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FlipMode  +   2173d ago
I hope Pizza keeps Butthurting all over this, its make this more sweet!
Lelouch Vi Britannia  +   2173d ago
Oh God, that unbelievable !!
Can`t wait.
solar  +   2173d ago
its hard for me to take a publication serious when they rate any game like that. 21/20? come on. im sure UC2 is gonna be a great game, but dont make yourself laughable with crap like that.
na2ru1  +   2173d ago
THis comment
explains why your d*ck is so high up Marty's a*s. You're an xbox fanboy so SCRAM!
Captain Tuttle  +   2173d ago
Another shining moment in gaming journalism.
JBaby343  +   2173d ago
This is definitely the most accurate score I've seen in a game review. Seriously.
Aquarius  +   2173d ago
I wonder what IGNorant and gametrailers will give it.

EDIT: Pizzagaki GTFO. WTF are you here. I mean...shouldn't you be in the Uncharted 1 articles. Since you know...your betabox hasn't even produced a game on that level.

@Obama the 360 is not finish getting b1tch-slappings yet. We still have 2010 and TGS for embarrassments to come forth.
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thedisagreefairy  +   2173d ago
ign reviews
have never been biased against the ps3

im not trashing u or anything but i cant think of a ps3 exclusive they gave a bad score to a good game in the past couple of years

i always thought ign was neutral in reviews
Shane Kim  +   2173d ago
IGN can be f@cked up sometimes. Like when they rated the original xbox above PS3. But their game reviews are often spot on.
Obama  +   2173d ago
GOTY confirmed. I want to make this a national holiday called Nathan Drake day to celebrate his fatality blow to the 360.
air1  +   2173d ago
you just had to ruin it with the fatality blow to the 360..

you sony fanatics really cant see beyond 1 console, what a shame..
Optical_Matrix  +   2173d ago
this gen I game on a Wii, PS3, DS and PSP yet I'm a big Soyn fanatic even down to the fact my phone, camera, TV and soon PC are Sony products. So some of us can see beyond one console.
air1  +   2173d ago
optical, i also have a psp and a ds. but get this, they are not consoles ;)

oohhh, mister big time games on the wii for his other console of choice. i bet you find your self playing the wii more than the ps3..

thats how it is for me anyway i game the most n the 360 than the wii than comes the ps3..

a sony tv?! and camera? samsung is so much better..


yes im crying, crying with tears of joy all over that sad, last ps3 :)
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Obama  +   2173d ago
Calm down air1, just to be fair I will make a Gay Tony day too for you bots to show brotherly love with each other.
topdawg122  +   2173d ago
@air1, keep it up dude, fight the power butthurt bot
JBaby343  +   2173d ago
This is Funny
Air1 will need a new account soon.
LunaticsNotions  +   2173d ago
Didn't occur to anyone that this might be fake?
SIX  +   2173d ago
You are not alone. 21 out 20 seems a little silly. Not saying it doesn't deserve it. Just a pretty bold move for a journalist.
kaveti6616  +   2173d ago
Rowsdower  +   2173d ago
there are guys in europe streaming the multiplayer demo

cant wait till tomorrow

oh yeah.... some of you on this thread are acting childish, let the game speak for itself.
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darkknight0996  +   2173d ago
Just wait for EDGE review they will give it 6/10 because it is to good and ND went over the top with it and the have should made it that good.
kaveti6616  +   2173d ago
but dude, that joke is so old now, it's like... why the hell would you even mention it? It's been referenced at least 2 times before you on this thread, and probably hundreds of times before on other threads. get some new material.

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Ju  +   2173d ago
They'll give it a 1/10, because they can't handle the overflow. LOL.
mfwahwah  +   2173d ago

Because every person reads every comment ever made on every article. Ok.

And it'll get a low score for setting the bar TOO high ;)
JBaby343  +   2173d ago
Edge Will Definitely Score It Low.
It'll get a low score for too badly embarrassing the others.

@ kavetti: The joke will stop when edge stops their garbage. Deal with it until then.
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mrv321  +   2173d ago
I just want to play Halo 3:ODST just after Uncharted 2... and just be completely baffled that both these games are being released on the same time after the same developement window and both exclusive.

I'm going to be blown away especially since well Halo 3:ODST doesn't have a multiplayer(unique one) so all they had to do was make singleplayer while Uncharted had to add a CO-OP and singleplayer.

Why do companies even bother anymore... this game is almost too good, it raises the bar too quickly. Like a 100m sprinter who runs 100m in 8.5 seconds.
mfwahwah  +   2173d ago
ODST is an expansion, so it's not really fair, in my opinion, to compare it to a true sequel. Compare this game to Halo 4, it'll still probably be better (no offense xbox fans, I just don't find Halo to be THAT good...)
Rifle-Man  +   2173d ago
Holy shít! I've never even played the first one! I gotta go buy it! Now!
eagle21  +   2173d ago
I'll give you the $30 myself. You will love it.
Optical_Matrix  +   2173d ago
21/20. That's how outstanding this game is. You know what Pizzagaki is so butthurt about this game it's crazy. That while us PS3 gamers will be playing stunning Uncharted 2 he will be playing Halo ODLC with it's last gen resolution and out of date graphics running on a 2007 engine for 60 bucks. It's times like these the butthurt ones show their true colours.
Dutch Boogie  +   2173d ago
Woo Uncharted 2, defying the laws of the rating system lol. GOTMFY! confirmed. This is what a $60 game should be like.
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Isaahc  +   2173d ago
Now this show how you implement good multiplayer in a single player game, it's near flawless hell i'll even say its flawless!!!!!!. It deserve every credit
baph777  +   2173d ago
I doubt if it is as good as mgs 4, but it is probably better than gears or halo.
jack_burt0n  +   2173d ago
Its not as hardcore and maybe not as rewarding, but its much easier quicker and fun imo and it does new things like climbing and the cqc stealth kills can also be pretty satisfying and there is not as much relentless headshots it also feels like uncharted which adds points.

So imo if u weigh it up it is as good. This is going by the earlier beta.

edit: whoops thought you said MGO
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cmrbe  +   2173d ago
Uncharted is a very unique game when you really look deep into it.
On face value its a simple straight forward action adventure game similar to great action adventure movies like Indy, The Mummy and Romancing the Stone. The story/plot are definately not near as complex as MGS but character wise. Uncharted characters are very memeroable just as much as MGS but very believable unlike MGS. ND did an amazing job in bring characters in Uncharted to life that people can relate to i.e. they feel real. This is why alot of people gamers and game journalist were very dissapointed when Sully and Elena were no show in the first couple of U2 footage without them.

MGS4 is a masterpeice however, Uncharted is the frist game i played that really made me feel like i was playing a great action adventure movie. The script is perfect in Uncharted. MGS4 there were some parts in the script that could have been edited.
downwardspiral  +   2173d ago
urghh, oct 13th can't come soon enough!!
Xbox360Elite   2173d ago | Spam
Hercules  +   2173d ago
is that even possible?
wow, well as IGN is the number one gamer site, i suspect them to give it a 9.6 or greater, the first one got a 9.1, and they way they take about it in podcast makes it sounds like it is really good..just like batman...but a 21/20? wow...
ULTIMATE_REVENGE  +   2173d ago
Keep changing those arguments of yours because it's getting funnier by the day and another thing YOU ARE CRYING so don't deny it.
blackmamba707  +   2173d ago
GOTY vs some flopbox junk
b bu bu bu bu bu but teh Xbox has Gaylo ODLC!!111
clintagious650  +   2173d ago
I guess its safe to say..
I was right about uncharted 2. It is going to be the highest rating game this next gen. 21/20 GOTY Confirmed. MW2 sit aside & let the better all around game get its shine. Naughty Gods FTW.
Gambit07  +   2173d ago
It probably is for gamers, but unfortunately it will be hard to topple GTA4s 98 meta...
tripewire  +   2173d ago
go ND
Swiftfox  +   2173d ago
This just goes to show what happens when a good developer listens to what the gamers have to say.

It's these types of qualities that put Naughty Dog in front of the pack this generation.

Can't wait to experience their game for myself.
mt  +   2173d ago
i wanted a sequel for this game since the day i Finnish the first one
now the time has come ..

nice review btw
STICKzophrenic  +   2173d ago
cmrbe  +   2173d ago
21/20?. Is this correct?. I expected U2 to scores between 90-95% knowing how the media are extra hard on PS3 exclusives but plus 100% ?. Well i am happy ofcourse but guys lets make sure this is not fake first. 21/20 sounds fishy. I know IGN would have given 11 out of 10 for MGS4 but then that was MGS4.
skatezero246  +   2173d ago
this game is a must buy ... getting it day one
NFGC  +   2173d ago
Long live ND, long live..
LorD  +   2173d ago
you dummies can't tell that's photoshopped??????

The edges don't match. The perspective doesn't match.

And the color seems off from the rest of the page.
rob6021  +   2173d ago
Well once the xbox fan sites get word of this review they'll be dogging the game, and making sure ODST reviews 10/10 - just so the 360 doesn't look inferior.
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