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Ldubbz  +   2250d ago
Looks like Sony has to follow suit with Nintendo's upgrades of the DS.

A change for the better? Im not so sure. But at the same time, its positioned more for people who havent yet bought a PSP. This may attract some new buyers. But Sony still has one huge problem with the PSP they will never fix; they aren't Nintendo.

Sounds mean, but I really dont mean it that way. I myself have a launch PSP, but I barely touch the thing. Obviously, Nintendo rules portable gaming with an iron fist, but I think the PSP's biggest problem from the start may have been Apple.

First the iPod, then the iPhone. The big draw of the PSP was not just that it played games, but that it was a mini multimedia player. But the iPod was just starting to go beyond just music when the PSP released, taking the lionshare of that market. Then the iPhone and other multimedia phones; not only could you listen to music and play movies, but the games have gotten much much better in recent times, especially on the iPhone.

Add in the inherent advantage of always having your phone with you anyway, plus its smaller size factor, and its that much harder for the PSP to shine. From a pure games standpoint, its in a weird place. Nintendo definitely has better "portable" games and games that appeal to kids and women, while the PSP doesnt. The PSP excels in bringing PS2-like games to a portable. But then the problem is just playing on a PS2, not to mention a PS3/360 or even Wii is a much better experience for those types of games.

Just my $0.02
YoungJuvi  +   2249d ago
Agree with you 100%
Everything you said was spot on, and lakers taking it this year.
Chaos Striker  +   2250d ago
Okay there is definitely a lot of whining here. If you would trade something that has more appealing design vs. practicality, then I have no clue what to say for your logic. For me personally, I will trade appeal for practicality. The purpose is portability, and the feel of a multimedia device. The previous PSPs were still quite bulky and cannot easily be taken here and there(from the perspective of a casual consumer).

Regarding the awkward button mapping, I believe that this will be fine. You will not know until you try it out personally. It looks similar to the DS button mapping, and so far that has worked for all of its games (including fighting games, which was what I was worried about at first, but it does work).

As for the second analog stick, adding one will be a hamper because if developers develop controls for a game using both analog sticks, what will the PSP1-3k use? Essentially they can't play the game. Also, the classic PS1 games had dual analogs as optional, so there is no problem there.

Seriously, until people try this system out, how will we know if it sucks or not? I for one cannot wait until I can get a hands on with it. It looks very appealing if you consider all the practical implementations that has been added.
fatam69  +   2249d ago
I like the idea of a smaller PSP with emphasis on digital distribution of games, movies, and music, not to mention the 16 gig built in HDD. But I am not a fan of the whole push up screen, and still only one analog stick.
Sanhlami  +   2249d ago
I love it. the psp1-psp3000 were all to weighty and chunky, i had hoped they would finally come out with a psp that can actually fit in a regular sized pocket.
Smart move from sony. Digital content = no trading/used market = more money. Piracy rate will probably go up but not too much as what it already is now.

Its going to be hard to choose between the ZuneHD and a PSP-GO. Both are very good multimedia machines.
Tsar4ever  +   2249d ago
At 1st, I thought..........
At 1st I thought(*more like HOPED) it was another prank. Now the net showering the web with articles and pics. So it must be true. I'm not really impressed. heres why.

1.)No mention of TOUCH SCREEN
2.)Screen size has been REDUCED, not expanded, as promised. PSPGO! 3.8' PSP-3000 4.3'
3.)Screen is not using nextgen "OLED" display.
4.)No built-in CAMERA, The DS already trump it on this factor.
5.)No serial port for video output. PGSC/HD Tv's
Chaos Striker  +   2249d ago
The question is, are you willing to shell out possibly $400+ in order to buy a handheld with all those features? If you are, then by all means. But, to a target market of possibly 14-34 years old, I'm not so sure.
celldomceen1  +   2249d ago
I will get one i wanted a new psp, but i think i will just wait for this one.
B-Real206  +   2249d ago
With that form it was just begging to be made into a touch screen smart phone. I will still be getting one though. I wonder what firmware it will ship with. I want more info!!!!!
Iceman100  +   2249d ago
what an ugly ass system it's even worse than the psp.
TapiocaMilkTea  +   2249d ago
Why not make it a phone as well, it already looks like one.
Dugglas  +   2249d ago
As far as 2nd analog nub
Perhaps I am dating myself but I recall the first PSX controllers not having any analog sticks and then later adding them on. Sony did it before why not now even though it isn't a new hand held system.
Enate  +   2249d ago
That was a controller an it was optional for a very long time an eventually you kinda needed to get one. This is the entire system an if you made another stick an started using it everyone would have to get a new one. An I don't think 50million plus people would like that very much.
beardpapa  +   2249d ago
Makes me think of the Sony Mylo... except with controller buttons instead of a keyboard.
MGS5-PS3EXCLUSIVE  +   2249d ago

Pwee  +   2249d ago
Looks epic can't wait to get one! :D :D :D
lonix  +   2249d ago
what i dont get is
how everyone thinks sony is evil
and microsoft is like jesus

has everyone forgotten about windows 95 98 ME 2000 xp vista and now windows 7 & 8 all of them cash grabs
na2ru1  +   2249d ago
This doesn't resemble much of Ken Kuturagi's design style.
I am quite worried about the awkward button placements. Analogue looks hardly ergonomical.

The design seems to reflex features more akin to Sony Ericsson phones.
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