
@El Botto
I agree. Even the first Uncharted has no match on the 360 and uncharted 2 wipes its ass with all their exclusives ;)
Nathan Drake2  +   2249d ago
if uncharted 2 was coming to x360,everybody would say that is the best game of all time.
starvinbull  +   2249d ago
Seriously i find it hard to disagree with you. 360 games have had to do less to be given good scores.

Edge gave Halo ODST a 9. They gave Killzone 2 a 7.
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jjohan35  +   2249d ago
ODST was one of the most ridiculous $60 games on the market. In my town, everyone is trying to sell the campaign disc for $30 on craigslist while keeping the map disc to themselves.

As much as I love the Halo franchise, I do agree that it takes a lot less to get high scores on 360 games, while games on the PS3 are required to break new ground in order to get the same scores as 360 games. It's really absurd.

I just don't get it. Microsoft just milks the same old franchises over and over again. In that sense, they're turning into Nintendo. How many more tennis games do we need? How many more mario carts? At least PS3 games try to innovate with new IPs, but get docked for doing it.
NecrumSlavery  +   2249d ago
12 hours is lengthy, longer than both Halo & Gears. Plus there's access to jump back into a level for treasure hunting. 3 player Co-op online, awesome Multiplayer and DLC coming too.

It has plenty of fill. If 12hrs is short then ODST is the length of a demo.
bjornbear  +   2249d ago
Dude dude...
You don't get it...its not about length...its PS3 gets more scrutiny because of that...just ignore and admire the fact that PS3 has such an AMAZING game =D
bjornbear  +   2249d ago
O.o 97 on meta critic?! is this like...the BEST GAME EVA?! =O
JRaptor  +   2249d ago
Still early days....only 4 reviews are up so far. Hopefully most reviews are 95+, this game deserves it
TheDeadMetalhead  +   2249d ago
The only two other games that have scored that high this gen are Grand Theft Auto IV (98) and Super Mario Galaxy (97).

mal_tez92  +   2248d ago
@ Above
And neither of those games deserved it.
GTA IV got boring within a week and SSBB is way more fun than Galaxy.

The only game this gen that deserves that score is Drake's Fortune and MGS4. Some others like Killone 2 and gears of war are great too, way better than GTA IV
THC CELL  +   2249d ago
to the guys who say gears of war GFx are the same better get to specsavers quick and tell the THC CELL sent you i promises you free spec the size of jam jars
cmrbe  +   2249d ago
Yet proof again that PS3 games are held to higher standards
How long was COD4 campaign again?. 5hrs?. What about the rest of big x360 games that were below 10hrs like Gears and Halo 3?.

It is virtually impossible for most PS exclusives to get their due from reviwers. If this was a wii or x360 exclusive it would have gotten 10 across the board.
taliesin  +   2249d ago
sorry to sound like a broken record on here but how can a single player game with 12+ hours gameplay be a seems there is just no pleasing some people
Saaking  +   2249d ago
GOTY 2009
stonecold3  +   2249d ago
hey guys
brought the new neep for speed otherday on ps3 and on hte installation only went to 98 but after that no picture came up have any of you guys experinced that problem i will be getting uncharted 2 in few weeks with $ up front looking forward to it
qqjohn  +   2249d ago
The problem is that U2 feels short because it´s happening so much in the game, and when it´s finished, you want MORE and MORE and MOOOORE. When you have fun the time runs fast, when you are bored, the time runs slow. That´s a fact.
n4gno  +   2249d ago
"Uncharted 2 has no rival on the PS3"

not only on ps3...stop the dammage control, tell them the truth.
PLAYstar  +   2249d ago
So far all the reviewers gave Uncharted2 a 9 and above, even Meristation realized that Uncharted2 is a well deserve game. The only pathetic fukers out there are gamereactor's losers reviewer discrediting the game! Although an 8 is still a good score, but to be the same as ODST? gamereactor outlets must be run by monkeys.
Shane Kim  +   2249d ago
Nah, only by scandinavians who loves sucking american d!ck.
Lord Shuhei Yoshida  +   2249d ago
@Shane Kim

LMAO Jolly good work
BlackPrince 42  +   2249d ago
That's the criticism? There are only a handful of non-rpgs that are even close to that length. Killzone, Halo, Gears, Resistance, COD4, all peter out around the 8 hour mark on your first playthrough.

There are a few open world games that are longer like Far Cry 2, GTA 4, and Assassin's Creed, but you'll spend half your time getting to the action.

The only comparable linear action game I can think of that betters 12-13 hours on your first go around is MGS4.
Kakihara  +   2249d ago
You're all correct that 12-15 hours is a perfectly respectable time but even if it weren't I still wouldn't be too bothered. I completed Drake's fortune for the first time last night and as soon as the end titles finished I started a new game and happily played from the very start for a few hours even though I have a bunch of other games I haven't finished yet. Unbelievable game. Still though let's not get spoiled by all the perfect reviews, 95 is still a great score.
mal_tez92  +   2248d ago
You'll be playing it for a long time
I've had Drake's Fortune for 2 years now and I haven't stopped playing it. I think it's partly due to it being seamless and having no loading screens so you can just keep playing and playing, another reason is the attention to detail in the game means you notice something new each time you play it, getting the platinum trophy and playing with all the cheat options is another reason, and finally, the real reason I play it so much, It's just so unbelievably fun. The gameplay is unrivaled even by MGS4, Killzone 2 or a similar shooter Gears of War. I had a lot more fun with Uncharted than any of these games (especially gears with it's clunky movements and stupid locked camera angle, which makes melee no fun)
bilbobob  +   2249d ago
I spent.....
ages on the first one, even first time thru. Trying to get everything. It was suppose to be ten hours but it felt longer. till that ending then I missed it like an old friend. Or those comfy slippers you end up throwing out because they have become more hole than sole! Hell look at me the poet!
Comet  +   2249d ago
Pathetic excuses to degrade a perfect game
- Story is short (12-13 hours)
- Naughty Dog has to rest instead of putting already to do another game

Since when was 12-13 hours short? Have they ever heard of online multiplayer?
And what's wrong with releasing a squeal 12 months (1 year) after Drake's Fortune if it's going to receive over 30 E3 Awards?????
mal_tez92  +   2248d ago
I agree it's pathetic
But Drake's Fortune was released almost 2 years ago, you wrote one.
redsquad  +   2249d ago
Well, everyone has already said it but let me add that a 12 hour game isn't 'short' by any stretch of the imagination (but of course on PS3 it's a cardinal sin).

Never mind the fact that I'm still playing the 'short' first game (which I bought upon it's release) now as it has massive replay value (and that one didn't even have multiplayer).

And EDGE gave HALO ODST a 9? seriously? A 9? Honest? That must be one hell of an "innovative" FPS then!!!
-EvoAnubis-  +   2249d ago
Now, in this case, I agree with you guys. Calling 10-12 hours short is downright laughable. Why the hell is this considered "short" and games like ODST, Gears 1 & 2, and others aren't critizized for this at all? ODST in particular was nothing but a 6 hour campaign, Halo 3's multiplayer, and a few new modes that quite honestly should have been DLC for Halo 3 (Warhawk added two entire game modes to the game in a free patch).

This is absurd. Good score, but I don't understand why PS3 games seem to have to spawn real life flexible morally-ambiguous Asian women in order to be given good scores. This uphill battle PS3 exclusives have to fight is stupid.
Fatal Blow  +   2249d ago
Can't wait no longer 18 day's to go
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