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Nitrowolf2  +   2178d ago
there a reason why they call this the greatest of its series
Kleptic  +   2178d ago
this is one game that I will easily remember for the rest of my life...I have only played it once, back when it released...and I really have no plans of playing it again...the time and age at which i played it left more of an impact than the game itself i'd imagine...don't want to undo any of that...

it is a shame the game wasn't updated visually at all or good as a lot of PS1 games where, I do find it nearly impossible to play them anymore because they simply look like Twisted Metal 2 and Warhawk are still great, because they are digestible in 20 min. intervals...but putting 50+ hours into a PS1 game would probably kill me at this point...the bad side of games like MGS4 and killzone 2 is fully apparent right now...

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