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cookiemonster  +   2888d ago
drtysouf21  +   2888d ago
I'm confused.................
Ignorant Fanboy  +   2888d ago
Im confused too!
I plugged my PS3 into the bathroom outlet, just like it said, but I got lost after the part where you cut the phoneline and splice it with the sixxaxis charger cable, and then plug it into the wall???

I kept getting shocked, so I gave up after my hand went numb and just used my cellphone.
DEIx15x8  +   2888d ago
It's just a website that allows you to make calls. It was originally designed for prank calls and gets slammed around April Fools day. I've used it to have a teachers cell ring and then when they answered it was calling an old vice principle of mine that everyone hated. The site just created a more streamlined page that makes it easier for the PS3 to use.
God of Gaming  +   2888d ago
o k
aaquib2  +   2888d ago
Another great feature about the PS3!
You don't see XFLOP getting to make free phone calls ;)
PS360PCROCKS  +   2888d ago
::shakes head::
power of Green  +   2888d ago
Hmmm... strange i wonder what makes people go over the deep end in gaming.

You have no idea how do you know for sure? for all we know this is a response to MS's ideas( future IPTV and other feature, Xbox 360 Universal remote aready has Phone digits with sybols on the keys).

Announcing it now will make it seem like MS's copying when they finsish the tech even though its been designed in there hardware for over a year lol. Dont believe my go check out the remote at a game shop. You'll use the head set to talk and listen and the remote and possibly the key pad to dail.
dissectionalrr  +   2888d ago
dude, it's a website. you can do the same thing faster and easier with a computer. thanks for being a fanboy though.
brianodom  +   2888d ago
PS360PCROCKS  +   2888d ago
Um so you go to the internet on your PS3 and enter in the phone number your at and the one you want to call and than you answer your cell or house phone to make this work? I don't really see why you would do this on your PS3 if you have a computer. This is really odd, but I dont know anyone in other countries so I wont use this anyways.
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Ignorant Fanboy  +   2888d ago
Ever heard of Tony Blair??
See, you do know someone out of the US, get the phone dude!!
ShAkKa  +   2888d ago
i guest this will be cool for people who has friends or families in other countries.
Ignorant Fanboy  +   2888d ago
I have no friends,
And my family died in a fire when I was 3, but for the people that do, this should be great!!
sajj316  +   2888d ago
wow ....
your comments concern me ...
Ignorant Fanboy  +   2888d ago
No need to be concerned.
I dont have time for friends, I have alot of gaming to do everyday. And dont worry about the fire, its ok, they werent even my real parents, so its cool. My real parents left me in a parking lot 30 minutes after I was born.

But hey, life is great, I got a PS3 and a 360 and a Wii. So happy gaming to you buddy.
sandip787  +   2888d ago
^^ I F
are u jokin about or being for real man? if ur not, i feel for u mate.
Ignorant Fanboy  +   2888d ago
Thats just what I was told,
My foster supervisor told me these things when I was 14, but I was too young to remember them, so I am not 100%.

What were you doing half an hour after you were born?
Janitrons  +   2888d ago
Remove this story, I don't need to read this nonsense. Ads aren't news.
silent ninja  +   2888d ago
awesome calling from the US to other countries is expensive in america and i have family and freinds calling me here so cheaper way is wellcome
XxZxX  +   2888d ago
For those who dunno what jajah is a web application that you run on browser. It will then call your phone(land line or cell) and then connect with your destination phone. That's it. It just mean now Jajah support PS3 which is cool.
Lord Anubis  +   2888d ago
you gotta love the PS3's web browser. So much for people saying its worth less.
HandShandy  +   2888d ago
What Idiot would say it's worthless? It may be limited with it's plugins but it's better than nothing.
THWIP  +   2888d ago
Since 2002...
...I've been doing limitless chatting with people all over the world, via LIVE. Yes, you pay $50/yr., but that's primarily for gaming/demos/downloads/etc. Name another phone company that gives you unlimited long distance, worldwide, for $50/yr....and also provides what LIVE does for gaming.

This JAJAH is nothing new, and certainly not limited to the PS3. People have been utilizing their PCs for years to make free phone calls; it's how the whole VOIP movement was started.
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darx  +   2888d ago
I'll use my telephone to make phone calls and my console to play games.

What happened with these gaming machines?

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