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Keyser  +   3114d ago
5.5 million with all this competition is good news for Sony. No doubt about it, the 360 is a healthy competitor and the Wii is beating both graphics beasts so Sony should be happy. I'm sure it's less than what they want since they spent so much time developing their juggernaut but 5.5million will get them started.

If they sold 300,000 at this point they should start the bus but this is a good showing in a competitive market.

My question is, why would they only sell 5.5million? It sounds like somebody is underbidding (to all you spades players out there). If they sold 3million up to this point, they've got 6 months and Christmas to sell 2.5. With the games and features coming out, that seems modest but it's better to under-promise and over deliver than to over-promise and under-deliver.
LoveHateTragedy  +   3114d ago
::Trying to Figure out why So Many are Angry/Confused::
It's very simple. Sony has sold 3.7 million units, and a bunch are sitting in stores. Why? Because there aren't enough games, and the price is very high. Even though Resistance and Motorstorm are great titles, it takes a lot more than just two or three great titles to move units off of shelves, as we've seen with the Xbox 360.

It is important to note however that Playstation 3 is the only console that consistently keeps increasing in sales with each month, while sales of the Wii and 360 are generally decreasing. We've had a huge software drought that will likely continue until August, and it's actually nothing new. Sony did the exact same thing with Playstation 2; they had a very long software drought throughout most of its first year, and then kept up an onslaught of compelling titles for about 4 years.

A lot of big titles like Uncharted, Ratchet, Heavenly Sword, Lair, and Warhawk are nearing completion, and there are a lot more waiting to be released this holiday season. The advantage of having a lot of stock is that when demand picks up there will be absolutely no shortage, and that means everyone can pick up a system. I imagine that come this Christmas, Sony will make sure that everyone who wants to play Metal Gear Solid, The Getaway, or Killzone, will be able to get a PS3 for themselves.
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IBLEEDBLU  +   3114d ago
bottom line
PS3 is selling fine - and remember theres really no must have titles out besides RFOM and motorstorm

sony doesnt need a price drop - its low enough - what do u want sony to give it to u for free....console is well worth the money.

all these xbots are trying to make it seem like PS3 is failing lol

fact is PS3 is doing better then the 360 when it first launched and bluray will even help it further once its wins over HDDVD

picture this - bluray is the next format

ppl walk into a store and say switch should i buy xbox360 that supports the failed HDDVD or PS# that comes built in bluray player

............................. ya thought so
EZCheez  +   3114d ago
All but one
I agree with everything you said except for one thing. The PS3 needs a price drop. Now you and I both know that this system is well worth its price, and that our patience will pay off by the end of this year, but I have so many friends that want a PS3 that just cannot afford one. Six hundred dollars is nothing to shake a stick at, and I don't want a price drop for me. I already have one. I want a price drop so that everyone else can enjoy this machine for what it really is.

I know that a lot of people talk trash about the PS3 without ever having experienced it, and it gets under my skin only because I know that the opposite in my opinion is for the most part not true. I have played 360 games, and enjoyed them. There is nothing wrong with the sytem (other than efficiency but that was not my problem onsidering it was a friend's 360). People the PS3 is an amazing machine, and once the right games come out, I hope PS3 gets the credit that it is due, no matter how much bad PR is spewed from the mouths of Sony executives.
kingofps3  +   3114d ago
Hopefully, 150 million PLAYSTATION 3s sold by March 31st, 2012.
ErcsYou  +   3114d ago
long time possibilities
the ps3 will sell for now, we will play great games year after year. people act like sony is going to quit and walk away,(they are not sega) after time passes and the hype and price has droped we will see what system takes off and can still sale 10 - 20 million a year
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