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Morituri  +   2334d ago
What a love letter to Naughty Gods...

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves isn’t perfect, but then again no game is or ever will be. The bottom line though is that no matter who you are or what kind of games you like, if you own a PlayStation 3, there isn’t a game available yet, or any game that will come out in the remainder of this year – exclusive or multi-platform - that demands your attention more than this does. It is the pinnacle of story-telling in video games, as complete a single-player experience as you can ask for, and without a doubt, one of the greatest games ever made.

(+) No game has ever told a story so well
(+) The best looking console game. Period.
(+) Great mix of combat, stealth, platforming, and puzzle-solving
(+) By the way, it’s got co-op and competitive multi-player too

(-) Background score feels overdone at times
aaron5829  +   2334d ago
Cant wait for this game man !!
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