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darthv72  +   2285d ago
exclusive dlc...needs to be substantial.
I only have one real gripe about exclusive dlc. It should have substance that pertains to the game and not feel like a last minute add-on.

The idea of playing as the joker in this game was exciting until it was revealed it wasnt during the actual story but simply the bonus challenge levels. WTF? Why make the hoopla over something that has no bearing on the game itself? At least with the GTA4 and Fallout dlc there was substance. Story to interact with that either could be viewed as a spin off or side mission and yet added to the overall feel of the main games.

This type (joker) is somewhat pointless just as the golden guns in gears 2. It used to be that if a multiplatform company wanted to keep versions of their game independent on the competing platforms they found a way to incorporate extra stuff in the game. Not on the side. Essentially almost giving reason to own both to see what is different in each.

I do find it somewhat ironic that those who criticized the competition for the exclusive dlc are now excited to have some of their own. As if to say yeah you. Having it or not really changes nothing in the gameplay. It is more like bragging right than anything else. It wouldnt surprise me if ubi released this joker as a premium dlc on xbl much like namco did with both vader and yoda for SC4.

The core game is the same and that is a testament to the programmers. It really is a fun and entertaining look into the series as has never been made before. No matter which version you play you will be entertained from start to finish.
reuben4boston  +   2285d ago
exclusive dlc needs to be substantial?
only when it actually costs money. If its something small like this, and its free, it is substantial enough.

The only reason people booed at the GTA dlc was because it was another 10-20$ extra. Fallout 3, while an amazing game on both platforms, cost an additional 50$ for all five expansions. when you pay as much as 60 dollars for the game, exclusive dlc that costs these large amounts arent as nice as some of the free things.
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TheBand1t  +   2285d ago
lol, that picture is epic. Jack Nicholson as the Joker FTW!
Shendow  +   2285d ago
Well playing as the Joker in bonus challenge levels, kind is like playing the story. You have to take out the guards and we didn't get to see that.
DonCorneo  +   2285d ago
the ps3 version also has exclusive HD videos
blu-ray quality.. plus a free batcave apartment in home, not that i care about that.. oh yeah, plus superior graphics.
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iown-ipwn-ikill  +   2284d ago
lets not forget the new ps3 slim uk ads/
Bucky Sligo  +   2284d ago
I wonder how much sony paid for this. Surey the devs wouldn't hand this out for free.

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