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Frizzo  +   2363d ago
So if im reading this correctly...
And this is the truth, going by the console count that many gamers trust, run by vgchartzcom. this is the math of the situation.

If there are 23,160,000 PS3's sold to date, - their 10.6% failure rate 2,454,960, that = 20,705,040 PS3's total that are still working without the need to be fixed.

Now for the Xbox360, There are 31,300,000 sold to date, - their 54.2% failure rate 16,964,600, that = 14,335,400 360's still working without the need to be fixed.

20,705,040 - 14,335,400 = 6,369,640 more PS3's

Thats pretty Nifty if you ask me.
IRetrouk  +   2363d ago
those numbers look about right im on my 5th xbox, fu.king joke aint it,but im still using launch ps3 that tells me all i need to know. bubbles for you my friend
rivithed  +   2363d ago
Not surprised
I'm not surprised. Sounds like more RRODs are happening after the system update too. It's just too bad Xbox 360 customers aren't standing up for themselves. We went through quite a few discussions a week ago on this: and I'm sure there are many more to come as this snowballs.
morkendo  +   2363d ago
54% SH'T!!!!! THATS CRAZY PS3 here they come charge!!!!!
bigjclassic  +   2363d ago
Regardless if this isnt truely accurate or not....
I cannot and will not get a console to wait for it to mess up. I have been a gamer for too long and dont want to play the waiting game to see if my console is gonna breakdown.

In other news, the sheeple still support 360.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2363d ago
I've had no problems with my console so I'm a sheeple?

shad0w70  +   2363d ago
The fact that Sony fanboys are in here by the swarm says it all! bashing MS for poor quallity when having serious quality issues of their own, (YLOD & faulty BR dioads) just gos to show how much of a "cancer" on the internet you guys truely are! Sony's class action lawsuit is on it's way! So, let's wait see what Sony has too say when they release their true numbers shall we?
umair_s51  +   2363d ago
Yo talk sense man, you can't deny the fact 360 is poor hardware. Its a fact
ps12&3lover  +   2363d ago
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2363d ago
What a deceptive title. A site has a poll and then you extrapolate that into a 54.2 percent failure rate for the 360? LMAO!

I thought N4G banned the consumerist? If not, they should.
Nate Tolar  +   2363d ago
Never had a problem with mine...Had it for over a year and play it at least 20 hours a week over the summer..(Crosses fingers)
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Scary69  +   2363d ago
Wow I didn't think the failure rate for the 360 was that high. Won't be buying one anytime soon.
gumgum99  +   2363d ago
it got worse.



that can't be good.
Djinn  +   2363d ago
Good god almighty. I feel sorry for the poor bastard with a 360.
ssbains  +   2363d ago
over 50% failure sounds about right
Mine failed after 13months, luckily I had bought a one time replacement warranty from Frys. I got it switched with a new one and then sold it.

I also had a PS3 which I love and bought another PS3 for co-op when I have folks over.

The 360 in XCRAP 360 is the probability in it failing within a year- Take that Aaron Greenberg and smoke it!
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feejo  +   2363d ago
My friend went to purolator and everybody that day in line up was people receiving their xbox 360 repaired. Me and my friend will never by that 360.

360 like a dog running in circle after his tail.
jc48573  +   2363d ago
scary ain't it. you guys paid for the system so you should expect it to work. Don't let microsoft brainwash you anymore.
Mindsucker  +   2363d ago
You FAngirls and boy are pathetic If it aint true then whats there to worry about you TOOLS
foreverflame  +   2363d ago
I'll get the RROD than buy a PS3..
my 360 has never RROD on me if it ever did you best bet ill re-buy a 360 again ill never ever join you dead last ppl.jump in.i only stick to winners and the winners are the 360
Mindsucker  +   2363d ago
THat is just ingenious you sound brainwashed what kind of tool are you I am curious. I think your a monkey wretch because it is people like you who make the 360 look bad you fool
crom  +   2363d ago
how ironic
ironically, this might be sad for ms, but it's testament to how loyal their fan base are this gen. despite this sad stat, their turning a profit and doing well as opose to sony. sad but true. i guess good line ups and live support are relevent.
foreverflame  +   2363d ago
The PS3 is still dead last dont forget sonybots
Is it funny how your sonybots are getting beating by a system that breaks down all the time??? lmao GI is crap anyway i call this fake,my 360 could rrod on me 100 times and i would still buy that system over a sh1tty PS3.
JYstiq808  +   2363d ago
read your comment again
lol.. go ahead and do that, while everyone else laughs at you.. the only one that looks stupid is you.. haha

You know birds of a feather flock together. Did you vote bush also?

N4G king  +   2363d ago

what's a "sonybot" ???????????

and you call GI crap
yet if they posted anything against Sony
it well be the other way around ??
iyc44  +   2363d ago
Funny thing
A couple months ago I was at my friend's and we were gaming on his 360, playing re5, then the 360 made a huge noise during an intense fight and suddenly powered off, he tried to turn it on again, but started flashing the rrod, oh man was he pissed , and as horrible as it sounds I laughed.

The next week he bought a ps3. He told me his 360 was almost 2 years old. He got it fixed but sold it off. He knew it was a risk with 33% rrod but now 54%? I can't help but laugh.
jro211  +   2363d ago
Go ahead you idiots. Keep buying this piece of crap to fill the pockets of M$. I can't help but wonder how many of the sales are re-buys. What kills me, most people won't re-buy something if there are problems with it, so why do people lower their standards when it comes to the Xbox. As long as ya'll keep buyin, M$ will continue to bend you over.
kaveti6616  +   2363d ago
Makes sense in my case. I have 3 friends who have Xbox 360s and all three of them have gotten the Red Ring of Death. I have yet to get it. I don't really care if I do because I'm not a wacky materialist bastard like a lot of people on this site. Just saying.
teedogg80  +   2363d ago
No wonder they're so cheap lol. Man it's good to own a PS3!
phalanx_mark  +   2363d ago
Outsourcing and console complexity the main reasons for poor reliability of ALL consoles
I think overall its safe to say nintendo makes the most reliable consoles but then recently there consoles are less hi-tech so that might be a factor. PS3 reliability is hardly amazing but i think they have ironed out the flaws with the early 60Gb model. What is striking is how MS cant seem to effectively kill the RRoD problem. Its a whole new order of embarassmment for MS as consumers we shouldn't accept shoddy goods; i have never known a consumer product to have such high failure rates and still remain on the market. Make a song and dance xbox owners when you call warranty let MS know we deserve more respect!
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bunfighterii  +   2363d ago
ACCC should look into this.

not acceptable for such an expensive device.
stonecold3  +   2363d ago
i own ps1 after 3 years when it was out it
had smoke coming out of hte back of the system then waited for ps2 it lasted 4 years but controler the l1 button came off and the cords on it came deadly got ridd of it and got another one and i got ps3 60 at launch and the bluray was jumping on my screen took back to sony got some money refunded and 2 years and 5mnths storong my ps3 is all good but ive seen ps3 in local second pawn broker shop they asked if i could put one of there game in and the ps3 was not taking it or either someone ubused the system i think it was either 40, 80 ps3 but now with m$ that its unnceptable and i was nearly thinking of buying one after all ps3 games out im ghetting i do have a friend with one and he has had it since last xmas and it has 1 green light i saw what was working and im not sure if it is on its way out joy
JYstiq808  +   2363d ago
Stonecold3? nice name you got there, I bet I can figure out what kind of person you are ;D

Couldn't understand your story.. Maybe calm down and try again later? I dunno?
phalanx_mark  +   2363d ago
It helps if you punctuate dude.
There's not one full stop in your post!
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