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xztence  +   2301d ago
"But there is one more series that Kojima is known for: Zone of the Enders. "
Damn right, Zoe is godly.

Kojima, Zoe 3 WHEN?!
I hope he starts working on it after he finishes MGS psp.
Trey4Lyfe  +   2301d ago
"If you know any gamer who doesn't know the name, Hideo Kojima, chances are he/she needs to be put away in an asylum."

The Bots :)

Once they find out rising isn't an FPS and doesnt have someone screaming MARIAAAAAAAA they'll trade it in
GameGambits  +   2301d ago
No one noticed that he spelled Hideo Kojima with Hideo KojiNa...with a N.

So to answer the articles question, then ya I don't know Hideo Kojina. Spell check more.
PixlSheX  +   2301d ago
Zone of Enders 2 was one of my favourites on PS2.
I would really like a sequel. Please Kojima-san! Give us ZOE3 and we will support you with ours 60$ :D
Solans Scott  +   2301d ago

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