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ukilnme  +   2378d ago
9 360s? That is crazy. Too bad for him. I'm still on my first 360 and just finished playing the new Batman demo. I would have tried it on PS3 too but it happens to be broken right now. Go figure.
NateDPG  +   2377d ago
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA do you really think any believes this? lolololol
ukilnme  +   2377d ago
I know you and the rest of the N4G Sony "Faithful" don't believe it. In your eyes, Sony and the PS3 are what makes the world go round and round, that is what living in fantasy land is all about. Back here in reality, my PS3 is actually broken. It's just as dead as the 8 360s this guy has gone through.
KILLA J  +   2377d ago
nobody believes your lies........... go back to your cave troll
ukilnme  +   2377d ago
LMAO. You are the obvious 360 hater in a 360 article and I'm the troll? The Sony "Faithful" never ceases to amaze me with their stupidity.
KILLA J  +   2377d ago
i said, GO BACK TO YOUR CAVE !!!!......... troll
Dark-vash  +   2376d ago
I belive you...
Brand loyalists never see what's in front of their eyes...
Obama  +   2378d ago
There's only one ring to rule them all - The Red Ring of Death.

The bots love RROD, even if they are enslaved by it.
Halo3 MLG Pro  +   2378d ago
So far I had one RROD. I also had my Dreamcast break down once. But I had my ps2 break down 5 times. So far I'm doing good.
j0ltspidah88  +   2378d ago
launch console
still running great, people need to stop playing the console in 12 hr marathon spurts and leaving it on all the time, all that does is make dust collect inside faster, especially if you dont keep the area clean at all times.
bunfighterii  +   2377d ago
Fact is if it was built to proper expected standards you should be able to play it for 12 hours straight (not that I do) and not expect it to break down or melt.
jag_stilvecchio  +   2378d ago
Buy a different console brand
Simple. The PS3 is more reliable as is the Wii. Most X360 exclusives are also on the PC so that's also an option.
otherZinc  +   2378d ago
Stupid PS3 haters.
Use the warranty & play the best games ever!
I Call 9MM  +   2378d ago
My first one died, my second one died as well, so I water cooled that bad boy and she's been good ever since, did that last summer. It was expensive, but I had some extra parts lying around. Anyway, she works good now. But to have to go through that with a console just to get it to work...

I want to know, does the newest one, the Jasper, still use those X-Clamps to secure the heat sinks? Replace those with some screws and you should be fine.
madpuppy  +   2376d ago
hey, how much more on top of the price you paid for the 360 did it cost?
just askin' :P
Allowen  +   2378d ago
If we could have a hacker/fanboy of the 360 making an emulator to xbox360 's games on the PC, I bet that Microsoft would have launched a "new...
I still don't know why no one made an xbo360 emulator to play its games on the PC.

Simple as that, if I had a 360 and it broke for the 2nd or 3rd time I would stop trying to get it fixed or much less would be buying a new console, but instead I would be looking to get a cool emulator to play all my library of xb0x360 games in a PC.
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madpuppy  +   2376d ago
or, seeing that most games on the 360 come to the PC you could build a cube system
and get the wireless adapter for the 360 gamepads for the PC and hook it up to your TV. A reliable "360" with free Internet play and free games if you do that sort of thing.
Obama  +   2378d ago
It's just funny that most of the 360 fanboys here have their system failed once or twice (or even 4 times) and still refuse to believe that the 360 has a high failure rate. Just find it very amusing.
madpuppy  +   2376d ago
Like your average Microsoft apologist that think ALL Operating systems are unsafe and unreliable
they think that ALL game consoles have the same reliability. They think that the PS3 and the Wii are just as much as a POS as the 360 when it comes to manufacture and failure rate. that is the only way I think that they can justify their devotion to the Yugo of consoles. It is a shame though, because other than the reliability issues it is a darn good console. the controllers are comfortable and I rarely had a problem with them disconnecting from the system. and games look pretty good as well.
But, having such poor reliability trumps every good thing about the 360 for me. I still have my 360 (one of a few free replacements) but, I rarely use it since I got my PS3.
ZILLA  +   2378d ago
GET A P S 3!!!problem M A G is coming!!!
ForROME  +   2378d ago
Grown men don't buy products that break continuously, after the 2nd, move on to something that doesn't. With a car or tv you wouldn't don't let blind loyalty to a company change the way you do things, move on to a PS3 and be done with it.
artsaber  +   2377d ago
Funny You Say that....
Hell, the common consumer won't accept such failure rates from a $20 toaster, much less a $400 console! Also, there would've been a demand for that same toaster to be recalled. I have no clue how Microsoft gets a free pass when they PURPOSELY rushed the console to market, they ADMITTED this themselves, and idiots fall in line for blind support! It baffles me. Honestly.

If you buy a 360, about the only way to secure your investment/i.e. get your money's worth out of it for sure, would be to hack it and play burned games... otherwise there is a daily risk of RROD making your investment a pure hassle. At least if it was hacked you could say, "Well, at least I got to play some good $60 games for free."
Blacksand1  +   2378d ago
My PS3 and loving it
I was going to get a Xbox 4 years ago until i heard about the Rod so

I waited and got the PS3 the next year. My sister boyfriend had 3-4

Rods already people thought I crazy on here when I said the Xbox was

crap, how can you throw a system out there with problem's and people

will buy it and who care if it break down, like they said a fool and

his money will soon part that's what is going on here. Sony made good

system and everyone had a Playstation now Xbox come out 1 year before

PS3 and we fanboys yes I am and you was one to so now you can cry

because your stupid @$$ didn't wait for the PS3 that wasn't rush.
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ukilnme  +   2378d ago
Are you drunk?
Microsoft Xbox 360  +   2378d ago

Every unit counts as one unit sold. Even replacements. Believe it or not.
erivera1994  +   2378d ago
Microsoft Sucks
Thats it...Microsoft You SUCK. I cant beleive as rich as you guys are you cant make a freaking system that works. Whats your Problem.
I still cant beleive that theres still idiots out there that waste their money on this crap system. I always hear these things from people saying they are on their 9th 360 or 11th 360. The only thing i dont get is this.....Why are you guys still buying the DAMN System....its JUNK!! If your on your 8th-or more system. than you have already spent thousands of bucks. and your spending more and more cause your 360 keeps breaking. Just buy a PS3 or a Wii, those are the Pro Video game system Makers. Microsoft is a amateur compared to those 2 veterans.
ukilnme  +   2378d ago
It's the games that keep people going back for more. Get over it.
artsaber  +   2377d ago
RROD = Higher Sales?
Makes you wonder if nine 360s to one customer is equal to 9 sales on the quarterly figures sheets... hmmmm.
bunfighterii  +   2377d ago
It just flies in the face of logic to me you would keep paying money for a new system if they're going to fail. The article mentioned he was on his 8th Xbox.

Why would you want something that keeps breaking. Equate this to a car. If you owned a car that you bought new form the manufacturer and it broke down 8 times in a short space of time, wouldn't you cut your losses and get a different car?

I've had 2 Xboxes die on me and I quit on the 360. Shoddiest piece of hardware I ever bought.

Most of the games nowadays are multiplat anyway. Exclusives are overrated,there are hundreds of good games I haven't played, big deal.
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snoopgg  +   2377d ago
my two 360 died different deaths
My ones video wouldn't come on anymore, the other one would just crap out and stall in the middle of games. My first was replaced by microsoft, and my elite was replaced by best buy warranity. Luckly the price of the elite came down in price from the original purchase and I got my new 2 year warranty for free. I had a cooler on both of my previous 360's, but they found new ways to break themselves. I keep my fingers crossed when playing now.
Silly gameAr  +   2377d ago
I've had my Pro for a little over a year, and it's still alive and kicking. Had a few disk read errors and it wouldn't power up a couple of times, but the ol' girls still pushing.

I consider myself lucky.Hopefully it last me a few more years. (knock on wood.)
NateDPG  +   2377d ago
WOW just WOW that this console still has fans. If not for the blind and fanatic fanboys this thing would be one huge FAIL. Incredible that such a piece of crap is still in the race.
00000000000000000001  +   2377d ago
Don't be a fool and believe all this trash. I have never had a problem and know of only 1 person that's had to send there launch console in for repairs.
Even if all these stories were true the 360 is still the better console by a long shot!
If you don't own one than your not a video game player.
helrazor343  +   2377d ago
F%@#! the 360!!!
Yeah, I read most of the comments here, and sure I'll probably be called a fanboy for the title, but people just don't seem to know when to cut their losses. My brothers and I had 1 NES for over 20 years now, same one still works, between then and now I've had 1 gba, 1 Genesis, 1 Nomad, 1 N64, 1 PS1, 2 PS2 (traded for a slim), 1 x-box (shorted out in t-storm), 1 Dreamcast, 1 Gamecube, 2 Psp (1 broke), 1 DS, 1 Wii, 1 PS3, and 3 360s (the launch Premium RRoD, was fixed under warranty, and I heard the new Elites fixed this problem, gave my 2nd Premium to my brother and bought an Elite). My point, I've invested a lot in various games and accessories for 360 (good games, why not replace it), but I've been systematically thinning out what I've invested into this system so that I can cut my loss if/when it breaks again. Plus, now I feel so soured by the experience, that I definitely won't be getting any more M$ hardware ever (not even if it made gold, just a poor investment). I wish I had never given them their 1st chance.
rubixCubos  +   2377d ago
Failure rate fail
If I bought a 360 and it failed twice, that would be the end of my relationship with any Microsoft console.

I would not buy one ever anyway as the failure rate is shockingly somewhere between 25-50%. You'd expect something between 3-8%.

Blacksand1  +   2377d ago
Have faith in the PS3
When the price cut come a lot of people going to jump ship, if they

do already have both system. IF my system wood have broke on me 2

time I would have got a PS3 I have faith in Sony I had my PS2 for 7

years before it went out, then i past the Xbox with its three rings

and waited for the PS3, had it 3 years before my cooler fan went out

but thats was my fault, because it was so quiet and I don't check my

game it was under my entertainment center. I don't read the book, the

only way you will have problem with the PS3 if you have it close in

and it can't breathe to work it got to have air are it will get hot.

I will take that chance then dealing with the Three Ring Circus.
ukilnme  +   2377d ago
Are you still drunk? My PS3 is in a cool, well ventilated area and it still died for no reason. It's a great system but it is not perfect.
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lids345  +   2377d ago
i want to buy a 360 to play with my friends, but now i am getting second thoughts... whats the turn around time to send it in and do they renew your warranty? btw i already own a ps3.
MORGiON  +   2377d ago
I used to think the x360 just proved how conditioned the yanks are to getting rapped by companies. The problem is the rest of the world needs to hang its head in shame these days as well.

I wonder on the following two points...

1) Why aren't consumer groups worldwide crucifying Microsoft?

2) How much has replacement for RROD tainted sales figures? (alot of people seem to mention hocking the repaired console and buying a new one)

Last but not least will the fanboys please leave previous Playstations out of the discussion, yes there were SOME problems, but nothing like this. The fact people expect their console to fail at least once speaks a magnitude.
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ULTIMATE_REVENGE  +   2377d ago
You guys got it all wrong, it's not at 33% but its now risen to a 69% failure rate...

Oh well (^_<)
Veneno  +   2377d ago
I wonder what will happen when Natal Launches.
And 360 Red Rings on average Joe Shmoe Dad and Sarah Soccer Mom. MS needs to really fix this by that time. My launch 360 RROD'd last Thursday. No chance in hell I'm buying another one and once again throwing away hundreds of dollars on a machine that's inferior to PS3 anyway. The only people that will buy 360 after 360 are the stupid bots that love getting it up the buns-hole. The average consumer won't put up with it, but xbox hasn't reached superstar status (like ps2).if Microsoft wants any chance of blowing up in the industry (no pun intended) they have no choice but to fix this.
Blacksand1  +   2377d ago
I have faith in Playstation
I wasn't talking about Playstation 1,2 or 3 I was saying how good the

system be I had my Playstation 1,2 for a long time and if a system

break more than to times go with another company, don't beat your

self trying to hold on to one that break all the time a fool and his

money will soon part and that's what's happen with Xbox they throw a

bad system out there and fools brought it. Ukilnme is one of them

fools who brought in to Xbox lies now he is mad at me because i'm

telling the truth about a crappy system they had 5 years to fix the

problem. That's why I waited on the PS3 and I love it, I can get

online for free, i'm not paying for crap like Xbox people.
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