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Product  +   2412d ago
Having a blast. For being so new this game actually has a load of gamers playing online. Good ones too.
mastiffchild  +   2411d ago
Most reviewers have missed the pont HVS were trying to make. They knew they were basically filling a void and NOT competing with KZ2 or Halo-and they seem to have done this by conquering the Wii Connect service and providing a few decent modes online.

WaW had bad connection issues yet even as the poor relation of the HD game that sold pretty well so it was pretty likely that as long as The Conduit worked pretty well it would get a good community going-hell even MoH did!
MasterChief3624  +   2411d ago
Honestly, I'm not enjoying it all that much...
I bought the game on day one, and the single player is so annoying. There is nothing fun about it. Thankfully, I don't feel the same way about online. That is the main reason I'm keeping the game, rather than selling it on eBay. Online is a little laggy, but also very VERY fun =)
THUNDERMARE  +   2411d ago
To Mastiff
I think the reason that reviews seems to miss the point was because the conduit dev was claiming that the game will have graphic "similar to games on PS3 or 360" (hint KZ2 or Halo) that's why reviewers seems to be reacting that way.
Voice_of_Reason  +   2411d ago
The developer never made those claims. They delivered on their real claim which was to use effects so far only seen in 360/PS3 titles. Game looks great for a Wii game and IMO comes close to some first gen 360 games in many ways. Granted the Wii will never do PS3/360 but nobody ever said it would either.
qface64  +   2412d ago
id be enjoying it if my wii wasn't temporarily broken
Product  +   2412d ago
Your Wii's been broke for a year :)
qface64  +   2412d ago
lol actually its been since lets see 2 week after i bought animal crossing and i bought it day 1 i forgot the date

i still haven't bothered to fix mines yet because i have a spare wii
gotta love procrastinating
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rivithed  +   2412d ago
Online is challenging
I thought online would be easier than it is. Man, it's tough. Lots of fun and fast paced. I think there is a divide with gamers on this game just like it was when the Wii first launched (during Wii Sports). The critics get overly critical and just don't know how to have fun and enjoy the game. I'm surprised at the amount of poorly reported features on a lot of the reviews. It's definitely the most fun I've had on the Wii system since I got it in 2006.
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Redempteur  +   2412d ago
it's a good thing online is well
If the servers are full then all is well for high voltage
Product  +   2412d ago
From my experience the servers are always full.
Timesplitter14  +   2412d ago
Fun? With games?


AEtherbane  +   2412d ago
it a great game
Don't let any review tell you otherwise. better than halo imo.
Double Toasted  +   2412d ago
The controls are better...
I'll give you that...
Downtown boogey  +   2411d ago
I must say your opinion
is WRONG one.
I can't believe some people still do that! Basicly they're comparing the first Halo (Combat Evolved) to games like this since they just mention "halo". And may I ask you whether you've actually played "halo" or any of it's successors? I've played Halo 1 on PC and Halo 3 on 360 borrowed from a friend (I only own a PS3) and I must say that Halo as a franchise is an iconic, a masterful one.

I like motion controls and especially the pointer on the Wii (I once owned a Wii) so yeah; It probably contols better, though ;)
Double Toasted  +   2412d ago
Add me folks...
Friend Code: 1032-9042-6238
PS360WII  +   2412d ago
I'm having fun playing it. Well I haven't actually tried the online section of it just the story and while standard story you can't beat the controls :)
Suga Shane  +   2411d ago
Yes I love the game but like I mentioned in another post somewhere, why is there no lobby to meet up with your friends before launching into matches? I Skyped up with 3 of my team mates and we never got to play together. Funny thing: I tried a CoD:WaW online match the other night and kept trying to chunk a grenade with the nunchuk...funny to me I as I have it set to +.
N4g_null  +   2411d ago
Hey I believe you have to make this or start your own server. I just like meeting up with some of the good players randomly though. If you guys played a lot of mario kart you can see that is partly what made it so much fun plus they fixed team stacking which happens in all the other FPS games.

Well some people will get into a groove yet it is harder to get rank if you suck though.

Another thing is I was hesitant to be aggressive with my bounding box but I made it the smallest it could be and man I'm a lot more deadlier since it plays more like a PC FPS now with out the mouse catting or scrubbing.

This has to be the best console shooter out for me right now. Notice I said for me, I don't claim to know what others want yet if you are still playing any of the real hardcore FPS then we just found you another one. There are no gimmicks in this game just FPS action and game play. So far every thing works.
phantomexe  +   2411d ago
Game is great.Best game i've played on the wii in a while.I'll add you Double.Leave your friend codes guy for the conduit.
phantomexe  +   2411d ago
my conduit number is 1848-9441-0187
SinnedNogara  +   2411d ago
Good, now I have to send you mine.

If any of you want my friend code you have to send me a PM so I can send you mine.
Shnazzyone  +   2411d ago
It Is awesome. I barely touched the singleplayer until recent other then to tweak and learn the controls. It is a blast. and it's nice to play buddies with voice chat too.. that worked far better then expected.
N4g_null  +   2411d ago
I may just buy voice chat for this game. I'm still having fun with it and the servers are pretty much always full. I also found some more secrets with the different guns.

If you truly do like FPS then you'll love this game yet if you see FPS as a single player type game then all the fluff that is needed to make those games fun is gone. This is the first console game that tried to do what quake 3 did... make FPS online game play hardcore... they did a brilliant job at it to.

If id had the same idea and business since they would have brought quake 3 to the wii by now. Hey they just got bought out so why would they do that?
AEtherbane  +   2411d ago
@ Downtown boogey
So how is it a wrong opinion?
i sit down and play halo 3, i have a lot of fun.
i sit down and play the conduit, i have a lot of fun
i feel i had more fun playing the conduit than i did playing halo, therefore in my opinion, conduit is better than halo >_> or is simple logic too much for someone who hasn't even played the game?
EvilTwin  +   2411d ago
I hadn't played FPS much since Prime 3 and Bioshock, so I've been playing through the single player, trying to sharpen up a bit.

Went online for the first time tonight, and JEEZ there are some tough gamers playing. Best I did so far was 4th in ASE football.

Friend code is 2793 8547 5597 (if anyone wants an easy kill).
Gr81  +   2411d ago
I'm loving it.
Its definintely a gamers game. Multiplayer is crack. There is just something satisfying about nailing a shotgun head shot.
TheDeadMetalhead  +   2411d ago
I didn't like it
but if you're enjoying it, I'm happy for you. :)
matey  +   2411d ago
amazing mp game wow my cousin came over and he only plays 360 but he stayed up all night playing this game and got 1 the next day so it is amazing he likes it more than halo 3 likes it not claims it has better this and that likes it better than all his fps on 360 so he is 15 years old looks like the conduit is getting a sequel

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