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Ravage27  +   2339d ago
lol are they even allowed to do that??? =D
Uncharted2 is officially reaching Uncharted Territories!!
aaron5829  +   2339d ago
I would rate it...
11 / 10.

Eventhough i never played the game.

Rourker  +   2339d ago
but it really only got a 1 1/20 out of 20, so that's not really that good.
PS360PCROCKS  +   2339d ago
21/20?? wtf? lol that's ridiculous!! I guess that's beyond perfect
drummerx2709  +   2339d ago
Its over 1010 degrees and 318 comments!

What a game! Can't wait to play it!
samfk  +   2339d ago
ye cus its bull
in fact ive learnt my lesson this sites just hype ,there wont be a next time!!
drummerx2709  +   2339d ago
Dude chill out. Most of the stuff on this site is bull but don't let this site crush your hopes about playing uncharted. First, its by naughty dog. They made crash bandicoot. They know how to make good games. Second, uncharted 1 was really good. I just beat it a few days ago. Uncharted 2 looks even better. Thats why theres so much hype for it.
Play it or don't play it. But if you choose not to, you'll be missing out on some great gaming.
samfk  +   2339d ago
what a load of cack
respect to the people on here who arent,idiots and say it like it is!21/20, same as 110 percent been done to death! theres bigging summit up and theres lieing.begs the question has the site that gave this score ,been given a bung!!££ $$$$$
falconm80  +   2339d ago
you've been misleaded
Have you been told that Uncharted 2 is a 360 exclusive???
ULTIMATE_REVENGE  +   2339d ago
Mart loves 2 games and hates everything else on the PS3 even what Sony's currently doing with the PS3?

you see that doesn't make any sense at all because how can you hate what Sony's doing with the PS3 when right now they've made the perfect move WITH the PS3 and have clearly been very successful in their strategies.

Seriously people don't get swayed by the guys flashy comments because I too only like 2 games on the 360 and hate everything else about it so that makes me a true gamer now right?...

At least my hate is logical and makes sense his isn't.
TwistedMetal  +   2339d ago
Its amazing how ps3 has been releasing AAA after AAA game this year
the othere 2 consoles have failled to release even 1. I hope at the rewards show sony and there devs takes them all becuase they deserve it for the greeat games they make with a 100% effort. This is what gameing is about and this is what a great game is . TRey 4 Life.
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LUCKYXS7LEVEN  +   2339d ago
DAMN...........I can't even imagine what the score for GOD OF WAR 3 is going to be like if uncharted 2 got this amazing score
bosnian_gamer  +   2339d ago
Special Edition already preordered ;).
I have beaten the first Uncharted 8 times and I am extremely excited for the sequel. The score speaks for itself. Uncharted 2 seems to be the first AAAA game, :)
DW  +   2339d ago
falconm80  +   2339d ago
Something strange about Uncharted series
I try to play games but I really don't feel the blood rush you guys feel, I'm a very selective gamer....I've never been addicted to any game since Uncharted. It looks like the sequel will not be anything less.
MrNorthernMan  +   2339d ago
Ok..... Pretty impressed, lets all just pray that it lives up to the hype this game is accumulating.
GezForce  +   2339d ago
Regardless of platform
An awesome game is an awesome game... if your gamer then uncharted2 is a must have title and deserves a place in everyones collection. Give credit to naughty dog when credit is due by buying this day one, its a masterpiece.
Chriswsm  +   2339d ago
21/20 is the same score I gave to the original.

So no improvements then ...... Sigh!
maxxb117  +   2339d ago
This is friggin hilarious
They already got a review for Uncharted 2, which reminds me just this month they released Halo 3: ODST too early.
-DeathWraith-  +   2339d ago
"Forget GOTY, this is one of the best games of all time!"
Seph  +   2339d ago
better wait for some serious reviews..
cooldude123  +   2339d ago
Well deserved!
Now show me what you got uh, Bungie, Zipper, Konami, EA, Idlevision, Square-Enix, Namco Bandai, Guerilla Games, etc, etc, etc.... Bring it on Developers and Publishers alike!!!!!!! IT ONLY DOES EVERYTHING!
BabyDuck666  +   2339d ago
This is a just a mockery to their rating system, and from now on I will never trust an official magazine review score. If 20/20 is perfect, what is Uncharted 2? The SUPREME game? I doubt it, since very few times in gaming history you saw a game achieve ALMOST total perfection, to rate a game better than perfect is outrageous. But I agree that U2 looks awesome and a Triple A title, just not a completely PERFECT game, because, in truth, there isn't.
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Bengoshi-San  +   2339d ago
I'm buying 2 copies of this game.

The standard u.s. version and the steelcase uk version.

And of course.. i'm going to try and win the limited edition, but that's not going to be easy and i'm not counting on it.

This game deserves all the praise it can get.
Shane Kim  +   2339d ago
Downloading Beta now. Cannot wait.
LoganX  +   2339d ago
Its possible... get a 21/20.

Back in the day as a middle school student. I made a history project that scored an overall of 10 out of 5.

Excellent job ND. First day purchase for me.
jakesplace0  +   2339d ago
This is What @Naughty_Dog Is Doing To The Masses! Super Game [Cannot Say Enough Good Stuff}
Guitardr85  +   2339d ago
Well, then you can go contemplate the basis of reality over in a corner by yourself while the rest of us are enjoying what without a doubt will be one of the finest games in generations. can not try and seem like you're more intelligent than everyone else simply because you want to set yourself apart from the crowd and disagree with everyone to start arguments. Listen, we all know you're smart...we get go do something productive (throws a bouncy ball in the corner for primordial to contemplate the theory of a sphere)!!!
taylork37  +   2339d ago
I have a PS3 and I LOVED Uncharted 1, but this PSM score of 21/20 is laughable, and so are you guys for taking it so biasedly. Get your head out of your asses or at least the ass of PSM.

You think it is beyond PSM to push the score up just a tad to make PS3 look a little better?

Get real.

Uncharted 2 looks like a great game.... and until it comes out and an unbiased source reviews it, Uncharted will only look great..not be great.
LONEWOLF231  +   2339d ago
Anyone else see the hidden gem?
If you guys remember correctly in Uncharted there were 61 of 60 hidden treasures. Thus might be the reason WHY they scored it a 21/20. This game is indeed a must get precious relic!
Ninjamonkey  +   2339d ago
Lol this game is beyond perfect XD
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2cents  +   2339d ago
PS3 Rocks
Untcharted 2 Rocks
PS3 fans Suck
(not all but most of em anyway)

Reading some of these comments shows just how immature most of you are.
There are no rewards for being a douche. You people make it very difficult for 360 fans to be happy for you, and you wonder why there is so much hate on this site.

Uncharted 2 will no doubt be a AAA game and show what the PS3 was made for.

I cant wait!!!
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Ninjamonkey  +   2339d ago
If your...
Talking about the open zone then I agree 100%, but the open zone is there to keep us separate from them so I wouldnt bother getting annoyed.

Otherwise here on the gamer zone Ive not seen many really fanboy posts, just praise for the game.

And at the end of the day all fanboys are bad, and weather ps3 fanboys make stupid posts or not 360 fanboys will never be happy for them. Its againt the fanboy mindset.

Anyway what Im saying is that theres no point getting wound up about those posts, yes some people here are sad but many people posting those things arnt being serious or anything so dont get annoyed, just ignore those posts.

Becuase no fanboy will listen at the end of the day, if they thought like you did then they wouldnt post fanboy comments, but they dont. No one will ever stop their posts so the best thing to do tbh is to just ignore them altoghether. =P
2cents  +   2339d ago
sad but true
i hear u.
axerated  +   2339d ago
well i wasn't expectin that! while the first one was awesome n all, it didn't get many scores above 9, so this is a hell of a turnaround! what can i say naughty dog? you guys have worked ur a55es off and its really paid off, you have joined rocksteady and rockstar as the highest quality devs out there, if i were wearing a hat i'd take it off.
keep makin gamers games.....:D
Ziriux  +   2339d ago
That sounds like a deserving score. Anytime you have a sequel that offers you a different experience from the first you have a winner.

A few examples of the sequel being great are:

- Visuals: The graphics are more impressive than the first game, right when you thought Uncharted could not get any better you have this game which purely shows the power of the PS3 and makes it the best looking game on the system.

- Gameplay: While it's not too much different, a few new things were added to make the game seem fresh, which it needed not too much change from the previous title. You want to leave in whatever has worked and Uncharted was def. a game that worked, showed a little repetition, but looks like in Uncharted 2 it was all eliminated.

- Story: The story has improved over the previous game making it longer, and better, with a deeper cast and top notch writing.

It fully deserves the score it got and once out on shelves here no doubt it will get a ton more high scores.
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