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RadientFlux  +   2338d ago
Interesting, one of the first times I've seen anyone review a game at 110%. Percentage wise it doesn't make a lot of sense and reminds me of Maury Povich's show.

Definitely going to picking up Uncharted 2, at some point before Christmas. Though I doubt it will be my GOTY, as Naughty Dog likes to release their games around the same time that Bioware does.
Relientk77  +   2338d ago
21/20 is 105%

19/20 = 95% and 20/20 = 100%

each point is 5%
RadientFlux  +   2338d ago
I stand corrected, 105% still it doesn't make a lot of sense (math wise).
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Xpandemic  +   2338d ago
lol mentally disturbed morons, its a playstation mag of course their going to give it a high score, who do you think pays them?

OMG new Uncharted 2 Screenshot! its GORGEOUS
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Braid  +   2338d ago
Oh boy that just looks funny. Uncharted gets 21/20 (%105), which means it's better than MGS4 (10/10-%100 which was another exaggeration). I don't know if the game is that monstrous yet, but I know something for sure, there's now way it can best MGS4. I'm not going to take these scorings seriously until they start to make some sense one day.
GIJeff  +   2338d ago
"You can't fill a container to 105% capacity, the contents spill over the edge...Please learn the basic principles of reality and come back to this discussion later. "

You are actually wrong on this one, sorry. If you pour 105% of a jar's capacity into the jar, it overflows, HOWEVER the liquid still exists. There is still 105%(jarCapacity) of the liquid there. There is still 105% awesomeness for uncharted 2. It might be easier for you to understand in terms of slices of pie. If you order a pie from a restraunt hoping for 10 slices, and you get the pie, and it in fact has 10 slices you are happy. However, if the waiter comes back with extra pie, you are even more happy. Thats what Naughty Dog did here, they came back with MORE pie than anyone expected or ordered. :) I cannot wait for this game.

How come nobody thinks you can have >100% of anything here? have you people not "topped" off your gas tank and watched the needle go above the F? When you top off a gas tank you are putting more than 100% of the determined capacity in the car.
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Dlacy13g  +   2338d ago
Game will definitely be great....
but 21/20? Come game should be rated that way. That just screams fanboyism rating. give it a 20/20 if you like and call it perfect but the game cant be "better" than your perfect score on your rating system. totally lame imo.
Toman85  +   2333d ago
Less a month now my fellow gamers to play Uncharted 2 Among Thieves!!!
Im glad I have all consoles out there, dont miss a peep :P
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