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KionicWarlord222  +   2270d ago
"hahahahaa .... pathetic " - joker
callahan09  +   2270d ago
I don't believe that the cut-scenes are higher quality in the 360 version for one second. They're just seeing things through tinted lenses. The games are identical, really.
WildArmed  +   2270d ago
Good score. Game deserves the praise.
Enjoying the game very much on mi ps3 ^_^
Playing joker is too much fun!
LTC  +   2270d ago
Its best on PS3 so who cares
Wiitactics  +   2270d ago
The review say slightly, almost not noticeable and the troll that is submitting the review writes "higher quality" like if it were by a big margin. Beside, one of the rules for submitting news say to always use the original tittles!
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SeanScythe  +   2270d ago
cut scenes now that's what matters? What about it's Gameplay, controls, the color contrast, no wait there is one less hair on batmans chin in the ps3 version. So the 360 can handel more then the ps3 this proves that my money wasn't wasted!!!

please people grow up
Antan  +   2270d ago
The cutscenes are pre recorded, in the same way as Unchartered, to mask the loading.
Raf1k1  +   2270d ago
I thought Uncharted cutscenes are rendered in-game.
Antan  +   2270d ago
They use engine assets but stream rather than display in real time, freeing time to load levels etc etc. Batman is no different though they do use higher detail modelling compared to the stuff you see ingame.
dale1  +   2270d ago
i couldn,t be bothered to read did they mention the free joker dlc? i forgot the bat cave in home for millions of its users.
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MeatAbstract  +   2270d ago
Awesome game. I bought the game on saturday, had it completed it Sunday simply because I couldn't put it down and went without sleep! Went in work tired and moody from lack of sleep but goddamn it was worth it.

Time to find all the riddles, trophies and play through on hard. And you know what? I'll relish every second of it!

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