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LTC  +   2304d ago
I wonder how much of MS total systems sold include RROD replacements.
devilhunterx  +   2304d ago
it scares me to know that the people who buy xb2 will be eligible to vote.
Magnus  +   2304d ago
Wow a 9th XBOX personally I would stop buying them after they fail more then 4 times he is either a real hardcore XBOX fan or just a kid. I'd tell Microsoft this is the last time I send them the 360 if they cannot fix it then I am buying a Playstation.
vShinobi  +   2304d ago
I love the 360 its a great console but its too faulty, when mine broke the first time I was angry but accepted it and sent it back to microsoft and it arrived 4 weeks later but when it broke again after 2 weeks I decided its best to trade it in and get a new console, the PS3 was the only one closest to what i had but the price tag was unfair but I had no choice, right now im happy with the PS3 and hope in the future microsoft learns for the next console to take they're time perfecting it, I have the Elite now and so far going on 3 months with no problems.
ipe  +   2304d ago
be gone along with RROD.thats only solution for rrof
Yomiro  +   2304d ago
Tell MS to stick to making softwares not hardwares
DizzyDino  +   2304d ago
i went through 9 xbox 360s. i paid 4 the 1st 1 and they fixed the rest of them. i am disabled and i play at least 15 hours a day. after the 9th 1 (they sent me a new 1)broke i sold it 2 a friend and it broke on him. i got a 40 gb ps3. upgraded the hdd 2 250 gb 4 60 bucks. i have had it 4 1 and a half years and other than it freezing on the browser and it sometimes being loud ive never had a problem. this is the first playstation i have ever owned (no ps1 or ps2) and its awesome. i love it.
N4G king  +   2304d ago
they fixed it


poor bots
TheAnswer0371086  +   2304d ago
Microsoft is screwing customers for years now and this is just unacceptable. Forget all the fanboy talk of exclusives, graphics, sales, etc.....WHAT GOOD IS IT, IF YOUR SYSTEM FRIGGIN BREAKS ALL THE FRIGGIN TIME?

Microsoft is a crappy hardware company, they should stick with software and do what Sega does...go back to JUST making games...

Its only a matter of time before the PS3 overtakes everything in sales. As long as it fulfills its 10 year lifecycle, it will outsell the competition. The Wii wont be out for 10 years, and either will the Xbox PleaseFixMe
NaiNaiNai  +   2304d ago
Im sorry.

But thats all opinion.

My 360 messed up once, I just cleaned it out and it has not had a issue again..

T_T how ever my ps3 died 2 times in its first week, I took it back and got a DS...

so in the end, sony consoles actually fail more....Like my 7 ps2s that are all trash because of the Disk read error.
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   2304d ago
My problem...
is that Microsoft doesn't really address it outside the warranty. I haven't seen any figures to suggest that is is less probably now to get a RROD. Microsoft manages their image more than Sony, which I guess is why. The RROD is scandalous...but the only scandals you hear are the PS3.

I don't blame Microsoft for this, because they know they are the darlings of the gaming community regardless. As such, 'RROD' is no big deal, more urban myth than the 'very real' PS3 price. So much that the adage 'you get what you pay for' doesn't seem to have much meaning anymore.
gamingisnotacrime  +   2304d ago
I got a nice solution, but it will cost you...
Buy a Nyko Intercooler TS (the one with its own power supply) and the fking expen$ive 120 Gb Hard Drive and install ALL your games (except the ones you cant or should not->Halo 3). Keep it in the vertical position and well ventilated.

All games run better, Bioshock, Forza 2, Gears, Lost Odyssey(yep all 4 discs), Assassins Creed, Mass Effect, Fable 2 etc
I played lost Odyssey for 20 hours in 2 days and the disc comes out cool to touch after playing it every session and i live in Puerto Rico meaning the heat is intense in the summer. 360 is prone to failure and as a consummer i hate to be treated like this from MS, BUT the gamer in me just wants to play those games in the HDTV with 5.1 surround and I can not blame him :)
PHIBALNATION  +   2304d ago
I have a launch that still works, and a elite launch that still works, But I got the Yellow light of death with my ps3, I don't believe any of these, someones being paid to try and stop Microsoft from being number 2, sony can't stand last place.
TheColbertinator  +   2304d ago
Truly unbelievable.I'm an RROD victim myself and this crap needs to stop
-MD-  +   2304d ago
Double Toasted  +   2304d ago
If I played my PS3 as much as I played.... 360 I'm sure the PS3 would have some type of color related death.
DuneBuggy  +   2304d ago
My 360 is almost 2 years old now.No problems.No coolers used or anything.It just sits on top of a Xbox game case so it breathes a little better and isnt buried in the carpet.
I did that with my PS2 as well and shes still kicking along too.Ive had that PS2 since 01' or 02'. Bought one the first time I could FIND one without waiting all night somewhere or getting slayed by a online opportunist asking big bucks.
The only person I know personally who has had a RROD was my best friend.But he kept his flat on the carpet and left it on for LONG durations often.MS did fix it free though anyway.
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NaiNaiNai  +   2304d ago
Still on my first 360. Heres how you fix a RRoD.. A BLOODY CAN OF AIR...T_T thats it. we all know the cases were to small and dust gets in there real easy, same thing that happens to a PC...just get a can blow out the dust real simple.
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2304d ago
And yet the desperate bots keeps crawling back for more.
As a superior PS3 owner, i feel bad for my distant gaming cousins.Purposely putting themselves through this torture.For what?

Pride? Ego? Jump out & Play B3yond.
-MD-  +   2303d ago
What's with the 3 in beyond?

It reminds me of 5n1p3r and other middle school 1337 speak. It's really lame.
Sir Ken_Kutaragi  +   2303d ago
Maybe they like Torture??? ;-D
They thought M$ meant $&M!!! ;-D
kaveti6616  +   2303d ago
You Deserve it.
This guy sounds super legit. I my self have actually gone through 1,273 Xbox 360s. True story. Sometimes I would get five a day from the store and each one would red-ring on me. It's a serious issue for sure. And you know what? Microsoft completely lied about their warranty. It's not actually 3 years. It's 3 weeks. I've decided to use my 360s as building material. I went up to the mountain and built a log cabin out of them and whenever I turn all of them on they provide a good deal of heat for the winter. I have a couple of friends who have both lost their eyes because as soon as they turned their 360s on the consoles blew up and fragments just went everywhere.

It's so terrible. I can't believe Microsoft would do this to us, and on top of that, I have to pay $460 dollars a year just to play online. How lame is that? The Playstation Network is so much better than Xbox Live. On PSN I never have trouble doing anything, and the community on PSN is so much more vocal. On XBL, you're either talking to an automated robot or a 4 year old. Literally. True story.

Why can't this moron just jump off a bridge? Really, you bought 9 Xbox 360s? Are you a moron? Even Microsoft would tell you how much of a tool you are. This situation is no longer a hardware issue, it's a moron issue. If you hadn't bought 9 crap units then 10 people would have bought them and each one would have gotten one RROD and that would be the end of it. It's kind of like getting hit by a car 9 times and then going out and complaining about the auto industry. It's really your fault. If you don't have enough intelligence to just stop buying it, then you deserve this.
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JannikD  +   2303d ago
"If I get bad service at a restaurant or a store, I take my business elsewhere. If I buy a car or an appliance with poor reliability, I go and buy from another brand next time. It's just common sense."


My first 360 RROD'd on me and I used the warranty, got the refurb 360 back and immediately sold it. Shoddy products should not be patronized.
Mister_G  +   2303d ago
MS won't fix it now.... they're busy with the Xbox 3, let hope that's reliable.
redbadger  +   2303d ago
This article and others are the reason why i will not buy a 360. I refuse to give MS my money for faulty equipment.
ukilnme  +   2303d ago
Tell that to my broken PS3. I know the failure rate for PS3 is not as high though.
NegativeCreep427  +   2303d ago
Xbox 360 Three Red Lights hardware failures persist with Jasper Xbox 360; What is a consumer to do?

What any sane and logical consumer who wasn't born with down-syndrome, who isn't a delusional little prick (Xbot nation at attention), and who doesn't sniff magic markers to get looney would do: Jump the F*ck out and Play B3yond!!!!!!!!!!!
cmrbe  +   2303d ago
There is a reason why xbots
are called bots.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2303d ago
I've had 1 360 die on me since launch and was replaced for free. I'm still doing better than I was with the PS2 which I had 2 die on me before I said FU Sony, mainly because they refused to fix it both times. At least with MS they offer something better with their warranty. If my current system dies and it won't get fixed for free I am done with it.

To this article he has 1 Jasper that has failed and he is skewing it into an epidemic. Even if the Jasper corrected the RROD, electronics do have commonly a %3 failure rate. So even if the problem is fixed there will never be a point when no console dies ever.

/goes back to playing his 360
Hudahudahuda  +   2303d ago
It has nothing to do with the chips. It is loose clamps that make the thing overheat.
wxer  +   2303d ago
get a ps3 or wii
much more powerfull IMO
madpuppy  +   2303d ago
Xbox 360 "Three Red Lights hardware failures persist with Jasper Xbox 360; What is a consumer to do?"
Hmm, what IS a consumer to do when faced with the fact that a product was designed and built shoddily? :/
cmrbe  +   2303d ago
x360 second highest exclusive with a sell through rate of 33% second only to Halo 3.
SkyGamer  +   2303d ago
I have owned over 44 ps2's, mostly of them in trade for tech work I have done and over 60 percent broke! Not all were the same problem but majority were disc drive related. The ps2 had the CRAPPIEST disc drive as 99 percent of the dvd playback went out in matter of weeks. A lot of them couldn't read blue-backed discs and some couldn't read silver-backed discs. Complete garbage. Probably is the reason why I have a certain distaste for sony. Still have my launch date X360. Don't play it much as I bought a Falcon arcade and transfered my stuff to it but still runs strong. More though I am a PC gamer. My Graphics card has more power than the ps3 and that is just the gpu! Not including my oc processor and 8 gb of ram working in unison.

That article was totally written by a sony fanboy. Just because they say they USE to be an X360 fanboy, that is easy, I USE to be a sony fanboy. See how simple that is. People are so weak they won't make it.
SkyGamer  +   2303d ago
Oh and my launch date X360, it's not that I am afraid of it breaking, I wanted a newer X360 with HDMI, that is pretty much about it.
NateDPG  +   2303d ago
AHAHAHAHA and another one haha you can as well say you can walk on water lololol
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beardpapa  +   2303d ago
Yea you might as well say you walk on water and enjoy "knifing" in Halo.
Doletskaya  +   2303d ago
The new 360 models still RROD ???
I am glad that I was done with 360 one year ago after my third one got RROD and decided to go with PS3.
morkendo  +   2303d ago
Xbox 360 Three Red Lights hardware failures persist with Jasper Xbox 360; What is a consumer to do?

BUY A PS3!!!!!
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