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moscardini7  +   2303d ago
My quest is?
why fix problem, people continue buy new xbox360 ..I sorry but is the true.
-MD-  +   2302d ago
Deafphat? Is that you?
divideby0  +   2303d ago
MS is finally getting to "Failure rates are within industry standards", after they openly lied about the initial faulty design and pulled the biggest shame in video gamming history...
if you think otherwise, you are wrong.
the newer units will have acceptable (to me 0 is more like it, but not practical) failure rates.
NotSoSilentBob  +   2303d ago
Anyone stupid enough to buy/accept a second 360 after theirs breaks isn't going to know or learn quality. They get what they pay for.
JonnyBigBoss  +   2302d ago
Amen, Brotha.
divideby0  +   2302d ago
I was 3 times stupid and stuck on dumb..since I am on my 3rd 360..
BUT I purchased the EB 50 buck walk in get another unit...
I am a true gamer, so I just bit the 100 bucks in warranties.

Here is where MS is just a bunch of dirt bags....after they acknowledged the know problems of the 360 and offered free repairs, I gave them my 2 previous units serial #s cost of the 2 warranties I purchased and they wouldnt reimburse me, cause they HAD NO RECORD..
Lie-ing theives, even with all my documentation they told me to pound salt..
Sibs  +   2303d ago
Hm, one of the comments on that site has a valid point. Microsoft probably did create the Arcade to be a cheap replacement console. Not only does it stop people from complaining, they get a free console sales number.
moscardini7  +   2303d ago
this never get old,hehehe
No_NaMe  +   2303d ago
Nice Bullsh** for Fanboys.
Completely bullsh** jasper are fine , ofc some get mrrod like Ps3 got Ylod...its normal.
Cherchez La Ghost  +   2303d ago
I must be lucky..
I have one of the first launch 360 Elites. I had two RRoD before. I just unplugged it. Took a blower for my air mattress and blew inside it. I had so much dust blowing out it was crazy. I did this for about 45 seconds. Then I took my hose from my vacuum cleaner to get the rest out. After that, no problems again. I also use the Intercooler EX.

The only 360 that died on me was my launch system I got November 2005. If this would consistently happened to me, I wouldn't even go pass 2 purchases.
tatotiburon  +   2303d ago
militant07  +   2303d ago
im on my second ( i have 2 because no warrenty in my country)
and ruuning for 1.5years and still going.

إن شاء الله مايصير فيها شي
No_NaMe  +   2303d ago
Jasper models are fine -- 2-4% Failure , its better than Ps3 now.

Still not better than MAC and ipod---Less than 2%...Apple Products ofc those never broke.
maspi  +   2303d ago
every version of xbox360 will have inevitably hardware failures due engineering mistakes.
meetajhu  +   2303d ago
This coming November Microsoft is going to announce a new chip. Which will fix its own problems. Every one will buy it and say PS3 sucks. What a life. Go get a PS3 and enjoy gaming!

This was EPIC:
As I learned in the book "The Race For a New Game Machine," Microsoft was in a rush to get their Xbox 360 system out before their competitor, Sony's PLAYSTATION 3. Microsoft may have made it out of the gate first, but it's a price they're paying for dearly now, and in the long run. The hasty release is also costing you, the consumer.
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Ninjamonkey  +   2302d ago

Surely MS could fix it, i dont care if it costs them millions what about consumer rights???

You have to wonder if theyre being slow to make more people buy second 360's to make the console seem more popular than it is...

Seriously if your 360 is nearly out of warranty just buy another years warranty, dont just leave it to chance becuase you never know you might just end up buying a new 360...
Rowsdower  +   2302d ago
is like a time warp, I feel like I'm reliving the last three years over and over, cant we just have a fanboy section, and leave the rest of the site heavily moderated

360 rrod
ps3 is doomed

enough already
miasma  +   2302d ago
My xbox360 just RROD for the second time this past week, after having it fixed a year ago. Only reason I am getting it fixed again is because it is still under warranty. If and when it finally goes permanently, there won't be another one. Thank goodness for my PS3...
Poopface the 2nd  +   2302d ago
I believe you. Especially because you have a PSN tag but no GT. Just like the people complaining the most, no GT.
miasma  +   2302d ago
I don't have a GT because I don't play online with my xbox 360.
Neo604  +   2302d ago
bu bu but but Jasper.
RROD 4life.
Saaking  +   2302d ago
Oh, but I thought MS fixed the issues? lmao, you bots won't learn right. MS will never fix RROD because guess what, RROD makes them sell more when all the morons whose 360 breaks buy a new one.
MaximusPrime  +   2302d ago
Most reliable console in this order:
- Nintendo Wii
- Sony PS3
- Microsoft Xbox 360

PS3's failure rate is very minimal. Im one of the few people with so-called "yellow light of death" PS3. So all this report of xbox360 failed consoles is much much worse than ps3.

You got to accept that there have been more RRoD news than YLoD
peeps  +   2302d ago
certainly. and i'm sure for years to come we will still be seeing ylod and rrod's. it's just when either console has a major hardware fault. i've had 2 360's now and 2 ps3's lol i just accept that hardware doesn't last forever. i mean my 360 lasted about a year and a half before i needed a new 1 and the ps3 lasted just over 2 years.
SixAmpFuze  +   2302d ago
I honestly cant believe people are on 5 6 or 9 xboxs. My launch xbox went out last month, What are you people doing to them. On a side note my ps3 that is 9 mo old went out 2 times.GG next gen
nightelfmohawk  +   2302d ago
Only a lemming would put up with this bull ****.
This isn't directed at the author of the article. Lemmings really amuse me. The could.go to a restaurant and have the cook piss in their drinks, ejaculate in their food, charge them for each napkin, and they would defend the restaurant and go back again and again and again if M$ owned the restaurant and the restaurant had "Halo" in the name. Pathetic. What happened to consumers that had balls and that demanded more from their products? It's sad what some gamers will put up with now.
sak500  +   2302d ago
I guess sony is now bribing bloggers to post this nusiance fake information. Or maybe you play with your xbox in sauna. I had to RRODs on my 2 systems in 2006. One bought in jan 06 and another in may 06. Both were fixed free but had to pay for shipping for one to germany from UAE. At that time the UAE still did not have 360s officially launched. Anyway since 2006 mid i've been using both machines on and off and have played cod4/BF continously for 7-8 hours on weekends and almost every day use it for viewing movies etc. SO why am i surprised to hear about people having 8-10 failures ? There is something fishy about this story and sony's money behind it.
Poopface the 2nd  +   2302d ago
its funny that
the people with the most RRoDs are the same people who never show their gamertags. Alot of them even have a PSN tag but no GT. And silver is free.

I had one 360 get 1 Ring of death after I sold it to my friend. my 360 hasnt broken yet. Im lucky.

I dont think its sony, I think its the same people trying desperately to get people to switch. The people who care the most are the ones without 360. When the author puts up a GT with an actual gamer score ill believe it, until then Ill stick to believing the RRoD stories from people who can prove they actually had a 360.
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kobonline  +   2302d ago
Another flamebait article
And you fan boys eat it all up.

A little off topic but,
TheTwelve's avatar looks like JB Smoove.

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likedamaster  +   2302d ago
You mean Kevin Garnett?
FantasyStar  +   2302d ago
Why is it that I don't believe this? I'm a fair man, but I don't see any other evidence other than his say-so. I want to see credible sources listed such as Xbox-Scene or Max Console because I don't believe this. I can write an article myself claiming the exact opposite. -That's a Torture test for the Jasper.
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Javier19  +   2302d ago
Well, I have an xbox 360 elite and i've been using it almost daily since I got it in may 2008, not a problem yet :)
Saaking  +   2302d ago
I guess your lucky. I got my Xbox around October last years and it's already gone through RROD.
Mo0eY  +   2302d ago
Javier19, I've been knocking on every piece of wood that you see. I don't announce things that happen to me because next week they do happen (True story: I was at college telling my friend how I never got a ticket because we were talking about car violations/wrecks. She was like :O - I have three tickets. So next weekm I'm flying around the corner, and there he is - the cops of all cops, a state trooper. $250 down the drain).
Hutch2355  +   2302d ago
Is it me, or is this the first time I have read anything about the jasper chip rrod.
I could be wrong, but lookign back at this guys comments, he only mentions rrod once in all his comments, if I was on number 9 I would have been on everyone of these crying about it. Sounds fishy. Not to say that rrod is fake, I know I lost my launch system after a couple of years and the second one is still rolling. Has there been a huge outbreak of rrod on jasper chips, I haven't heard of any, just this guy. I lost my wii a month ago. Dead pixels, so they said, I had to pay for 10 dollar shipping but that was it. No prob with my ps3 so far. Ps1 x3 ps2x2. xbox no broken, gamecube x2 so for me broken consoles are nothing new. Sucks to be this guy if its true.
Campy da Camper  +   2302d ago
Same for me. I went thru 4 of 'em, but all had replacement plans from Best Buy so I was able to trade 'em out each time.

It just got old, every few months having to take it back in there. I am officialy a proud PS3 only owner and have never looked back.

And what pissed me off is I called in to Xbox support once to ask WTF is going on with these things and the guy asked me how much I used it. I told him 4-5 hours a night and most of the day on the weekend. He told me they were not meant to be used for such long periods! I'm like, er, hello, I'm a gamer. It's what I do! You're telling me to only play for an hour or two then stop so it doesn't overheat? Fuk that!
peeps  +   2302d ago
i imagine it will always be a problem... hardware doesn't last forever BUT it's nowhere near as much of a problem as it used to be. ppl who think we'd never see the rrod again are very naive.

anyway i've had 2 360's and 2 ps3's... it's just electrical hardware and i can think of very few that never break, if any.
Midgard228  +   2302d ago
honestly stop buying that crap
only reason mine hasn't broke is cuz i dont play it. wtf why do u keep playing? halo isnt that good
XDF  +   2302d ago
This article is fake...
The article doesn't even describe how she got the 8 RROD but link to various rants from other sources. This sounds like a regular long essay rant job by someone like Shadow Apocalypse. LMFAO

I am still using my one from 2006. I must have been lucky.
likedamaster  +   2302d ago
My launch box -- no RRoD. (knock on wood)
Apocalypse Shadow  +   2302d ago
it's funny that you think about me a lot with all your comments with my name.
but sorry dude,i'm straight and have a girlfriend.

i guess all that bending over for microsoft has changed you mentally.

maybe that's why you got that "bi" go both ways.

no excuse for crappy hardware.but then,i expect people like you to accept it.

KionicWarlord222  +   2302d ago

Xdf what`s your come back ?
XDF  +   2302d ago
@Shadow Apocalypse
Here you are, I know you will show up sooner or later. Hey, it is a RROD article after all, so I wouldn't expect anything less than a few negative comments from you. Have a great time with this thread. LOL

The "bi" avatar you spoke about, yes I am proud to display a Xbox and a Playstation mascots because unlike somebody, I am a proud owner of both consoles.
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Apocalypse Shadow  +   2302d ago
ummm.... no.
you only show that you are proud of one system.there is never a "GOOD" comment about ps3 from you.that much is certain.

maybe i was wrong.and you are more "two faced" than even minded.

i don't support gouging gamers for money with expensive,monopolistic accessories like wifi and hdds.instead of fair market prices.i don't support paying to play when others offer it for free.

and i definitely wouldn't support shoddy hardware as i know better and research my purchases before buying.and 360 was breaking from the start.a european repair shop said it was "endemic" and refused to repair it anymore until microsoft decided to set aside a billion and a 3 year warranty.

smart shoppers or smart consumers wouldn't bother.but most of you didn't care or care now that it still breaks as you have been given a pacifier to avoid recalls and lawsuits.suggesting that most buyers of 360 are young.and the xbl community is a good indicator being that most are teens.

didn't effect you,but it effects others.and your support gives way for consumers to bend over for future shoddy work.which your are already doing.

JonnyBigBoss  +   2302d ago
Well, my buddy Andy just had his 4th Xbox 360 break on him 2 weeks ago, and it still hasn't come back. The worst part about it is that the 3-year warranty is about to expire in a few months. Really, the RROD issue is totally understated by most people. Reliability is a much more important thing than most people give credit for. I personally drive a Toyota Camry, and I have had 0 issues with it except for my driver window getting stuck at times. I see people on the road with Jaguars all the time, and can't help but think to myself that they must have to spend thousands of dollars and dozens of hours fixing issues popping up with their car. It's a shame that so many people don't value longevity and reliability.
sak500  +   2302d ago
Oh really and my friend Mandy had her 5th ps3 broken just after the 30 days' warranty. Guess what she had to pay 200$ to get it fixed. The ps3s are losing it this gen.
madpuppy  +   2302d ago
@jleack, that is a great analogy, did you ever notice that when people complain about the faliure rate of the 360,
(which is a proven fact) they always bring up some story about either themselves or "a friend" having their PS3 fail like 10 times?
and that somehow the PS3 has the same failure rate or worse? (which is false)

@sak500, it sounds like your friend "mandy" might be putting her PS3 on the carpet in front of her TV when she uses it. that is the only reason I can think of that would cause any console to fail at 100%.
you see carpet carries a static charge and will kill a console in a matter of weeks.

but, that is my best guess for such a high failure rate of her specific PS3 console.
sak500  +   2302d ago
@mad sorry to have you come up ways to justify what i wrote earlier. But what i wrote was just made up to show that anyone can write about anything. No need to believe anything u read on the forums or internet for that matter unless there proper evidence is provided. Some random blogger can up and write w/o evidence has as much credibility as what i wrote in my earlier comment.
madpuppy  +   2302d ago
@sak500, blah, blah, blah the friend of a friend of a friend had to replace his PS3 1000 times.
How many time I have to read this angry, knee-jerk reply to the 360's lousy, totally admitted by Microsoft, unreliable track record from 360 fanboys.
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