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Obama  +   2363d ago
If this is true than the 360 should be named "Two Face" Flip the coin, to fail or not to fail.
-Mezzo-  +   2363d ago
It means every owner has bought an Xbox360 2 times which puts Xbox behind PS3 in sales. WEAK.
Crystallis  +   2363d ago
Exactly and you wonder why 360 fanboys still support MS...

I know 3 folks who went out and bought another new 360's while the one they send to MS was being fixed. Makes you wonder if the 6 million lead over ps3 is really accurate?!?!
Obama  +   2363d ago
Two of my friends with a 360 have already got RROD once. One of them bought an elite afterwards. I really am not bsing here.
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   2363d ago
My buddy's launch 360 still runs fine. (Launch 360)

Only problem it has is disk read error and disk tray jamming, but we can deal with that easily.
Crystallis  +   2363d ago
I believe you. My close buddy's elite just rrod on him and this was an upgrade from his regualer 360's .From day 1 ive told him to get a ps3 but he always knocked me for getting a ps3. Now he wish he had and he singing a different tune about MS now, while im pointing my finger at him and laughing.
Arietus  +   2363d ago
The same old story...
A friend of me got the RRoD, while he was playing Resident Evil 5. Shortly after he got the RRoD, he sent the console to MS. 4 months ... since he sent the console for repair. And what does he have in his hands? Simple answer! Nothing! I asks himself : Why didnt I buy the Playstation 3? Really frustating to spend money on something, which isnt even save.
Ninjamonkey  +   2363d ago

Thats got to be the worst design of a console ever for durability XD
MaximusPrime  +   2363d ago
when i saw the title, i thought that got to be a joke. MS claimed that failure rate drop to something like 22% from 33%. now i read it, it is shocking. In my lifetime i came across 2 RRoD consoles in electrical retailer.

It seems 10% is just about right for ps3 but staggering 50 something % for xbox 360 shows that MS must do more with hardware not software. MS should have allowed more time rather than launching rapidly a year before sony's ps3
ASSASSYN 36o  +   2363d ago
I admit it is a piece of crap with the best games and online service in history. Now what?
n4gno  +   2363d ago 2006, since best games are on ps3, and online service is equal (but free)
ASSASSYN 36o  +   2363d ago high-speed why is the ps3 holding strong in third year after year after year?
MaximusPrime  +   2363d ago
Customer services is true too. It too me half an hour trying to cancel that d**m xbox live subscription and getting my money back. I wasnt happy with MS customer service.
Sony on the otherhand is the best. Their customer service is friendly and so easy and straightforward.
iown-ipwn-ikill  +   2363d ago
only 500 xboxes have ever been sold and the rst are replacements, and all the internet fanboyism comes from a fat dude resembling jabba the hut behind a big hub of pcs surrounded by chips n dips
Troll-Killer  +   2363d ago
....Sony is getting their ASS HANDED TO THEM....much more than initially thought.... in software sales, and online saturation....if this (obviously bogus) survey were accurate. If MS only has about 14 million functioning consoles on the market, they're making a mockery of Sony's pathetic PS3.

Only morons and/or fanboys believe this crap. :o
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GiantEnemyCrab  +   2363d ago
LOL! Good point. I guess there are only 1/2 of the 360's that are out there if this crap is to be believed so that would mean the 360 is delivering even a bigger pounding to the PS3 than I thought.

Actually, hell I've just given up on the PS3 after reading this if it's true.. There is no way they can come back if MS can do the damage with just 11-13 mil 360's. How embarrassing.
Noob  +   2363d ago
Not surprusing at all
Everyone I have encountered that owns a 360 has had RROD. It's insane.

I think the 3.8% of people that said they wouldn't buy another one is low because MS is willing to fix it for free.

If I seen this before I brought 360, I would of definitely brought PS3 first.
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cosmos  +   2363d ago
to all the idiots
yep, the numbers are screwy as they always are with surveys. Doesn't matter for two reasons.
The first is that it's common knowledge the the 360 had an extremely high failure rate compared to the other two consoles (even MS half ass acknowledges this by extending warranties)
The second are all the idiots out there who find this an acceptable situation. Not only has the hardware proven faulty over and over with ALL the models, Jasper included, but a $150 repair fee on a console that costs $200!?!
I for one would rather pay and xtra 25 smackers for a brand new one if and ONLY IF there is a fix for the newer models because as it stand the new ones are just as faulty. Please people, PLEASE, stop forkingover money to this company that is screwing us consumers. The more you idiots fork over for this crap, Yes I have one and it has been the most trouble of any console I've owned, insane amounts of money for the overpriced HDD, wirless (who wants that anyway) the more the consumer pays the more they will CONTINUE ripping us off. For the love of god stop defending MS. OR just give me your money I can provide you with faulty crap just as well.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2363d ago
If you believe this number the only idiot here is you.
Russia208  +   2363d ago
It's amazing how all the xbots go into self defense mode and start attacking the other consoles to change the subject...amazing.
Anon1974  +   2363d ago
Yeah, I find that happen quite a bit on these forums.
If they don't like the topic being discussed, switch it. Have to argument? Simply yell "But look over there! SONY!" and everyone will forget that you don't have a leg to stand on.
shysun  +   2363d ago
Hell we all knew this. My 360 died once and thats it so far.
bekum_aka_jarhed  +   2363d ago
WTF PS3 FAILURE RATE IS 10.6 % ???? WASN'T IT 2 % ???
N4G king  +   2363d ago
WTF xbox36 FAILURE RATE IS 54.2 % ???? WASN'T IT 30 % ???
n4gno  +   2363d ago
Guys like xeoset are real ? ms employees ? just dumb ?
VampHuntD  +   2363d ago
I laughed at this
Also, Microsoft's numbers are inflated because 360s are used the most of the three consoles. Results said 40.3 percent of 360 owners use the console three to five hours a day, compared to 37 percent of PS3 owners.

Inflated because 3.3% less play that many hours a day? If that were the case the numbers should be at least similar. Fanboy defense in my eyes.

That being said, this really sucks although it's not really accurate either. I own a 360 and I'm scared to turn it on lest it gives me that red evil eye again.
Anon1974  +   2363d ago
Yeah, I'm in the same boat.
I used to buy the bulk of my games on my 360, but I was burned once too often. I'm on my 4th 360 and since I've purchased my console it's been just over 4 months that I had to go without. I learned early on there's no point in having hundreds of dollars in games and no system to play them on. No I still pick up the odd 360 game, but I'm always worried of getting another rrod. Microsoft taught me to game in fear of my console. Congrats. No wonder my PS3 10 times more play time now.
artsaber  +   2363d ago
My personal percentage is 50%
I've had two in my possession. 1st one died, replaced by another... the second one is lightly played, I am at 50%. Now my friends who are on their 4th, 3 have died and their current one is working , they have a personal failure rate of 75%. When you break it down individually, the failure rate is not hard to believe at all. It sounds closer to the truth than many will ALLOW themselves to believe.

It seems to be a point of not IF your 360 will die, but WHEN. We all know that day is coming, and probably sooner than we can hope for.
Anon1974  +   2363d ago
I'm at 75%.
2 RROD and one replacement they sent me gouged and ruined 3 games before I caught on and after a lengthy fight with Microsoft had that one replaced even though they had sent it to me just 2 weeks prior. Apparently disk scratching units aren't covered under 3 year warranty, only a one year warranty. I couldn't believe they just shipped me a bad unit and then refused to replace it without me coughing up $170 (cdn). Lucky I had purchased an extended warranty for an extra $75 after my second rrod.
shad0w70  +   2363d ago
Fanboys lmao!
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Blow Out Your Brains   2363d ago | Spam
Blow Out Your Brains  +   2363d ago
oh yea, less than 4 percent say they will still buy M$ products despite taking it up the tailpipe for the last four plus years. That gives one an accurate assessment on most of the bots intelligence levels, hence the dumb comments they constantly make here.
Saaking  +   2363d ago
Wow, Xbox fail! See that bots.
hesido  +   2363d ago
"only 3.8 percent of Xbox 360 owners said they'd never buy another Xbox.."
"..because of hardware failure"

Oh great, this will give the hardware industry a few ideas on the quality of the future hardware.. People don't care as long as you got them hooked. Bad times are coming! Blame Xbox owners..
boss_killa  +   2363d ago
this is too funny
this RROD fiasco is one reason why i'll never buy a 360, or any MS console.

i dunno how 360 fans put up with this garbage.

i wonder how much of the 7-8 mil console "lead" MS has over Sony are dead consoles.
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mirroredderorrim  +   2363d ago
I sold my old launch 360 to my sister for pennies. It still works!
I have had my Elite /w 120gig) for almost a year now, if not that, and that too still works.

I have not played in it a 'minute' though. It's disturbing if these numbers are true.
Maybe more surveys are in order to straighten this mess out, however... what's to keep fanboys from tainting the survey?
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gameman  +   2363d ago
we all knew that
they only now confirm it officially every one of my friends got rrod every singly one of them and they have at least two 360 i think the FAILURE RATE is more than 80%
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rob6021  +   2363d ago
The reason why Gamepro's numbers are so high, is because readers of their publication are mostly all Gamers. The casuals that barely use their system are not included in the poll.
If you game a lot odds are your 360 will die on you.

If you think it's all Sony fan boys trying to inflate the numbers, you're probably wrong - because for everyone one of them there's an xbox fanboy pretending their 360 didn't break down.
Anon1974  +   2363d ago
That doesn't make me feel any better if I were buying my first 360. So if you plan on playing on your 360, expect a 54% failure rate.

I admit, these numbers may be inflated but it still doesn't tell a very pretty story.
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tudors  +   2363d ago
I call BS...
Surveys like this don't mean sh*t.
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