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ShabzS  +   2365d ago
although I never really bought the whole 33% failiure rate argument and even if THIS survey is only conducted from 5000 consumers off of a total of 30 million users... 54.2 % could be inaccurate and not a solid number... now while the jasper boards are less prone to the rrod .... the e74 says hi and then there's the disc read errors ... i honeslty wouldnt have bothered buying a second one if it didnt have the games... from the article:

"The most shocking number from the survey - and frightening from a consumer perspective - is only 3.8 percent of Xbox 360 owners said they'd never buy another Xbox because of hardware failure."

that one line sums it up ... no spins or arguments necessary ... if you like its library and love xbox live you'll go out and buy another one or go through the process of getting a free replacement from warranty... 360's are unreliable but the software and live is the only reason its still going on... i keep saying this ... its always always about the games...

having said that... ms better get their sh*t together next gen... they deserve every lawsuit and criticism for this crap
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Nexy  +   2365d ago
The really shocking fact is that even with this failure rate 360 is easily winning the console war this time anyway and PS3 has no chance to catch up.
redbadger  +   2365d ago
Never heard of any probs with the ps3 or wii. You almost have to think here that MS has purposely made faulty hardware knowing that fans will buy another unit thus increasing their console numbers. Falcon, jasper etc don't work and are there for you to believe that MS are addressing these disasters. Which they aren't.
monkfish  +   2365d ago
if thats true then i guess its our fault for supporting them....but mine hasnt been to bad and despite the problems i have enjoyed owning the 360. However if i had to actually buy another out of my own money i would have to give it a lot more thought.
what suprises me is the number of people who say they have Purchased 5 or 6. unless you have multiple places you play games you would surely not keep paying out?.
Double Toasted  +   2365d ago
I wonder if this article will boost the sales of the PS3. Hold your breath if you think so...
Mounce  +   2365d ago
"only 3.8 percent of Xbox 360 owners said they'd never buy another Xbox because of hardware failure"

Goes to show how idiotic the american consumer-base is. They'll gladly bend over and take it like a bi^%h. Cause you know, investing your money in a BROKEN PRODUCT is OOOOOOKAY!
monkfish  +   2365d ago
to all those claiming that microsoft are the only ones with must surely all now that all 3 have issues. The 360's is to my knowledge by far the worst but theres no need to act like the wii and ps3 are 100% free of issues. As i say sony had similar issues with the ps2. Only with sites like n4g we can nowadays get our point across quicker.
JeffGUNZ  +   2365d ago
so than, only Americans purchase 360's and no one in your country has purchased a 360? Moron. Don't stero-type.
rob6021  +   2364d ago
I definitely agree that Consumers in America are getting more and more short-term minded by the day. Something that lasts is seen as less important than how flashy it is on day 1. I am an American and I don't consider myself one of the consumers following this trend, but I do see people like this on a daily basis. They're definitely out there, but all us Americans aren't that way. Some of us do use a value equation when looking at different products.

Unfortunately when you go to the store you will see or hear nothing about the rrod, or how loud the 360 is. This is stuff you have to have done research to know about. And few people do the appropriate research before buying something.
Gamer1111  +   2365d ago
i have 2 360 i guess GI is wrong...i got no rrod
lowcarb  +   2365d ago
I almost want to drop a lawsuit on MS myself for expecting me to pay to get my 360 fixed because of it overheating. Had it for 3 months and only used it for like 20 hours before getting a rrod. They fixed it for free and 6 months later it would occasionally shut down with two red lights. Spoke with customer service and they said it was fine if I didn't have any lights on which quickly changed after a year. Even though I told them of my problem prior to the overheating they refused to fix it for free. Been a gold member since day one and purchased a few 360's as gift last year. My income is close to 30k a month yet I refuse to pay to get my 360 fixed because morally I know that MS is wrong. MS is taking advantage of it's customers by putting them in a situation just to save themselves. Customer service is a joke and hopefully somebody with a brain steps in to clean house and give us what we deserve as paying customers.
monkfish  +   2365d ago
wow 30k a month....god damn....i respect you sticking up for what you believe though as if i earned that much i would likely buy 10 360's just to be getting on with in case lol.
rob6021  +   2364d ago
I'd hate to get someone a 360 as a gift and have it break down on them
-EvoAnubis-  +   2365d ago
Now that I've responded to the comments that I felt like responding to, it's time for MY comment on the issue.

A poll of 5000 when the actual market sample is in the several millions is practically worthless. The 360 failure rate isn't 54.2%. That's simply the percentage of GI readers with failed consoles.
GarandShooter  +   2365d ago
How do you know the GI readers even actually own the console they responded about? This survey/poll is less than worthless.
-EvoAnubis-  +   2364d ago
I don't, but given that I've already written off the entire thing as irrelevant, I fail to see what difference it makes.
GarandShooter  +   2364d ago
'That's simply the percentage of GI readers with failed consoles.'

I'm saying that even this conclusion can't be drawn. I wasn't disagreeing with you.
Ninji  +   2365d ago
54%? lol
Wasn't it 33% before? That means the problem is worse. More than half of those consoles are defective. lmao
TheMART  +   2365d ago
Well you have to cut it down to models (and also hours of use of a console) if you want to know it really.

Its known that the 360 is played more average in hours then the PS3 or the Wii. So people will have their console dying sooner then the less played ones.

Second, if this survey had a larger part of the users of the launch 360, then obviously this number is inflated. Everyone knows the launch 360's had no extra headsink on the GPU. And the motherboard/die were other then todays. From may 2007 the extra heatsink is placed with repairs. Then the latest Jasper model, but even the Falcon did much better.


@ the guy below

Leave that alcohol you're drinking all morning already and stop smoking that home grown stuff. They you'll understand the logical stuff that is written here.
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Tinted Eyes  +   2365d ago
The Room is spinning!!!
xztence  +   2365d ago
And yet it still keeps occuring, according to you its because of higher number of hours played on 360?
That's bullcrap.MS failed to make a failure safe product(generally speaking), and the fact that even with their newer models the problem persists is just evidence of how unreliable a 360 is no matter how many hours you play.
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The_Beast  +   2364d ago
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Microsoft should stick to software, there not hardware company,no wonder shtbox is so cheap with a 50% failure rate... wtf...

and btw evrytime i playe my ps3 is over 5 hours.. a day and its still fine.. and one time i left it on for 1 day by accident and nothing happend... the 360 would of burned my house down
PopEmUp  +   2364d ago
will you be joining me in the club this weekend? Cause damn your spinning and scratching skills is beyond this world
Lou-Cipher  +   2364d ago
The RROD was 33% but that didn't include the high amount of disc drive errors/E74 errors.

I personally have had more disc read failures on the 360 than I have had RROD.
Narutone66  +   2364d ago
So the saying is true
that the fool and his money are easily parted.
The failure rate for the 360 was 70+% before.
BeenThereDoneThat  +   2365d ago
ONLY 54.2%
I hate to put down my beloved 360. But i'm on my second unit after multiple RRODs on my first unit. As a matter of fact, my group of 360 buddies *ALL* have had at least one RROD. I don't know of ANY 360 owner that have been able to avoid it. Makes me wonder if the *count* of 360's out there isn't skewed by the fact that many of us HAD to go out and buy another unit to replace the ones when we got tired of sending it off to MS. I still hold my breath every time I power it up.
Captain Tuttle  +   2365d ago
The only problem with that logic (that many 360 sales are do to replacements etc.) is that I think that would drive the software attach rate down. Unless you think that when a 360 owner buys a replacement console they buy brand new games with it. Or I guess the attach rate could be even higher than it already is.

Edit: There's also this little quote "The most shocking number from the survey - and frightening from a consumer perspective - is only 3.8 percent of Xbox 360 owners said they'd never buy another Xbox because of hardware failure."
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GarandShooter  +   2365d ago
Good point about the attach rate Captain.

I don't find the percentage in the quote shocking at all. With all the money people invest in games, and their virtual worthlessness at trade in, especially on older games, it seems more economically feasible to replace the console than the library.
redbadger  +   2365d ago
MS is aware of these problems and they STILL continue to manufacture shoddy equipment knowing naive people will buy and support it.
JeffGUNZ  +   2365d ago
check out the jasper chip, that's what they have been using to combat it, and it is working wonders.
Captain Tuttle  +   2365d ago
54% seems high...
But I bet it's over the 33% generally quoted. Hell, the poll has the PS3 failure rate at over 10%...that can't be right.
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JeffGUNZ  +   2365d ago
I stopped reading after 5,000K people surveyed.
First off, that was in the climax of when the RROD occurred. What are the rates since the jasper chip was implemented, that would be an interesting survey.
The Great Melon  +   2365d ago
While xbox's hardware does suck. I have found their repair service to be informative and prompt. Packed it up on a Tuesday last month and sent it out, a week later it returned. I applaud Microsoft for at least making the repair process painless. I have never seen turnaround times that fast.
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Double Toasted  +   2365d ago
A month ago you say...
thats good because I was wondering how long it took nowadays. When I sent one of mine in it only took around a week to get back and that was a couple of years ago when it kind of all started...
The Great Melon  +   2364d ago
Most of my friends have had their Xbox's die, but each one of them have also had one week turnarounds. Most of the time involved in the repair process was dedicated to shipping. It arrived at the repair center in the morning and by the afternoon it was already back in UPS' hands.
Raoh  +   2365d ago
i wont get another 360 if my current one dies. at least not paying for it..

i do have the in store warranty that would replace it if anything.. and it sucks that if my 360 craps out, and i return it for a new exchange it will get scanned as a sale.

microsoft sales numbers are like telling people you slept with a model but in reality all you got was a handjob from a fat chick behind an alley.
ReBurn  +   2365d ago
I wonder who came up with the bright idea to poll fanboys in a gaming magazine about console failure rates? They probably could have done a Metacritic poll and ended up about the same. That said, my personal 360 failure rate is 50%, so there could be something to it.
Alcon Caper  +   2365d ago
The most shocking number from the survey - and frightening from a consumer perspective - is only 3.8 percent of Xbox 360 owners said they'd never buy another Xbox because of hardware failure."

Crazy that people won't switch to the PS3, even in spite of a HARDWARE FAILURE.

Why! This is a weird world we live in...

I think it's a popularity thing... People have to get the new IN item. Chalk it up to brilliant MS marketing, for reals...
Stryfeno2  +   2365d ago
Maybe, just maybe they enjoy the 360 more than the PS3. Why would I make a change if the 360 offers me something the PS3 doesn't? My NES broke 3 times and a couple of friends did too but the reason we kept with it is because FUN beat out all factors.
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Alcon Caper  +   2365d ago
Honestly, I agree... I like my 360. If it broke I guess I would get another one because it's crazy fun.

Plus, the one thing that people are realizing is that if your console breaks, you're not going to go out an get another brand of console, because there goes your entire library of games!

The cost to replace that library far exceeds another 360, or in most cases, a few weeks of waiting for repairs...
Raoh  +   2365d ago
this is also one reason i play my ps3 more.. i have more ps3 games than 360 games.

even if some games look slightly better on the 360 i buy games that i plan to play for long periods of time on the ps3 due to reliability.

i really only use the 360 for a few exclusives and netflix. really just netflix, the only games i have are orange box and mass effect. i used to have more games for a modded 360 but now my new box isnt modded and i cant think of anything worth spending money on it for.. i'm not a halo or gears fan so i'm really left with very few options.
Gue1  +   2365d ago
Epic Comment!
Kotaku: "The most shocking number from the survey — and frightening from a consumer perspective — is only 3.8 percent of Xbox 360 owners said they'd never buy another Xbox because of hardware failure."

9:14 AM
I guess that tells you to spend more on marketing and less on quality control.
----------------------------- -------------------------------
Dellis  +   2365d ago
You know what is sad, people will still buy 360s again and again again
SuperStrokey1123  +   2365d ago
While I think that number is a bit high, its still rather shocking.
heylo  +   2365d ago
failbox360 for 300$ ??
heylo  +   2365d ago
for some reason I can't edit posts...

this is the answer for the question above:
wiggles  +   2365d ago
Consumer Market
I am seriously worried about our consumer market, it's disgusting that people will crawl back to Microsoft with even a low estimated 33% failure rate...people are going on their 3rd one!? Come on!

Who cares if it's under warranty doesn't anyone believe in the principle of making a good quality product instead of an xbox with an extended warranty? We're showing Microsoft that they can make a half-assed product and we will eat it up. I hope this doesn't start a trend in the future otherwise the gaming community will be screwed over....
MetalProxy  +   2365d ago
My threesixty RROD and I hardly use the thing. Everyone I know has had to replace there threesixty, so 54% is being very conservative.
Captain Tuttle  +   2365d ago
I'm amazed at all of the people ignoring the 10% failure rate for the PS3.
Pennywise  +   2365d ago
How do you make room for the rabbit in the hat that you pull your BS out of? Please... post some legit links to this 10%.
Captain Tuttle  +   2365d ago
My source is the same place where we got the 54.2% for the 360...the above article. I'm just pointing out how most people in this thread are ignoring it. I understand that most people don't click on the link to read the entire article (although in this case that IS the entire article) but to only comment on the headline while ignoring info in the introduction?
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Mr_Bun  +   2364d ago
Really Tuttle? are amazed that the 10% PS3 is ignored while the 360 is showing more than 5X that?
Oner  +   2364d ago
Okay then how do you explain Microsoft THEMSELVES admitting that for the first 19 months of sales which amounts to 12 million 360's where ALL DEFECTIVE ~

Now lets use some more in depth FACTUAL data. Okay?

Since it's inception MS has redesigned, reworked, readjusted and re-re-re-released different iterations of it's motherboard design ONLY FOR EACH ONE TO STILL HAVE ISSUES...hence this shows...strike that...PROVES that EVERY 360 EVER MADE is prone to failure. Now that does not mean EVERY 360 will break but that EVERY 360 has the ABILITY to do so.

Now I am sure if you did the math you can SAFELY come to a conclusion (with MANY sites supporting the AVERAGE #'s) of AT LEAST 30%-40% of all the 360's ever made & sold have OR will fail. Now to extrapolate further upon that imagine how many 360's are unrepairable and/or where thrown out by the consumer and probably repurchased to keep playing....that would lead one to believe that the 360's "lead" is not what MS touts.

Edit: Oh and for those who have low reading comprehension skills please read what I said a few times before you think/believe/say the wrong thing.
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Pennywise  +   2364d ago
OMG 10% - Call the BBB!

You are trying to start a lynching on Sony while you are 360 owner. Tell me Tuttle, how many 360's have you gone through? I have had my ps3 since launch and NO PROBLEMS, and it is on A LOT.
Captain Tuttle  +   2364d ago
I have 2 360's...
One has RROD once and the other twice. Both covered although they're out of warranty now. If these fail I'll get them repaired by a guy I know for $30-$40.
If you look through the thread at my other comments you'll see that I question the 54% (as well as the 10% failure for the PS3), I even think the failure rate for the 360 is higher than the 33% commonly accepted.

All I'm questioning is how people can accept a 54% failure rate result for the 360 and dismiss/ignore the 10% failure rate for the PS3 (according to this poll)when they are arrived at through presumably the same polling process. Either they're both correct or they're both wrong. You can't have it both ways.
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Pennywise  +   2364d ago
Well... tuttle, I am at 0% failure rate and you are at 100% with triple the consoles owned.

After you are done putting that in your pipe and smoking it, let me know what you think.

BTW I think all numbers in this survey are inflated, but the 360 failure rate is way more unacceptable than the PS3's.
Captain Tuttle  +   2364d ago
What do I think?
I think that you're way too emotionally vested in your console of choice.

And all I was stating that the numbers are a bit off. I'm glad that you agree.
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Pekka  +   2365d ago
Failure rates aren't calculated like this
These figures are badly inflated and not real failure rates. Failure rates should be calculated based on YEARLY failure rate. Otherwise numbers would be completely useless because every old model would have high failure rates even if they would be very reliable. If you would use failure rates like this, every electronics would have 100% failure rate in the end.

Of course, this doesn't make 360's result any less catastrophic. Even considering 360 is 4 years old console these numbers are very bad. Wii is probably below 3% yearly failure rate and PS3 around 4%. After all both are around 3 year-old consoles.
TheTruth89  +   2365d ago
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ShadowCK  +   2365d ago
Rubbish. That would mean that every time you play your Xbox 360 half the time it would break. Considering I have played my Xbox 360 nearly every day for the past two years and hasn't had red ring of death once, I conclude that this article is incorrect.
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