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Shnazzyone  +   2397d ago
In journalistic writing 101
you are told to avoid absolutes. As well as using quantitative speech over qualitative. Superior indeed fails on both counts.
LinuxGuru  +   2397d ago
Mc187  +   2397d ago
LOL good read btw
This comment is superior to all those below it.
danthaman15  +   2391d ago
I love this
I don't know what it is about the word "Superior", but I just HATE the way it sounds. It sounds like what some British Guy wearing a top hat and saying things like "Pippity" would say.
jrturner0112  +   2363d ago
When I see it in forum posts, I think of Homer Simpson when he went computer shopping:

"So, this is the best computer now and always will be?"

"Oh yeah. Always."

I also think of Hitler's "superior" race. It just sounds dubious.
jrturner0112  +   2363d ago
Dammit. Once again, I've posted in a very old forum. No one will see anecdote.

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