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WMW  +   2341d ago
@ SolidSystem
you and the others are fanboys because you b!tch and complain about the smallest thing who cares if they gave it 21/20 you didn't play it so you should shut your mouth whining about them when you don't know what its like and to all the retard 360 fanboys crying about them giving it a 21/20 we all know it doesn't mean it is possible to have 21/20 it just means they really like it so xtwat clowns give it up the game apparently delivered get over it
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SolidSystem  +   2341d ago
at least quote me
I'm not a fanboy, I'm happily waiting for uncharted 20. I think 21/20 is unprofessional but by all means give it a 20/20. sorry that you assume I'm a fanboy because I dont believe in things like 124871349867/5 as a real review score. go to the open zone, you are obviously the fanboy here.
WMW  +   2341d ago
why does it matter what number they give it does it bother you that much seriously there reviewing a game nowhere does it say they have to be dead serious
SolidSystem  +   2341d ago
why? they themselves gave the grading scale. they themself said we will award 20points to who ever does best. and things like 21/20 are important when you factor in things like Metacritic and how people see the game. while I go on content, this is just excuses for ps3 fanboys to dance around and troll, because magazines cant keep to their own rubric.
calis  +   2341d ago
I'm with SolidSystem here, and before anyone calls me a fanboy or tells me to lighten up, claiming a game is 21/20 does smack of unprofessionalism. If you want to be taken seriously abide by the rules you set.

You won't ever see IGN or Gamespot doing it, they will mentioned that they'd do it (like IGN did with Metal Gear Solid 4) but this is no different then saying OMG BESTEST GAME EVA!!! 10000000/100
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beardpapa  +   2341d ago
Maybe they felt that the game deserved a 21/20 because there are some known games this generation that got a 10/10 (perfect score) for which they didn't deserve.
zahdab  +   2341d ago
Prediction for Uncharted 3
31/20 :D
can't wait for this ...
i am sure Halo OSTSDST whatever is gonna rock too ....oh wait where's master chief !?! not in halo anymore ?!! he's probably off playing uncharted 2 :D
bubb13gum Easy  +   2341d ago
OH man my poor 360 been collecting dust. I love ya 3 ring of death ass but I gotta let you go baby. My new girl Ps3 ratings uncharted boo. She off the scale.
JonnyBigBoss  +   2341d ago
This is in my opinion a contender for game of the generation. I see absolutely no flaws (and I'm sure they might be some minor ones) and it just looks fantastic.

Graphics - 10/10 - Best on any console thus far
Audio - 10/10 - Outstanding voice-acting and soundtrack.
Gameplay - 10/10 - Spot-on cohesive controls that are easy to understand.
Co-operative play.
Online multi-player.
Replay system.
Twitter built-in.
Long-single player.

The list goes on and on.
silkrevolver  +   2341d ago
Well the reviewer obviously saw it as: Graphics-5. Sound-5, Replay Value-5, Gameplay-6? I wonder where the extra point came from....I guess it was the lack of flaw!
Toman85  +   2341d ago
Uncharted 2 will get some low scores in some reviews, reasons this: Don't have Xbox Live on the box... And its not Gears Of War osv... But I have all consoles this gen like last gen so I'm not missing great games :)
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The_Devil_Hunter  +   2341d ago
Hmph. Now thats what Im talking about.
Anemeros  +   2341d ago
Big surprise! A PS magazine gives Uncharted 2 a huge score... Hype sells, not quality. True gamers out there need to realize that exclusives are always looked at more favorably than multi-platform titles. Resistance 1 was garbage, yet because it's an exclusive, it's praised by fanboys the world over. Same goes for overrated games like Halo.

Stop eating what they're shoving down your throat and make up your own damn mind. I'm fortunate enough to have multiple platforms, as any truly hardcore gamer should. That puts me in a position to enjoy good games for being good games, not for any other reason.
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TotalPS3Fanboy  +   2341d ago
this PS magazine gave Killzone 2 an 8/10. And it also gave Resistance 2 a very low score. So, the hype argument is invalid. Uncharted 2 truely has something special and that's why they feel that it should get 21/20. I can't wait to play and experience this specialness.
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GamerPS360  +   2341d ago
I hope you have gaming rig too :D, otherwise you can't claim yourself hardcore gamer.

"Stop eating what they're shoving down your throat"
You mean xbox live ??
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calis  +   2341d ago
"That puts me in a position to enjoy good games for being good games, not for any other reason."

Doesn't put you in a position to be arrogant.
Alcohog  +   2341d ago
They gave Uncharted an 80.
Sanhlami  +   2341d ago
Does not compute *beep* *boop* *bop* *KABOOOM*

Wtf, i didn't know reviewers could do that, but I'm glad they did. Theres no other way to show how good Uncharted 2 will be, in a measly 20 points scale.
Microsoft Xbox 360  +   2341d ago
AAAA only possible on the PS3.
Swan  +   2341d ago
Well, I have to say from what i have played it is off the chart. I thought KZ2 graphics were fantastic especially the lighting but U2 is simply pushing the envelope further. Yummy eye candy ! The frame rate is smooth as silk, v-lock is enabled so no tearing here baby and its very solid online. If the beta is anything to go by expect very high scores regardless of the publication that reviews the final code. Cant wait to get my hands on it.
Grandreaper9999  +   2341d ago
I'll believe it when I play it.
pshizle  +   2341d ago
how is this professional
cooldude123  +   2341d ago
everyone else will have to step up there game..
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cooldude123  +   2341d ago
cmrbe  +   2341d ago
It must be a complete nightmare for the bots.
PS fans are now getting games that are breaking the rating charts while them bots are getting flops like Section 8, The Darkest Days, Ninja Blow and Halo wars lmao!!.
dustgavin  +   2341d ago
Don't forget Race Pro, Star Ocean, and Banjo Kazooie:N&B. Those were also big flops!
lids345  +   2341d ago
i guess this means no forza...
capital1player  +   2341d ago
i hate it
i hate how hw jumps in the game he looks like a freaking frog when he jumps!!!! other than this game is near perfect that was the only flaw
StrboyM  +   2341d ago
@Mart, I have always thought you were an intellectual person, Ive never made any remarks directly to you, but I do read a almost all the replys on here, you make sense, and I am a ps3 fanboy, but I will admit a few sony boys on here are a bit tedious,anyway I have always considered myself a gamer first. and I do think/know the ps3 is the best system.

Uncharted 2 is GOTY, no way around it. this article doesnt confirm it, but its a great start. I myself am excited about a few xbox games, I think will be great contenders...Alan wake, Splintercell, Forza...

However. and Ill say it again...Uncharted 2 is GOTY, I think a few games will be strong contenders, but uncharted 2 only does everything
commodore64  +   2341d ago
Isn't it funny that when this mag gave infamous 71% and 80% to KZ2 the ps3 fans cried bias and complained bitterly... as if such results were outlandish.

Yet, here we have the same mag giving a score of 105% and all of a sudden the mag is god's gift to all humanity?

Just goes to show the level of fanaticism that some ps3 users seem stuck on.
calis  +   2341d ago's a bit redundant to call bias on a site called PSM3
Alcohog  +   2341d ago
...because you know its the same people saying both comments?
Anon1974  +   2341d ago
I just went back and had a look.
I don't see anyone complaining bitterly. I see disagrees with their scores, but that's understandable. Infamous gets a 71% and Ghostbusters gets a 85% - Anyone who's played both would question that review. God of War 2 gets a 6 out of 10, despite a metacritic score of 93 overall.

Funny, I see more people on here complaining of PSM3 being biased by giving Uncharted 21/20 then I do fans cheering this.

Personally, I don't trust PSM3 as far as I can throw them. They're ratings are often so far off from my own judgment I wonder if they've even played the same game as me sometimes.
lcrkz0023  +   2341d ago
talk bout being pissed...
I hope update 3.0 doesnt freeze this Uncharted!!
Isaahc  +   2341d ago
3.0.1 just fixed it :)
gumgum99  +   2341d ago
This sure gives "Uncharted" new meaning.
Surfman  +   2341d ago
zainkool  +   2341d ago
Wow This game is going to be amazing. surpassing the rating systems. Only PS3 exclusives can do that.
C_Dub  +   2341d ago
21/20? Are we talking greatest game of all time??!?! :-D
Kluv  +   2341d ago
anyone know
if this was verified yet, because the "photoshopped" arguments have a point. the actual 21 looks i little...weird. i sure hope it's true, but i'd like another pic, or a video please.
AAtroop  +   2341d ago
Messed up
That's ridiculous. I'm not saying this because I hate Uncharted (can't wait to play it) but a 21/20? It's a PS3 exclusive, and it's coming from a PS3 exclusive magazine. That's absurd, that is, unless they do that for many reviews. Otherwise, complete BS. Sure, give it a perfect score, but not God worth score.
angel604  +   2341d ago
didnt this happen when super mario galaxy came out, one of the magazines gave it an 11/10?
gtarplaya  +   2341d ago
I KNOW this game will be awesome but i think the other reviewers such as ign, gamespot, and gametrailers will give us a more honest review. Can't wait though! Beta is tommorow! Ya!!!
Lanontscuz  +   2341d ago
Day one baby!
beardpapa  +   2341d ago
This game's gonna suck anyways because sales = quality. Pachter predicts this game will sell 200k in the software NPDs for the month. ODST on the other hand will crush that # on first day sales.

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