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Boink  +   3196d ago
I hate this shipped = sold thing that MS and sony are doing.

*edit???who the hell disagreed? someone's in favour of the companies BS'ing and inflating their numbers? that's just sad.
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Merovee  +   3196d ago
But the thing is neither really has a reliable system to see how many have sold. If any store cant be reached or refuses to state sales they're lost.
Bathyj  +   3196d ago
I'm didn't click disagree, but I am disagreeing with you.
At least they call it shipped. Whats the harm in seeing these numbers? I see nothing confusing or misleading here.
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EZCheez  +   3196d ago
Agree and Disagree
I also tire of reading these shipped numbers. They can be misleading to the untrained eye, but I don't know any other reliable numbers to work off of considering Microsoft and Sony. Nintendo will also have to start with these statements once every Wii stops counting as an automatic sell. But who knows when that will happen?
techie  +   3196d ago
I agree...but it's just shipped here.
DrWan  +   3196d ago
It's "sold" in their eyes, becuase retailers pay them, and now they have the money liquidated for other operations such as making a different form-factor. ect.

but yah, ship does not = install base.
rusgreim  +   3196d ago
According to their own financial report...
... a sale is recorded when the consumer purchases it, but I can't find a sales number in the report. So... how many un-owned PS3's are there in warehouses and on store shelves. Thats what really matters.
Yuprules  +   3196d ago
Agreed, there could be 3 million (just a total guess) units sitting on store shelves!
VirtualGamer  +   3196d ago
According to this article 3.6 million sold.

About 5.5 million PlayStation 3 consoles were shipped by March 31, with 3.6 million of them actually sold, Oneda said.
rusgreim  +   3196d ago
Holy Crap!!!
So that means 34.5% of their produced inventory are sitting on a warehouse floor or on a shelf someplace. Wow. Such bad news.

Part of me honestly does feel bad for Sony. I owned a PS1 and a PS2 and still have them, but they were so arrogant and set the price point so high on these PS3's that it made it silly to buy that console.
VirtualGamer  +   3196d ago
I guess you can look at it that way but really 2 million units world wide as the buffer from shipped to sold, so that there is actual stock available to purchase, is not a huge number. That number should stay like that while the number of units sold will increase and the percentage decreases.
lil bush  +   3196d ago
well a price drop would help extrmemely in console sold......
Keyser  +   3196d ago
The release of Lair and HS would help more than a price drop. The fans want games!

People buy expensive stuff all the time. Give them a reason to buy (games) and they'll pay alomst whatever you ask.
tplarkin7  +   3196d ago
Shipped usually means sold.
In general, all shipped units get sold relatively quickly. In Sony's case, it will be interesting to see if those 2 million extra consoles sell by the holidays. PS3's have been selling around 130,000 each month in the US. If we assume 300,000 globally, then it will take 6 months to sell 2 million.
VirtualGamer  +   3196d ago
The numbers won't stay like that and if you think the US market accounts for almost 50% of world sales a month I would say your a tad off.
techie  +   3196d ago
Yup US is about 35-40%
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predator  +   3196d ago
were are u getting 300,000 from mate, april it sold 100,000 in the us, 14,000 a week in japan, roughly around 30,000 to 40,000 in europe, no were near 300,000
Bill Gates  +   3196d ago
I'm with you man. The PS3 is not selling, as a matter of fact, it down right just sucks ass. It's too expensive, has no games, and my buddies on Xbox live just plain HATE it. Sony is doomed.

....I hope my little paragraph helps you sleep much better at night.

brother I'm being sarcastic. sheesh
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vato--88  +   3196d ago
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vato--88  +   3196d ago
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neogeo  +   3196d ago
6 months
its been out for 6 months. I will quote all of you in 6 years.
Then I will come over to your homes and pee on your faces.
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fenderputty  +   3196d ago
he's being sarcastic
But ... these numbers are lame. Over 3 million sold in 6 months. It's good they have inventory though. If things pick up with games and a price drop, then they'll have the supply to meet demand.
Keyser  +   3196d ago
Neogeo...if cracked me up over here!!!!

Bubbles for you... not for your faith in Sony but for your Tony Soprano size testes...
kewlkat007  +   3196d ago
There is an abundance of PS3's
sitting everywhere. the longer they sit the more retailers get frustrated and give out some good deals. That's why I wait.
WilliamRLBaker  +   3196d ago
me too
thats why i wait to buy systems...good thing i won my ps3 now i dont gotta wait to play the games, like i would if i hadn' ended up waiting till it was real cheap before i purchased.
Maddens Raiders  +   3196d ago
Good Job -
SNE. Keep pouring on the console domination. The haters can't stand it and will parse words down to nanometric sizes in order to make themselves feel better about playing catch up this WHOLE time. awww...look @ them flock to PS3 news like li'l * 'tis so cute...

Folding@Secondlife on Blu-60

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neogeo  +   3196d ago
I have said it b4 and I will say it again.
If PS3 does not win the war. I promise to smash my PS3 on youtube.
The way I destroy it is up 2 360 fans.

Thats my word
ERommel  +   3196d ago
Although I have no doubt that not all PS3s have sold to consumers, it seems to me that the two websites that track sales have no clue about any of the systems. If you look at nexgen or vgchartz they are all over the map. Is there a place that can accurately count the amount of systems sold? I doubt it. It's war. It's propaganda. Do you know how we the gamers can tell how many units are sold and who won the war? The victor will be the last console to come out with a new system. So game on and enjoy what we got for the next 5 years or whatever.
WilliamRLBaker  +   3196d ago
Of course not
of course not, do you know how much of a logistics nightmare it would be to track every unit, every store, every sale...ect i personally find to be atleast a lil accurate and the nextgenwars to be less then accuate. In the end who cares bout sales. do we really need a system wars?

I for one enjoy all systems when i get the chance, I just so happend this gen to get the chance to enjoy all 3 major systems. Last gen this was not the case, I didn't get a cube towards the end.
DrWan  +   3196d ago
I actually suspect the install base to be slight higher than the 3.6 mil units reports on vgchartz; they can't possible record all the NPD data or not all mahcine solds are recorded on NPDs. online sales, mexico, south america, China (via Hong Kong retailers and exports) blah blah. u know the story, but how much still sitting on store i dont know. at least 1.5 mil is my guess
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VirtualGamer  +   3196d ago
Actually VGCharts has the PS3 at 3.3 million sold. The 3.6 million sold is from the Bloomberg report on Sony's 4th quarter financial report.
PS3 Owns All  +   3196d ago
There are ALOT of people that want to buy a PS3. More of than do want to buy a PS3 when the price drops rather than a 360.
sonarus  +   3196d ago
3.6 million sold. thats not bad thought they were still at 3 million. I believe their sales should pick up this holiday season since we are expected to see a lot of software titles but at the end of the day they will still have to bite the bullet and drop that price. I mean i paid 600 bucks for mine by the time i bought the extra controller hdmi and a game i was already on 800
tehcellownu  +   3196d ago
they sold 3.6 millions WORLD WIDE right by next year how many ps3 will be sold? im sayin by Jan of 2008 they will have at least have 9 million sold..During xmas parents and family members will go crazy with their money..So PS3 sales will increase but that goes for the 360 too..but most of the people is leaning towards the ps3.Since at CNN it was voted most wanted game system..The price need to be drop soon for the ps3..People think the PS3 is doin so horrible and its teh doom !! but really is not like that at all..the ps3 is doin decent..its 600 price tag people shouldnt expect it to fly off the shelves especially when none of the great exclusive is out yet..there like 5 or more great exclusive games comin to the PS3 this year..and there a lot of of amazing mulitplatform games too..and Blue Ray is on top and winning..The topic on ps3 dying never get old to
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rusgreim  +   3196d ago
It is voted...
... the most wanted console on a pretty consistant basis because casual gamers WANT the console but are unwilling or unable to pay $600 for an entertainment device.

xbox 360 and Wii owners on the other hand, can justify spending $250-$400 for their entertainment when they see great games like Gears or Mario Party.
Keyser  +   3196d ago
See, Rusgreim, I just don't buy that. If you're willing to pay $400 beans for a system you'll pay 6. $400 is not cheap. I think people are waiting on games they think are fun that's worth it. Most of us will play almost anything but a lot of casual gamers have 3 games they love and that's all they're going to play or buy.

One of my dudes has one game for his Xbox, Halo 2. I tell him how dumb it is to pay $200 for a system to play one game but that's what he's into and nothing else. I think a lot of people only want a few games so when the PS3 releases more games they'll see better results. In a new consoles life you have to wait for games. The PS3 is still a baby.
sandip787  +   3196d ago
i know by the end of the year, ALOT more ps3s will be sold. many people seem to be waiting for the summer, and especially summer holidays, where people will want something new. at the end of the day, i think deep down, we all know that the ps3 will flourish, maybe not this year, possibly not even next, but it will be the dominant console at the end. its just the price that needs to come down a tad bit, which it already is doing, and it will sell like hotcakes.
BIadestarX  +   3196d ago
Sony confusing people again?

"Sony, which recently pushed back the launch of its console to November, said it expects sales during the first four to five months after launch to be about 6 million units." They said... Sales... now they are saying "Shipped"? It sounds kind of nice when they say they only missed their projection by 500,000... but wait.. they werent talking about shipped.. they were talking about Sales. I love they way Sony play the shipped vs Sales game... first they say.. console sales will be X number... and if they see they will not make it.. they quickly start shipping to their wholesale storages or retail stores a buch of units... after that they act like they never say console sales.. but only shipped.. when they actually never mentioned the world shipped when giving their first estimates... smart... very smart...

In reality they missed their projections in Sales by 2,000,000-3,000,000 units... how about Shipments? They were talking about Sales.
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Bathyj  +   3196d ago
So you're knocking them for not reaching a number they "guessed at" (cos that what a projection is, a guess) over a year ago.

A lots changed since then.

I would find it hard to tell you how many products I'll sell or how much money I might have in the bank one year from now, and thats just with my miniscual affairs.

As long as people keep recording every single little remark only to be pulled out later to prove someones "lies", no one ever gets over something. You're a big boy Bladestar, I think you can get over Sonys wrong project.
BIadestarX  +   3196d ago
It's not about the fact that they missed their projections.. it's about the fact that they are saying they missed their projections by 500K... that's not true.. they missed it by 2-3 millions... They were talking about Sales.. now now they are talking about Shipments... Why would they do that? Isn't that misleading?

Trust me.. if this were microsoft... many of you would be doing the victory dance... wouldn't you? I mean.. you people made a big deal out of the towel.. news.. and the ring of death, how about, how much money the xbox division lost.. or how when microsoft lower their projections for this quater? So, why shouldn't we do the same.. when real news that matter.. like this one.. that can trigger games like Final Fantasy and/or metal gear to be released for the 360?
sak500  +   3196d ago
Bladestar why dont you trust sony? Watch the video and you will also be motivated to buy a ps3.

Related video
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Bathyj  +   3195d ago
Bladestar you're 100% correct. They made a projection and didn't reach it.
So what? Whats the big deal. Thats over a year old. These numbers get change all the time. They reduced their launch numbers too. Are we going to go on and on about it? Get over it Man. You dont have one and aren't likely to get one soon so what do you care?

And to prove these "guesses" get changed all the time, read this.

How about that, I looked something up.
Its old too, but more recent than yours. And pretty close to what they acheived. They changed their projection to 6 million shipped and they're pretty damn close. You're just splitting hairs.

And for the record, that towel article that you're so upset about. I didnt do a victory dance or carry on about it. I said a little joke just in fun cos I'm a smart arse in real life. I meant nothing by it and then moved on with my life. I dont go around saying Xbox sux. I dont even go around saying PS3 is better. I dont know why you people would want a game company to fail and be left with less choice.

Your last statement worrys me the most.
"when real news that matter.. like this one.. that can trigger games like Final Fantasy and/or metal gear to be released for the 360?"

That makes me think you dont want any competition. You dont want a healthy industry. You just want Xbox to have everything and for itself all for the others to just die and go away. Thats a very Microsoft attitude I must say. Do you think I want all of M$'s games to come over to PS3? No. Then what would be the point of having my Xbox. I like having different consoles with a different flavour for each one. And games are usually better when they are exclusive.

PS. I lost a bubble, I'm assuming for this post since I havent said much the last couple of days. I hope it wasn't from you, because up til now, although I've been disagreeing with you, I still gave you more credit than that. I did do a post on GTA. I tried to nice about it, but Xbots will still take it the wrong way no doubt and flame me, but I had already lost the bubble by then so it wasnt that. Maybe in 10 minutes I'll be down another one.
BubblesDAVERAGE  +   3196d ago
It will sell when more titles come out key word here is sell and not counting broke units sent back and counting it as a sell ...and shipped numbers because i see abundant numbers of the core system..
tk  +   3196d ago
All good
Hopefully they can have some buffer to enable them to release the 65nm version by December, and give us a good price drop. At least half of them are not getting returned with red rings of death.
JIN KAZAMA  +   3196d ago
DOnt you Xbots
have to be getting your towels ready for the 360's red ring of death?? Sony is selling extremely well. Its doing great things, great games are comming out. And the 360 is already lookin last-gen.
Go SONY go!!!!

EliteGamer(RealDeal, TopGamer, and all the other ID's you have), you are a chump. You're a 360 fanboy and everyone knows it. I bet you got some big towels wrapped around all your 360 consoles.

Its a very good time to be a PS3 owner. I love my PS3.
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Silverwolf  +   3196d ago
Everyone I've talked too
are just waiting for a price drop. I think it's funny how some analyst claim doom for Sony when they've only been out for 6 months. Regardless Sony made a mistake assuming they would sell like hot cakes at there current price point. But that's something they can fix at least.
NextGen24Gamer  +   3196d ago
In this Next Gen console sales...
The US accounts for 60% of the market.

Europe is 25%

Japan is only 15%

Its been widely reported that the us market is twice as big as Europe and Europe's market is twice as big as the dwindling Japanese Next Gen market.

I find it interesting that they clearly say "Shipped". Unlike MS who clearly states "Sold".

In the 360's case...when a unit is shipped...its Sold. But in the ps3's case...shipped means more than likely sitting on store shelves or in transit.

Whats even more interesting is that while first day sales for the ps3 have been outstanding in all 3 territories.....the next day and days after the sales drop by 83% in many cases....And shortages can't be the reason....because Sony is shipping consoles like crazy according to this report.

So last year MS sold 5 million with shortages....and in the same time frame Sony "shipped 5.5 million"...with an extreme abundance as sales have dropped after its initial shipments.

But more shows that Sony is far from dominating. You can't catch up to the 360 if you aren't selling more than they did a year ago. Nintendo on the other hand is having extreme success....they have created a system which is very easy to manufacture and its cheap to make. Its basically a Gamecube 1.5. And they know it. They figure let MS and Sony duke it out for the title of "the most powerful console"...and they would take all the "gamers" who don't care about that. Which just so happens to be "Millions" of gamers. Thats who Sony has left behind this time around. They have left behind the casual gamer. Sony got suckered into a battle for producing the most powerful console. MS found the perfect balance and let Sony go overboard with Blu ray and the Cell.

Ms knew from its last go around that having the most powerful console doesn't guarantee sales success. Top of the line PC's would vouch for that as well.

With that said....It is an accomplishment to "Ship" 5.5 million Ps3's. Those things aren't the easiest things to make. They have more parts than the Wii and the 360.

Now they just need consumers to start buying them. 100k a month in the largest video game market a month WILL NOT cut it folks. It just won't.

Food for thought....

Its been 6 months....They have shipped 5.5 million consoles....about 1 million a month....

But yet in the biggest video game market they have only been selling 100k a month after the initial launch....Let that sink in folks....

And in Japan they are selling 40k a month. 10k a week.

We can assume in Europe its about 50 to 60k a month.

Shipping 1 million a month....but selling just over 200k a month. Where is the remaining 800k a month folks? I think they just wanted to beat out MS from last year selling a little over 5 million in the same time frame. Hmmmmmmm
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m000b1  +   3196d ago
but why do you care about this? honestly its beyond me.
carlman23  +   3196d ago
You'd have to be wearing blinders to believe that Sony's PS3 hasn't performed under expectations (sales projections). Every game site has discussed it. It's not like Sony's 'doomed', that's ridiculous. But things aren't hyper rosy either. Every single analysis that I've read that places Sony in the lead at the end of 2009 also projects that their overall marketshare will diminish relative to the competition (i.e. much closer to the Xbox than in the last competition).

Maybe that's all Sony wants to do? Getting 53% of the console market with Blu-ray players installed would probably be far more profitable (in terms of winning the format war) than just getting 80% of the console market without Blu-ray.

It's getting really hard to deny that MS is doing a bang-up job at stealing/securing exclusives though. I still got the love for Sony, but the effort that all three companies are putting in is probably good for gamers because increased competition will force them to spend more money on producing kick-ass titles (for all 3 consoles).
LoveHateTragedy  +   3196d ago
Actually EliteGamer
Microsoft only states "Sold to Retail" or "Licenses sold."

Sony on the other hand simply tells us how many they've shipped and, unlike Microsoft, don't feel the need to decieve consumers nor investors by portraying shipment figures as sales figures.
EZCheez  +   3196d ago
First off...
Your article is from what date? July 20, 2006?

Please show me any other article SINCE the release of the Nintendo Wii and the PS3 that states consoles sold. And on a side note, can't consoles sold be interpreted both ways, considering these consoles have technically been sold to retailers? Nevermind that, I don't want to argue on semantics.

Also, I would like to quote your article-
"We delivered a very strong finish to the fiscal year highlighted by customer demand for our recently launched products of Xbox 360, SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio 2005 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0, which fueled a combined 31% revenue growth of their business groups for the quarter"

I know this is off topic, but this statement immediately reminded me of the channel stuffing articles.

No disrespect (knowing that Sony can be just as guilty of the same shenanigans), just wanting to provide a different point-of-view.
solidt12  +   3196d ago
I agree and i'm not being biased. The 360 is looking last gen to me. I have both and after playing games on my PS3 then going to play Area 51 and Forza 2 demo it looks very last gen, and I am not picking on these games either. I even asked a third person which looked better while I switched Input from 360 to PS3 games(motorstorm, Gran Turisomo Concept, and Resistance) and PS3 wins in graphics everytime. I think this will become more apparent as more games come out but man it is a big difference.
Xi  +   3196d ago
yeah, really? because my 360 games look better then my brothers ps3 games. Most of my friends with a ps3 are still amazed by gow, and when they see game like mass effect they can't really come up with anything in the immediate future that matches the quality.
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achira  +   3196d ago
XI, you know you lie. because everyone who has a ps3 and a xbox360 with a nice tv, will say that the ps3 has better graphics. and motorstorm blows everything away inclusive gow, which has no physics only nice textures, but the rest is last gen.
Xi  +   3196d ago
I know I don't lie.
I disagree, so far, my xbox is beating my brother ps3 in the graphics department. And at least my opinion is backed by reviews, and features on gaming sites. The 360 is just a bit more crisp to me, motorstorm had great graphics don't get me wrong but, like gow, it had no real substance(short on maps, vehicles, and play modes), and I still think gears looks better.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   3196d ago
They can ship as many as they like.
Still isn't going to help them sell any. They have had the stores stocked up since launch and you can see how thats helped. Sorry Sony nobody wants it, you can always copy MS for the PS4.

Sony fans I thought when the PS3 was launched that it would destroy the 360. What ever happened to that? Oh thats right we live in the real world and in that real world the PS3 is failing (horribly) PS3/Dreamcast. Soon the PS3 will lose all its exclusives, then what are they going to do? Man the news sure has been so unkind to Sony this year, Will next year be better? prediction hell no enjoy your movies Blu-ray fans, naybe you will get some games next year.

Edit: Hey marshman click this link You just got pwned hard.

"According to a report GamePro posted yesterday, a median estimate taken from a survey of 11 analysts forecasted that Sony had lost approximately 245 billion yen (US $2.04 billion) in operating income within their video games division alone due to the high costs and setbacks associated with the worldwide launch of their PlayStation 3 console." here is that link again in case you missed it.

Related image(s)
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marshman  +   3196d ago
Yeah Fanboy
You need to fire up the boeing 747 (xbox 360) and fly back to planet earth.
Sony's PS3 is selling just fine. and will rule the day soon.
Hope you make it back to planet earth and dont get the red rings of death and crash

@ Jason xg1
O your so right i just got pwned so bad. it hurts so much please make it stop. Your right you are my new hero! please stop. what do i got to say uncle or is it xbox. You fanboy of course they lost money you will on any launch console that worth far more than you pay for it. and to Sony thats a drop in the bucket. Nothing but a investment! But thanks for PWNED me. your my new hero!
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Rockstar  +   3196d ago
@Jason xg1 - GOD
What's wrong with you?

You'll turn anything into a flame war.
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bootsielon  +   3196d ago
Are sony fanboys supposed to be PR reps?
Or what else, dipshiit?
VirtualGamer  +   3196d ago
Balance would be nice
Decline in Xbox 360 Sales Dampens Good Microsoft Quarter

In its quarterly report to analysts for its third fiscal quarter of 2007, Microsoft executives repeatedly stated much lower than expected Xbox 360 sales for the quarter. After selling as much as 1.8 million consoles per quarter last summer, the company sold only 500,000 consoles in the previous quarter to retailers.

Revenue for the Entertainment Division in the fiscal third quarter was down a staggering 21.5% annually, to $929 million; and the division posted a $315 million loss, though that's less of a loss than the $402 million posted during the same quarter last year. Microsoft CFO Chris Liddell told analysts to expect revenue for the Entertainment and Devices division for the fiscal fourth quarter to fall as much as 11%.

EDIT: Lol 4 disagree. Funny I never stated an opinon on which you can disagree with. This is MS saying this not me its their financial report for their 3rd quarter. Maybe you don't like my source. How about Eurogamer then?

Revenues were down from USD 1.2 billion to USD 929 million (EUR 683 million) - a drop of 21 per cent. According to Microsoft, the fall was due to "decreased Xbox 360 sales".

The company shipped 500,000 consoles during the period versus 1.7 million in Q3 2006, which was the first full quarter the console was on the market. The total number of Xbox 360s now shipped stands at around 11 million.

Sales of Xbox and PC software were also lower, down by 44 per cent to reach USD 393 million (EUR 289 million).
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CrazzyMan  +   3196d ago
5.5 mln, not bad.. =)
it`s good, that when time comes and people will start buy ps3 like ps2 after 1 year, it still will be on shelves and everyone will be able to get one. :)
ReconHope  +   3196d ago
i ask that question 2 why do u care which system sells more.
HaKeRsCanRotINHEL  +   3196d ago
5.5 million PS3's shipped by March 31st 07...................
and by this time next year, 20.5 million! :) Not bad.
omansteveo  +   3196d ago
I wonder how this argument would go if the title said Xbox instead
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