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RainOfTerror  +   2334d ago
hmm unless this is some whacky typo, US peeps are getting shafted.
gamesR4fun  +   2334d ago
well only the 360 only owners
and they should b used to it by now :P j/k

no doubt its timed exclusive here if there releasing it on the 360 in the UK

btw can you make a uk account on the 360 like u can the ps3 cause then they could jus dl it...
kalebgray92  +   2334d ago
that was funny + bubble
Roper316  +   2334d ago
@ 1.1 but DLC is region locked even on the PS3. So he would need a EU version of the game to use their DLC in the US.
FamilyGuy  +   2334d ago
DLC is NOT region locked on the PS3
SevWolf  +   2334d ago
@ family guy: DLC IS, games are NOT....I know this cause I downloaded one of the free costumes for LBP off my eu account and it didn't show in my game( US version), then I downloaded the same outfit off the US store and it worked
BRG9000  +   2334d ago
Interesting, looks like Sony has been sneaking peeks at Microsoft's playbook. It's strange that if a deal was struck for exclusivity to PS3 in the US though, this wasn't publicized before the game came out to sell more copies on PS3 vs. 360.
Megaton  +   2334d ago
SevWolf is correct, DLC is region locked on the PS3, games are not. You have to own the game from the same region as the DLC.
Syriel  +   2334d ago
Nope, no typo.

You live in North America, you only get the DLC if you play on PS3.

You live in Europe and you can play on either platform.
Kamikaze135  +   2334d ago
Don't get me wrong, I love exclusive PS3 content, but why this? exclusive map is enough, if you ask me.
Raoh  +   2334d ago
I'm generally against exclusive content.. either make the game exclusive or not at all..

But being that batman is so good, i like that ms fans get a taste of their own medicine.
IaMs12  +   2334d ago
Yah its true sony got back at it but just in North America is a little odd, i thought NA wasnt the world, so why just there? Probably the largest install base of the 360 is there but still. Anyways the PS3 is getting Fallout DLC and everything so far the only exclusive DLC 360 has is the GTA.

Funny thing tho, Sony boys will praise this, but bring hell to MS for doing is
Raoh  +   2334d ago
It is odd but not new..

there are some PSN/XBLA games that are multi releases in japan an EU but exclusive to microsoft in america..

could be a publishing thing..
N4M3L355  +   2334d ago
I mostly agree with your last comment, but I think there's a small difference. Sony fanboys normally get mad b/c MS pays for exclusivity. Sony may do the same, but we never hear about it.
infamous_27  +   2334d ago

Really, What games?
Raoh  +   2334d ago
wasnt gti club multi platform for all regions except the u.s. where it was exclusive to xbla?

I remember there was a list of a few titles like this..
zootang  +   2334d ago
gaming should be enjoyed by all. tut! tut! Sony. lowering themselves to Microsofts level
3sq   2334d ago | Spam
Roper316  +   2334d ago
I agree all the content for a MP game should be available to all consoles, But I guess Sony is fighting fire with fire which is a shame that they lower themselves to MS tactics.

This will probably end up on the 360 just like the GTA DLC will probably be available on the PS3 6-12 months after the Gay Tony DLC releases. The GTA contract won't be over until all the DLC is released and the time frame elapses.
Nelson M  +   2334d ago
Haaaa Hah !!!!
fooflex  +   2334d ago
this always sucks, it sucked for ps3 folks when Bethseda was delaying ps3 addons for Fallout 3, and this sucks too, except this is kind of silly the content was made for the 360, and it's sold a ton in america, why deny the 360 fans? and not even warn us about this prior to launch. ps3 fans already got the playable joker. I think once you decide your multiplatform stop jerking us around with silly exclusives.
INehalemEXI  +   2334d ago
exclusive and timed exclusive DLC is dirty.
3sq  +   2334d ago
I see

GTA 4 Checked
Fallout 3 Checked
Tomb Raider Underworld Checked
Modern Warfare 2 Checked
INehalemEXI  +   2334d ago
you can't blame MS when you don't have many 1st party studio's you got to do what you got to do. Still they really should of used that money to open another studio.
Christopher  +   2334d ago
So... you can't blame Microsoft, but you can blame Sony? Seems just as biased as the people who think Microsoft deserves this, IMHO.

I'd rather see it available to all. Even the joker DLC. The game is good, everyone should enjoy it.

Having said that, regardless of the desire for everyone to play a game equally, I see the business side of things and thereby the necessity to obtain exclusive deals like this.

I wonder if it was really paid for by Sony, though. They are coming out with DC Universe Online and they do make a lot of money off of Warner Bros. movies, including The Dark Knight and similar DC comic movies.

Edit: So people actually disagree with me and don't think that all gamers should have the chance to play all DLC? Wow, you guys really do like to fight with your fellow gamers.
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pixelsword  +   2334d ago
@ IDemonstalkerXI;
As I heard many times before when exclusive this or that came down:

If you want to play it, buy the console in question.
Optical_Matrix  +   2334d ago
Exclusive DLC Sony? Really?
I hope this was the devs choice and not yours. Stooping to MS' level to get sales just isn't the way. DLC should be enjoyed by the masses of those who bothered fork out all of the cash to buy the game in the first place. Not just a few who own a specific console.
RainOfTerror  +   2334d ago
Just odd that the first one was free for all, and this one isn't.

Let's hope it's only times, so everybody can enjoy the excellence of this game even further.
Shuya  +   2334d ago
Well Eidos still hasn't caved in to the Tomb raider dlc on ps3 yet, has it been a year since it was announced yet? that's normally how these things work.
TheTwelve  +   2334d ago
If this is true...
...Sony couldn't have picked a better multi-plat game (IMO) to start exacting the exclusive revenge back on Microsoft. I think this game is genius. One of the best games I've ever played, and especially so if you know anything about Batman.

S_Leonhart  +   2334d ago
Batman - Prey in the Darkness DLC - PS3 Exclusive in US
poor USA bots lol.
bryam666  +   2334d ago
poor 360
seems like microsoft is losing this war in every front jajaja i guess if they continued at the pace they will end up like the dreamcast a failure console sorry xbox owners
SpitFireAce85  +   2334d ago
Eye for an Eye
Keep doing this Sony if Microsoft can so can you.GTA dlc,fallout dlc
MW2 dlc.Lets play dirty!!
Figboy  +   2334d ago
Microsoft started this this generation, and MS fanboys ate it up.

It was all well and good when it looked like this sort of crap would never happen to MS.

But now that the boomerang is on it's way back, suddenly it's "tsk tsk Sony."

There's no such thing as "stooping to their level," when business and millions of dollars are concerned.

How many reviewers recommended the 360 versions of GTAIV, Tomb Raider, Fallout 3, etc, JUST because of the exclusive DLC?

And yet, not a SINGLE reviewer recommended the PS3 versions of Bioshock, Tales of Vesperia, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, and Batman: AA over the 360 versions, despite the PS3 version having extra features and or DLC?

Unlike the year later releases of the first three games, Batman: AA shipped day and date with the 360 version, and ALWAYS included the free exclusive Joker DLC, and yet no one said you should get that version. They always modified it with, "well, if you MUST play as the Joker, then get the PS3 version."

When GTAIV didn't even HAVE the DLC released yet, people were like, "well, the 360 version will be getting DLC, so get THAT ONE."


i don't like the exclusive DLC either, but hey, ONE company started this trend, and now the gamers have to deal with it for the rest of the generation. good going guys. buy supporting this practice by gobbling up Lost and the Damned, Tomb Raider DLC, etc, etc, it paved the way for t his to become common practice.

this generation has been perverted and tainted since the BEGINNING. i fear it's too late to change things now.
Bobby Kotex  +   2334d ago
Am I the only one not excited by new challenge maps? I guess that's all they can really offer. The last DLC was no big deal. But free stuff is always welcome.
AliTheBrit  +   2334d ago

Sucks to be American xD

I've been enjoying this DLC very much today on my Xbox 360 :D

More challenge DLC please Rocksteady! :D

Rocksteady is British btw ;) not surprising, the most amazing developers do tend to be British..

Criterion Games
Media Molecule

^ Some of my favourite.
Sir Ken_Kutaragi  +   2334d ago
"Holy heart failure, Batman!"
funkycoldmedina  +   2334d ago
I'm wondering if this is because of USA sales were better for PS3 than for X360. Maybe not worth while for Eidos or whoever developer and publisher are but then again it's being released on both for the rest of the world. This decision might come back to bite them later for future game releases in the USA where X360 owners are more in numbers. Oh well, will be downlaoding this for my PS3. :P
vagisil  +   2334d ago
so let me get this right...
exclusive DLC is great when it favors ps3 in the states, but when it is exclusive DLC that microsoft pays for like they did with their version of GTA 4 , the response from the hypocritical droids is " but but it's not fair."

give me a fuking break droids. rolls eyes

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