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Dread1981  +   3222d ago
to be hornest..
i can remember any game being as huge as this one, and having this amount off detail.. correct me if i am wrong.

i know oblivion was a huge map never timed running from end to end. but lets just say it took some time :-))
Sevir04  +   3222d ago
lol!!! this is just funny to see
see them squirm around and get bent all out of shape. i wont lie epic crafted a great game... nothing spectacular other than the graphics but a great game none the less. it's quite linear but still good. i dont kknow why you all get so offended about it. and why on earth you think that the graphics of gears will never be surpassed... you rabid lunatic fanbois cling to gears as if you fuking birthed it from your p***ies. you all need a life, gears isn't all that, it's just another SHOOTER that followed the tried/tired(however you look at it) and true, Run and Gun, Pop up and shoot, reload and fire, duck and roll mechanics done well with a better than average story greatly blostered by some great graphics only an exclusive can do, just like what lairs devs are doing now... and as for epic saying that gears cant be done on ps3... psst, Bullish!!! at it's finest, top notch grade a bullish. that's just like saying that the ps3 isn't strong enough to support the UE3 engine, when over 3 dozen games are in development using that engine for the ps3, including one made by epic them self. it seems more likely that they meant gears will never see the light of day because Gears of war's exclusive rights has been completely bought up by MS. and it is true. lair from a technical stand point cant be done the the 360 because it's control mechanics just aren't available on the 360. this game was built with ps3 in mind and the immersion that comes from it using the motion controll from the sixaxis. this game was built on that purpose alone. clearly why the 360 wasn't in mind for this game.. it just lacks some of the crucial features that this game needs to properly immerse the players. flying with the analog just wouldn't cut it. and it wouldn't feel like the same game.
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ChefDejon  +   3222d ago
I remeber
that a microsoft pr said that im sure the Ps3's graphics are goign to give us a run for are money but i cant remeber who it was i think it was peter moore but you all know what im talking about.
ITR  +   3222d ago
It still doesn't look like the preview I saw.
It looks nice, but not as nice as the preview I saw..
Which is what usually happens with games like this.
JOLLY1  +   3222d ago
is everyone really getting butt-hurt over a dragon game? I thought you were supposed to link to the real news article...and not some forum post also. Man that Too Human video was awesome! I am allowed to comment on that because it is part of that link.....Hahahahahahaha

Wait, this is the game you guys are fighting over?? I just saw the video. Man, that fire is horrible! For being a pretty important part of the dragon, they sure didn't take time on the particle flow
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DiLeCtioN  +   3222d ago
its an exclusive game for ps3
obviously they would hype ps3 just like how epic did for gears only capable on the 360. also imo games that are developed on a console look good and also use the console's power in many ways
Shaka2K6  +   3222d ago
Nothing but the facts here.
This is one of those games that is really showing the true power of the PS3 defenitely the best looking game for any next gen. system to date and people who dont believe me watch the new HD vids they are insane looking its pretty obvious its only possible on PS3.

1080p via HDMI.
4gb per level.
innovative gameplay via Sixaxis.
7.1HD sound.

JOLLY1  +   3222d ago
I wonder....
What is HD sound? It's a it must be true. We now have sound...and HD sound. I wonder what 7.1 receiver you own.
Kyur4ThePain  +   3222d ago
Some people have better setups than you could dream of, so yeah, 7.1 is a reality to some.
JOLLY1  +   3222d ago
I didn't say 7.1 isn't possible
I was just curious what his was. I personally only have 5.1. Harmon Kardon with Klipsch all the way!!!!!!!
ps3gogetitt  +   3222d ago
come on guys!!!!
Stop the arguments especially in previewed games that are yet to prove itself, remember all the hype around motorstorm and yet after 2weeks of playing it was over....guys it's not worth fighting over a game that is yet to come out and is still wait and then when u try it for yourself
ps3gogetitt  +   3222d ago
right now lair is
simply a video not a game until you actually play it, developers can say anything it doesn't mean anythin until we play the game
BIGBAER  +   3222d ago
And the developers of Assassin's Creed said...
...that the 360 version would have better AI than the PS3 because of the 360's triple core architecture. This from a developer who is working on version for both the 360 and the PS3.

Back and forth, forth and back... and so it goes!

The speculative arguments are worse than 'he said, she said' scenarios.

Reality is what really matters. Right now the 360 has a huge lead in games -- and -- by the better looking games when it comes to multiplatform offerings (with only one or two debateable exceptions).

Of course, Factor5 is not biassed, nor are they in anyone's pocket, right?

"Factor 5 is an independent software and video game developer, and currently an exclusive partner of Sony Computer Entertainment developing for the PlayStation 3". [ ]

'nuff said!
kingboy  +   3222d ago
i`m sorry buddy what u just claimed was shut down long time ago by Ubisoft and was labelled a false statement.
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InyaAzz  +   3222d ago
"Reality is what really matters. Right now the 360 has a huge lead in games -- and -- by the better looking games when it comes to multiplatform offerings (with only one or two debateable exceptions)."

Very true, but the difference in multiplatform games is because of the devs..not the hardware. It doesn't change the fact that your statement is true, it just gives it some context. We are not seeing better 360 games because the 360 hardware is superior. We are seeing better 360 games because the PS3 games are 360 ports.
JsonHenry  +   3222d ago
Of course a game engine written for the PS3's architecture is only going to be playable on the PS3!!

This guy could be a lawyer with the way he bends words to fit a meaning.
DJ  +   3222d ago
He specifically states that Lair isn't possible on a console like the 360 due to the title's enormously high processing requirements. Requirements are completely independent of game code that's been built; Factor 5 scoped out the 360 hardware early on and found out that it just wasn't up to the task.

Of course, I could be talking out my ass about the PS3's power. Surely, I must be wrong. All I need are a few 360 games comparable to the alpha build of Lair....ok, just one Nothing? Huh.
socomnick  +   3222d ago
Im sure they could port it to the ps3. I heard the xbox 360 gpu handles 1080p better than the ps3.
Drew  +   3222d ago
Factor 5 - Full of crap.
Funky Town_TX  +   3222d ago
Virtual Fighter and DMC
was only possible on the PS3 as well. I remember ppl talking about how the Cell could do the cloth animation in VF5 and it could not be done on anything else. F5 is a hugh spokes person for Sony. Good job F5 keep selling that a$$. Every PS3 game is a tech demo for Sony. "Hello we are game designer x. Look at these great gfx, this is only possible because of the cell. we have open words because of the Blu-ray. Nothing on earth is possible without the cell and blu-ray." GIVE ME A F-ING BREAK.
Lacarious  +   3222d ago
Comedy Night at Factor5
STR8 comedy!!!!!!!
TheWishman  +   3222d ago
whats funny is half the people here dont have a PS3 and dont know what it is like.

I have both and for those who have both will easily say the PS3 is so much more powerful its sickening.

The 360 looks like a weak piece of plastic next to it.

I love both, but the PS3 is easily better with more potential
jwatt  +   3222d ago
I think for the ps3...
Sony's first party titles are starting to show that if you concentrate on the cell you can get some really impressive games on the PS3 and third party devs will start to see that. The games are going to start coming out, the install bass will go up and alot of developers are going develope specifially for the ps3 to get the best out of it and then port to the 360.
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Bathyj  +   3222d ago
You just can't say anything good about PS3 without pissing off the Xboys can you?
The biggest difference between XB and PS3 for me will not be the graphics, but the sheer amount of action on screen at once and all the systems running (AI, Physics, particle effects etc) that help sell that look. This game has so much going on at once to I do believe honestly that X360 would struggle. I'm no games dev, but Julian from Factor 5 is and I trust his opinion more than a bunch of haters. Sure its possible it could be ported, just like X360 games go to PS2, but then they're not the same are they?

Anyway Liar is looking better and better everytime we see it. Awesome. Its still just the beginning but PS3 is starting to stretch its legs.

Hey, can anyone tell me if PS3 is so hard to develope for why is it this team which has alway been talented gone from Gamecube to PS3 with such ease and such startling results. That a hugh jump in power for them but they've just taken it in their stride. I guess you can accomplish more when you dont bother opening your mouth to complain.
noprin  +   3222d ago
this is my comment
n4g sucks  +   3222d ago
i like b!tch fights....what are we fighting about again????? fu@k it..fight..fight..fight..

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freeza  +   3222d ago
how strange it is when ppl dont want to accept the truth, the man is telling it like it is. theres no need to get offended
Booneral  +   3222d ago
Well if a developer is not capable of handling other platforms, and concentrated on a single platform well, this can be said. In Lair I haven't seen ragdoll physics or any groundbreaking stuff like we see in Cell Factor.

People should think twice before making such claims.
Uganda64  +   3221d ago
Go to:
Search: Lair
Watch: Developer Walkthrough 1 & 2 in HD
There's your groundbreaking stuff.

By the way, now that PS3 has a game that can't be done on 360, when 360 fans were gloating previously about the lack of one, how come you guys won't accept this now? It's true. Lair releases in July. 8 months. 8 months is what it took to get a game that's actually impossible on 360. There's 5 1/3 years left in this gen.
freeza  +   3222d ago
yes ppl should think twice, but hes not ppl hes a developer he knows what hes talking about.
THELANDSOFSAND  +   3221d ago
yawn. lair.
its true- its not possible to create such boring, poorly controlled games on other consoles. PS3 has got that market covered!
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schnodder  +   3221d ago
@ land of the sand
ps3 is a blast ... you´re afraid aren´t you?
THELANDSOFSAND  +   3221d ago
i'm not normally afraid of pitiful excuses for a gaming console.
THC PRITCHARD  +   3221d ago
now this game looks the part

but is there any multiplayer?

and rag doll physics look abit kack
THC PRITCHARD  +   3221d ago
1000s of al
X box 360 did that with dead rising people

was dumb ai

rumor: dead rising is coming to ps3 ???
THAMMER1  +   3221d ago
Looks like every one forgot this article from 2 days ago.

Just a few days ago PS3 fan were saying this guy is full of crap. Now all of a sudden people are on his jock again. I'll tell you what. This game better be more fun than Moterstorm, and it better look as good as they say while all this stuff is going on.

This has been the major problem with the PS3 and it's developers. Too much talk and not enough action. No matter how great they say this game is it still dose not make me want to go buy a PS3 for it.

People Say Halo 3 has too much hype Right? Lair in my opinion should not get this much attention at all. It is freaking dynasty warriors on a dragon for Pete’s sake.

Sony fans are out looking out for a game that defines the experience of owning a PS3 and that is why you guys seem crazy. You should not have to go through any trouble to convince some one a game is worth the cash the game will sell it’s self. I hope you guys do not think this game will sell PS3”s. It will not. SORRY.
Anego Montoya FTMFW  +   3221d ago
so i was wondering xbots are always saying bluray doesn`t matter.
then why did we change from cd`s to dvd`s when we made the last gen jump.
it`s pretty dumb to not see the pattern.
new system`s need more storage.
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