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zok310  +   2292d ago
My 360 RROD 2x on me, the 1st time MS fixed it for free after I rant my butt off (they were trying to charge me), the second time they wanted to charge me to fix the same system they repaired just 7 months earlier, I said hell no and told them I'll never buy a hardware product from Microsoft again and hung up on them. I've been stuck with a broken 360 since June 2008 and it sucks because the system was a launched Pro model, I had about 15 games and the wireless network adapter, about a $800-$1000 value gone down the drain along with the remainder of my gold membership which I'm still trying to get a reimbursement for.
presto717  +   2292d ago
Dude you should get a PS3
You get to play all the multiplatform games you love. The only down side is no Halo, Gears, Mass Effect and L4D. But all those are on PC. Plus no more paying for online and you get some very good exclusives.

The xbox 360 is a failure.
i like jam  +   2292d ago
i cant believe that percent failure rate of a 360. that is an utter joke. instead of rushing to release a console maybe keep it back for testing. i dont wnat to buy a console for it it break 6 months down the line.
bad microsoft...
peeps  +   2292d ago
do you own a 360? if so you'd probably know that you wouldnt have to buy a new 1 since they will replace a rrod 360 if it's within the 3 year warranty
wiggles  +   2292d ago
But it's the principle of the purchase. Who cares if they have an extended warranty..bottom line...Microsoft should not have allowed a product with a 33-50% failure rate.
ninjagoat  +   2292d ago
Five 360s all failed on me. That's straight up as well atm i have a ps3 and another xbox360 but i hardly play the 360 for the fact remains after that amount of bad luck. It feels bad playing the f**king thing. I'm not shocked it over 50% failure rate and anyone that says other ways are trying to make themselves feel better for there purchase.
keysy420  +   2292d ago
that is shocking
shoul dhave asked me ive have 14 and no ill never buy another one
peeps  +   2292d ago
well it is only this site. really the failure rate needs to come from the companies surely?

anyway i've had 2 360's now and 2 ps3's lol but at least my 360 was in the 3 year warrenty so got a new 1 for free. had to buy a new ps3 :( but spent a bit more to get the extra cover now lol
CryWolf  +   2292d ago
This is why 360 SUCK! = RROD
turgore  +   2292d ago
even a broken 360 is more fun than a working PS3.
wxer  +   2292d ago
talking about blinded fanboys

you really have fun with a black screen and you console is blinking 3 three red lights ??

well if thats true

have fun ..... i guess
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Narutone66  +   2291d ago
If the survey was
taken by Joystiq staff, the failure rate of the 360 would be 100%.
To the retarded fanboy (11.1) above, that's why you deserved your console.
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Ilikegames76  +   2291d ago
@11.1 Even
Aaron G and Gabe wouldn't go as low as you.
Demon5500  +   2292d ago
Sony Again
I wouldn't believe this crap if I was you, The 360 RROD is down to 12.4% numbers, and 52.4 is utter crap, Did sony or there fanboys do the analysis, It seems of late that sony is trying to run there fake figures just before there new $399 slim to bad the figures don't ad up, Ms would have been made to pull the product of the shelves if the fail rate was that high. there is a law all around the world that states, that a product can only have a 25% fail rate, so this article is bull, and any one with a working brain cell, should know this, And if you don't then go and look it up on Goggle, they would have been able to sell 36 million consoles if this was the case, More smoke and mirrors , for the brain dead sony sheep?:)
n4gno  +   2292d ago
yeah, like sony was lying about bluray numbers because hd dvd was too powerfull...poor americans believers.

ms fanboxs are the worst we'have ever seen, they believe all the rumors and lies ms pay (they can !) to compete with sony, and never believe the truth, even if they have proof under the eyes (even ms was accepting the 33/40% rrod percentage with 1 billion garanty extension) they are like people believing fox news (perhaps they are the same).
Trinioutsider34  +   2292d ago
I Really Don't Get This Some Of You Complain About Going Though 3-5 360 System's But Yet You Still Pull Money Out Of Your Pocket's To Repair It Knowing It Could Happen To Your 360 Again.I Own PS3 And I'm Happy, Also A Wii Not So Happy With That One,But For Me Get 360 Knowing That Failure Rate Is Like That No Way.Most Of My Friends 360 System Just Stopped Working And Now Some Of Them Are Thinking About Owning A PS3 Now.
Fadetoblack69  +   2292d ago
Sad but true.....
And they wonder why I'd never buy an XBox???

It's got nothing to do with bashing a particular segment of the gaming scene, it has to do with bashing a company that has no business in the gaming scene.

I love consoles, I love gaming.... Ps2, Ps3, Nintendo, Sega, Atari, etc. etc. I've owned them all & loved them all but I absolutely refuse to buy an xbox ever! Why??

Sony: Electronics Corporation. Has a solid history of building quality innovative electronics.

Nintendo: Video Game Corporation. Has a solid history in making games and consoles.

Microsoft: Bought their way into the scene to make profit. Has no real interest in the gaming scene other than it's profit line. Has no solid experience in electronics.

Why would I be stupid enough to want to support them in the gaming scene?? Of course their hardware is going to fail! Of course their software is going to have bugs. They're a "pseudo" software company that can't even write decent software and has bullied, stolen or bought pretty much everything that has their logo!

I will always be a gamer and will support every "True" gaming platform out there but I will not support Microshite - Ever. You get what you pay for and their products are indisputably garbage.
insomnium  +   2291d ago
What a great post. I agree 100%.
XLiveGamer  +   2292d ago
Brought to you by:

megatama  +   2292d ago
This is the worst built system in gaming history.......
pcn88  +   2292d ago
RRoD is already a internet meme.
Faztkiller  +   2292d ago
I have 10 friends that live close that I talk to everyday and everyone had to send there 360 back aleast twice. I'm on my 6th so i think they got lucky. I also had to get my PS3 fixed once.

Edit It's not if it's going to break it's when
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Trevorthenerd  +   2292d ago
Everybody knows...
that nintendo make the best hardware. my snes still works perfectly :)
n4gno  +   2292d ago
nintendo = less games and harcore gamers = less gaming = less hardware problems :)

and without optical drives (snes, atari, etc), it's normal to have no problems (or less)..
iceman2929  +   2292d ago
I don't know if Canadian Xbox 360s were made with super-strength soldering but i dont know a single person whose xbox has RRd and off the top of my head i can name about 20 people who have them. That doesn't seem like 50% unless we are all Really lucky!
The_Darkest_Red  +   2292d ago
Probably because its colder, less chance of overheating.

Haha, just kiddin :p
iceman2929  +   2292d ago
I had a feeling that a comment like that was gonna show up :D And i mean i guess its true when compared to someplace like texas or New mexico ( during winter)so i guess that possible ( however we do get 95F during the summer often at least in alberta(rough estimate lazy to do the calc for 30C))
bjornbear  +   2292d ago
54%...what happend to 33%? =P
I doubt MS got WORSTE at building them =P
pcn88  +   2292d ago
you never know.. sloppy hardware lazy engineers
The_Darkest_Red  +   2292d ago
My goodness, its amazing how wrapped up people can get in what the correct percent is of a failure rate. Let me break it down for you:

Xbox 360 Failure Rate: Too dang much
Xbox 360 Failure Rate as a percent: Too dang much percent

The point is, this product never should have hit the market in its original form. I don't care if they have continually improved it, an electronics product should be expected to be sturdy from the get go. This is just unacceptable and is the one reason why I will not buy a 360.
EVILDEAD360  +   2292d ago
Game informer surveys readers? LMAO! How tainted is that? In this age of fanboyism seeping into every aspect of this age of gaming NO system or review is safe.

I have two systems and both have NEVER had a problem . I'm not alone. But, my the majority voices will always be muffled out in favor of the negative.

Case in point, 3 of my closest friends who have PS3s have had the system fail on them. Their voice will almost never be heard either. The media doesnt want that out there.

Eiher way the RROD problem is out there. The people that I know send it in get it within 2-3weeks later.

If you are going to take this as gospel then that mean this is also good news for Microsoft.

According to the same article, more people spend time playing the Xxbox 360 everyday than ANY other system. Must be the truth.
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_vx  +   2292d ago
HAHA SO 54.2%(Xbox owners with RROD)-3.8%(never buy another Xbox ) = 50 % <<< u know wut that means??!
50% pps bought another Xbox after RROD-Xbox, SO the actul number of ppl owning Xbox is much more less than 30million,
30m*50% = 15m ... lets say around 15-20M max :'/
SH3MRON  +   2292d ago
I'm on my 4th xbox atm. Sad but true.
I do have a PS3 but the xbox even though with all the problems has the best online system. Live is much better at the moment and the controler is better for FPS. All the games I play on my ps3 and the xbox remains for COD series lol.

Reasons for the live been better
1- party chat (my friends and I tend to talk more spanish than english and people tend to start talking trash)
2- more people with headsets and less feedback (cheap bluethoot headsets will do that)
3- Don't know why but I lagg a lot less on the xbox (should be my connection)
PS360PCROCKS  +   2292d ago
Ya a lot like those 100+ million PS2's
wxer  +   2292d ago
actually the ps2 is rock soled
i still got my lunch fat ps2
still working with no problems
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turgore  +   2292d ago
and I guess PS3 can go ahead and gloat with its 10% failure rate that SONY doesnt replace after your short ass warranty is over.
Seriously this study is garbage ...everyone voted agaisnt the console they hate and this includes the early garbage 360s that broke super often.
wxer  +   2292d ago
did you know
that in the year before the ps3 is out
the xbox360 warranty
was only 1 year ???

and they made it 3 years after that
because they saw that the PS3 having a better hardware
and that so one can drag them to court

thats why the 360 got 3 years of warranty
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_vx  +   2292d ago
anyone know better word than ....EPIC FAIL?!!

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Obama  +   2292d ago
I highly doubt the ps3 has a 10% failure rate. I think we should subract around 9% of what the author claimed it is...which will be ps3 - 1%, 360 - 45%.
Ilikegames76  +   2291d ago
So maybe now
we can stipulate that the PS3 is outselling the 360.
Amir51  +   2292d ago
You know
People moan that PS3 is too expensive compared to 360 but if you do the math:

Cost of ps3 console for 5 years = £300

Cost of 360 console for 5 years =

(3x£200)2 broken consoles + (5x£35)5 years xbox live = £775
chasegamez2  +   2292d ago
JonnyBigBoss  +   2292d ago
Sounds more accurate. Considering that every person I know with a 360 has had at least 1 RROD, I can't imagine less than 30%.
Obama  +   2292d ago
Even though the 360 is my nemesis , I still don't think the failure rate is 54%. It should be around 45% I would say. ;)
Crystallis  +   2292d ago
makes me wonder if the 6 million console lead ahead of the ps3 belong to the folks who bought and extra 360 console when theirs died. Check out ebay its flooded with rrod and broken 360's.
Arietus  +   2292d ago
Thats why I wont buy the Xbox 360...
Why spend money on a console, which breaks suddenly? No, thanks...
Bladestar  +   2292d ago
I currently own 2 xbox 360 and 1 PS3. So far they are all working and no problems.

I tell you though 11% failure rate sounds bad too. That means that out of every 100 people that buy a PS3 11 of them will die. Now Sony does not offer as near as good factory warranty.

I personally rather have 54% failure rate and 3 year warranty.. than 11% failure rate and be left in the dark after 90 days (

Also, out-of-warranty repair for an Xbox 360 will cost US$119.99 (not to mention that one can buy a core for $199) and the PS3 out-of-warranty costs $150 and buying a PS3 core for ($199) is not an option.

again... for the sake of direct comparison hurraiiii! PS3 have lower failure rate... but it's not the 1% that sony fans used to think... 11% is really high and poor you if your PS3 actually fails.

Xbox 360 owners aside from the 1-2 weeks wait... are better covered.
Obama  +   2292d ago
lol what a load of bs. If the 360 really have a 54% failure rate, that means when the person got his 360 back from the repair shop, it still has 1/2 chance of failing on him again! That takes another 3 weeks to a month, and the nightmare repeats itself.
PS360PCROCKS  +   2292d ago
Every person I know has had their box break at least once, including me. Like someone else said when you already have a ton of games it's easier to get it fixed than to change machines.
Rowsdower  +   2292d ago
the 360
has a high failure rate, no sh*t.

is gaming news so sparse that we rehash the same issues every couple of weeks

its like if cnn reported today that eating too much and not exercising makes you fat, think thats gonna stop people from canceling their gym membership and going to McDonalds.

people are irrational for reasons they can only rationalize.
Biggunz  +   2291d ago
coming from someone who said:

"remember the US military has killed more people in recent history than one man ever did and we love to play as them all the time"
Rowsdower  +   2291d ago
talk about quote out of context
that quote and another that I linked to are about the picture of che that was on lionheads website a little while ago. some folks were throwing a fit by the idea of a video game with che guevara. I made my point which you dont have to agree with, and it was actually part of an interesting thread, check it out in these 2 links.

also what does that thread have to do with this one, if your trying to discredit me by questioning my patriotism or something you can bl*w me.

my family has been US marines for close to 100 years, doesn't make us blind to the fact that the US has committed dishonorable acts in its history. all i was saying is that people have a problem with che because of the violence he caused then why dont they have a problem with playing a soldier who also causes violence. i posed a question, an interesting one i think, it would make for an interesting article.

also I have had to have my 360 replaced 4 times, all covered by MS extended warranty, at this point I dont think the 360's failure rate is news, why not report that water is wet.

in fact you and i agree on the state of n4g, here are some of your quotes biggunz:

is this crap? Has the N4G "standards" been droped so low that any birddick on youtube get approved now? N4G is a joke."

it's him again. How does this kids "news stories" keep getting approved?? I thought N4G was supposed to be news about games, I was wrong. N4G is nothing more then a glorified fanboy forum where trolls can post crap and call it "news". WHAT A JOKE"

"Is there a website
that has actual news instead of a bunch of fanboy nonsense? This site is nothing more then a fanboy B.S. collection IMO."

but you cant help the fanboy in you biggunz:


"Project Natal and HALO:REACH. Possibly the two biggest releases in gaming next year.

M$ could make HALO:TURD and it would sell very well to the bots. Anything Halo is going to sell well considering they have nothing else.

Natal is just plain strange and useless IMO."

Your a glorified biggunz and I feel bad for feeding you

there is room for all of us in here, whether you like it or not
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