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power of Green  +   3225d ago
Keyser  +   3225d ago a must have game. (obviously)
Blasphemy  +   3225d ago
Do they have a release date for this game yet? This is mainly what i bought my ps3 for.
soccerstar  +   3225d ago
sry stingray9191 but none of those look better than this game espeially halo 3 cuz it just looks like crap plain and simple(the other 2 look really good but not as good as HS) but graphics are not what is important about games its the gameplay and everybody always seems to forget that. That is the reason i go back and play my n64, cuz the games were fun even though the graphics are not good, like goldeneye, zelda, mario party and mario tennis.
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power of Green  +   3225d ago
The close ups or cutscens of the chick look great the actual game is alright. I dont understand what you're talking about. It looks a smidge better than Tomb Raider with more going on or scenes that might be gameplay or some sort of scene, lets not get carred away. Be honest! look at the action carefully(Gameplay pics) and you'll see its looks great for whats been coming out for the PS3. I'm suprized #19 did not get ripped a new asshole for being honest, you havn't noticed the big time Sony fans fans are not in here talking sh*t, Yah! thats the reason.
sak500  +   3224d ago
360 had a game called 99 nights (N3) and HS are of the same quality. N3 was released year ago. What the hell is wrong with these fanbois?
fenderputty  +   3224d ago
Not only did 99 nights
Look like crap but, it's score isn't anything to write home about either. 5.6 at IGN.

This game looks way better then you two give credit.
Robotz Rule  +   3225d ago
I can't wait.....
Till Heavenly Sword for my Playstation 3!,It looks amazing!,and it's scheduled for a August release this year.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3225d ago
I'm really not trying to be biased at all here and I have looked at those pictures time and time again and I am hesitant to say anything so I don't get attacked, but I am so not impressed by these. Their are certain things that look good in every picture than their are other things that turn me off. Example: 1 looks like concept art look at her leg, #2 is good no complaints, #3 looks like a bunch of jumbled guys and she is all blurry, hardly any texture anywhere, #4 looks good no complaints, #5 looks horrible compared to that short clip we saw a month ago that was airing on Heroes, #6 detail, texture, hello??, #7-10 are all really good looking except for is their no hdr in this game, theirs like no realistic lighting at all, so many dark surfaces...all of this is so weird because I feel like the game has looked MUCH MUCH better than this in previous media. I really believe and HOPE these are super old because these don't excite me at all and this is one of my top 5 games I am excited about, as I tore through GOW 1 AND 2 earlier this year I really am waiting for another game like this...ok so after reading back through my comment I guess I don't really have that many complaints but I still think it will look 10 times better than this...

EDIT:: EVERYONE look at Number 19's post it totally makes my case make total sense...
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SmokeyMcBear  +   3225d ago
wow simply wow, really can't believe you guys, the screens look amazing, and you are talking about #19, its a screen capture from the heroes teaser trailer, the game is running at 60 fps, and you wonder why its blurry on a screen cap. If you thing this game looks bad, well I feel sorry for you. These screens, plus the gameplay shown at E3, make this game blow out the competition. Ninja Gaiden has nothing on this game. Just step back and reevaluate your thoughts on games and gaming itself. The fanboys always show their true colors.
wildcat  +   3225d ago
You make a lot of good, honest points. They look like an improvement in some parts like her hair and the environment lighting, but it still looks like it needs improvement in the amount of textures in some areas. But there's a small part in this trailer at 1:34 where it's showing gameplay and all of the textures and lighting look really incredible. I think it for sure looks way better when you're actually running it on an HDTV.
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techie  +   3225d ago
HDR and Bloom effects are very big in the game and is something they talk about since the begining and is something they've had since the begining...they have an amazing lighting guy. I believe these have those effects turned off..for reasons that may be to show off the enviroments and colour in screenshots...I'll try and get this confirmed from the devs. :)
PS360PCROCKS  +   3225d ago
Smokey I'm not bashing this game whatsoever, I am totally looking forward to this title I was just commenting on these pictures as they seem like a step backward in areas from previous screens. As for the video, unless I am mistaken, it was a gameplay video and it far exceeds these shots. Anyways my whole point was that these look horrible compared to past media, these shots will be blown away by finalized game code, I can almost guarantee that, and no I am not a "fanboy"
DJ  +   3225d ago
The current build
actually looks quite a bit better than this. But these still look fairly good. It's hard to say how old they are though since we're being kept in the dark. I have some other photos from another magazine attached; it was released back in December in the UK. Sony is basically saving their entire software onslaught for E3 in July.

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Rybnik  +   3225d ago
Which Mag?
Figboy  +   3225d ago
to Geneyus
i know. it's driving me crazy.

it was only the arena demo we've seen so much of, but it was so fun.

the controls were fluid and responsive, the animations were smooth and graceful, and the number of moves she had at her disposal between her various stances were sweet as hell, and fun to pull off. and that was nearly a *YEAR* ago! having worked in the gaming industry for 3 years, i know the type of tweaking that goes on during the last 2 to 3 months, so i can't even imagine the tweaking and perfecting that's been going on for the past 10 months!

at the very least, Heavenly Sword will be a fun game to play.

at the most, it will be very fun to play, and have a great story adding to it's backbone.

i really hope the rumors of it's September release are false, and that it's more closer to July (the month of my birth).

it was just one of the reasons last year that i decided the PS3 was for me. i understand that you have to wait for the good games to come (360ers waited a year for Gears of War, PS3ers have to wait for MGS4, Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, Home, Little Big Planet, etc).

well, the days have been going by at a decent pace for me lately, so it'll be Q4 before i know it. in the meantime, there's some good games hitting between now and then that should keep me busy (like Ninja Gaiden Sigma, and Lair), so i think i can whether the storm. i did it with the PS2 (possibly the bearer of the worst console launch line-up in gaming history), i'm sure i can do it again.
wasted  +   3225d ago
looks a little like god of war but with a bird character instead. no bad thing :)
Maldread  +   3225d ago
Nice screenshots
I would really want to see more in-game clips of this. A hands-on or demo would be even better, so we can hear a bit more of how it plays, which should be the most interesting question. With 2200 on screen, i want to see how smooth it runs too.
nanometric  +   3225d ago
If only they where bigger! But I'm not too impresed, don't get me wrong they look very good, but still... maybe I played too much GoW2 :D
LightofDarkness  +   3225d ago
Man, I've been following this game since it was announced on 360 all those years ago. And just look at her now. This may finally be the game that'll make me glad I bought my PS3 (it may be the sole reason I did it too). They have tweaked the visuals so well too, so they suit the art direction more. I've noticed that the self-shadowing and other lighting nuances have been removed or toned down quite a bit, but I think it makes for a better overall presentation.

Isn't this nice? No fanboy-ish comments in a 62 comment thread? Just people commenting on a game. Keep this up and this place might become hospitable again.
achira  +   3225d ago
wow !!! cant wait for this game!
DiLeCtioN  +   3225d ago
many games to choose from this year, i best start saving
Lex Luthor  +   3225d ago
Looks like a polished version of jade empire and i think they downgraded the game.

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Lex Luthor  +   3225d ago
Looks like a polished version of jade empire and i think they downgraded the game.

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J@D  +   3225d ago
Wooooo everything look STUNNING!. This game 4 sure will rock on over the PS3 a System Seller without a doubt. I sense someone its crying out there hahahahaha.
Anego Montoya FTMFW  +   3225d ago
the new AAA?
sak500  +   3224d ago
xbox live titles look better than this
J@D  +   3224d ago
"xbox live titles look better than this"

^ Keep dreaming my friend, keep dreaming...
VORODOR 2  +   3224d ago
theagony  +   3224d ago
God of War and Heavenly Sword
these two names will be the assassins of ms
theagony  +   3224d ago
and who says nobody needs blue ray
hell I do
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