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SpoonyRedMage  +   2450d ago
I think it's funny that the DSi got lots of hate and ridicule and yet this is being praised.
TheColbertinator  +   2450d ago
The DSi is amazing in every way.It was a realistic improvement and slick design that allowed Nintendo to keep up with technology and yet maintain supporting the strong sales of the DS games.

The Zune HD and PSP Go are just colossal failures in design and expectations
hatchimatchi  +   2450d ago
yea the dsi is awesome right, hmm it features a camera that is basically worthless and it lacks the gba slot. Oh wait it has dsi ware. Whats that? Oh yea, no games for it, but i hear you can buy an awesome calculator.

dsi blows, ill stick with my ds lite.

the psp go is definitely a step in the right direction in portable gaming for sony. Being able to stream and download movies and tv shows, 16gig built in flash memory. Top notch stuff right there.
SpoonyRedMage  +   2450d ago
HAha, DSi has a music player, camera, bigger screens, built in memory, better sound, SD card compatablity, a more durable design, more powerful CPU and more RAM, better Wi-fi capabilities and the DSiware. And if you think the DSiware obviously haven't been keeping up. It got PiCOPiCT last week and it's getting Mighty Flip Champs next week and it's already got a sweet lineup announced.

Oh yes and watching movies and tv shows on the go is it part of the Nintendo's new video service they're working on.

Manwhilst the PSP Go can't even play PSP games, you have to buy them again. Oh but you can watch TV shows and movies...
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hatchimatchi  +   2450d ago
music playback you say?

have fun converting all those tracks into something that isn't in .mp3 format.

also, you say it can't even play psp games? That doesn't even make sense, it lacks a umd drive because it's going pure digital. Lucky for me, i dont own a psp, and for other people that do, the guy said that they aren't discontinuing the 3000 model. So your point is moot.

Looks spoony, it's cool that you wasted good money on the dsi, i know you're probably upset about it so you wanna come here and vent a little, but it's still not gonna solve your problem. Isn't the conduit coming out next month? You should be checking to make sure you have all your friend codes in order, not trolling the ps3 section.
SpoonyRedMage  +   2450d ago
Yer lucky itunes, which you can download for FREE!, converts to AAC. Oh snap!

Their not discontinuing the DS Lite so your point is BS.

Actually I'm fine with my DSi but I can't stand the hypocrisy of people like you! The DSi is a waste but this is great. BS.

The Conduit adds your Wii fc list so it's fine actually and this is the PSP section. At least get it right.
Corepred4  +   2450d ago
in that video, sony's "security" looks weak as hell! no wonder microsoft has been robbing all their exclusives!! we need to inject them with steroids, LOL
SpoonyRedMage  +   2450d ago
Right? So this is the third redesign right? and it hasn't really added anything? and yet people are praising it? Wow.
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hatchimatchi  +   2450d ago
yea cause the dsi is just amazing ya know, gotta love that worthless camera.
SpoonyRedMage  +   2450d ago
Is has more than just a camera. Actually it has a big list of improvements whereas this has jacksh*t. Oh but this is Sony so it's different, you'll happily buy you fourth PSP!

@V:DSi has a music player, camera, bigger screens, built in memory, better sound, SD card compatablity, a more durable design, more powerful CPU and more RAM, better Wi-fi capabilities and the DSiware.

It also has a bunch of cosmetic improvements like a new interface and hotswapping of cards and stuff but that isn't really important.
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Corepred4  +   2450d ago
ummm no....
list these improvements. overall its the lite is the exact same thing as the ds. the psp go is no major improvement either just a few little upgrades, i'm hoping/waiting on the psp2.
Enate  +   2449d ago
#1 Why are you even in here, your like the most anti anything Playstation person on the planet. So why do you care if it has improvements or not your not gonna buy it anyway just like the PS3. An are you kidding me the dsi bigger screen !-! yea about that big it so went to like a 60inch.

Music player- PSP day 1
Wifi- PSP day 1
SD Card- PSP day 1 different size
Better sound- Slightly an you wouldn't know if the psp go did or not.
Built in memory- PSP go has it and a lot more of it but other psp users can get a 4gb stick for nothing.
More durable design? why don't you drop it an find out.
Camera- yea cuz I'm so gonna bust it out an start taking family vacation pictures with its awesome resolution an 12x zoom.
CPU an Ram improvements- psp been there done that

There are more then likely things we still don't know about the psp go besides its obvious visual changes an lighter weight.Just do yourself a favor an stay off of Sony related articles. Stick to defending SquareEnix's poor decision making oh wait I'm sorry their presidents poor decision making.
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shysun  +   2450d ago
looks cool.....price sony?
Johnny Rotten  +   2450d ago
3:11 from the youtube!

@ 4:02 it shows a screen saver clock!
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Johnny Rotten  +   2450d ago
3:11 youtube vid

@ 4:02 it shows a screen saver clock!
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scott182  +   2450d ago
I love the playstation, but if thats really what it looks like i'm not buying it. It looks like crap, sony can do so much better then that junk in the pictures.
Nanisimo  +   2450d ago
dantheman1515  +   2450d ago
Lack of trust.
I will have to see a few more things before I run out to get in line for this thing. My brother bought a PSP at launch and neither of us have touched it since. Sony totally gave up on this thing. On my ds i get brand new zelda and mario games, as well as other great games. While the psp only has a crappy resistance game, the GoW:CoO was ok, but the lack of such games as lbp or motorstorm portable editions is holding the system back. The whole console war between the 360 and PS3 led to them neglecting their handheld and killing it. I dont see this being any different.
Sarcasm  +   2450d ago
You apparently just don't like Sony games...

If that's the case, then don't buy it. Resistance and GoW:COO are great PSP games. As well as super stardust, patapon, MGS portable ops.

And soon the new LBP, GT, and MGS games.
WildArmed  +   2450d ago
man, where's the sarcasm?

:/ I was hoping to see sarcasm in ur posts, but.. i can't find any! :(
ultimolu  +   2450d ago
Oh, that is awesome looking.
Nemesis54  +   2450d ago
I'm sorry Sony, you've truly disappointed me....the design is the most ugly piece of hardware I've ever seen, no dual analog sticks....I don't know if it's a touchscreen......what I wanted was a DSi + iPod Touch not a repackaged PSP
hatchimatchi  +   2450d ago
yea lets make a dual analog control scheme for a system that doesn't support dual analog control.


It's still a psp genius. Not a brand new system
Epic  +   2450d ago
So no TOUCH function..?
...or are they saving that feature for e3..?

and hopefully there is still time to redesign the pspG before fall.
when it's closed it looks good. but when you open it... not very good in my opinion.

I am also among those who would have liked 2 analog sticks.. but maybe that is a feature that will be in psp2, not pspG.
Meus Renaissance  +   2450d ago
Looks identical to the Sony Milo. Google Image Search that
7ero H3LL  +   2450d ago
yeah, the milo! probably they just had so many left over milos and said let's integrate it with the psp.

the milo was a great idea, but only had 1GB of storage. 16GB means more anime on the go!

seriously though, i don't think i could game on this thing. the original psp was always the best, except for playing coded arms on it (...oh boy).
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boer  +   2450d ago
Official pictures
These are official pictures and i think they are AWESOME

Especially size is great and just curios what is that bottom connector good for.
Hope for docking station with TV out and charger.
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carnex  +   2450d ago
For F%$*@ sake, This is not PSP2. This is redesign of the good old PSP. only thing i wish for is touchscreen for multimedia and browser (so one wouldn't need to open the slide for music , movies and internet)
hatchimatchi  +   2450d ago
this looks great, im gonna buy one
Raoh  +   2450d ago
sigh, still no second analog controller....

but i still want... looks awesome.

i hope it has a logitech harmonic remote like feature to control your ps3 for watching movies and navigating through the XMB. that would be awesome. If they were smart they would have added RF support to work as a remote not only for the ps3 but televisions and receivers.
Voozi  +   2450d ago
wow I just went to my download list (annual sub here since June 08) and I was able to download June 09 Qore, currently downloading now.
ta1snake  +   2450d ago
No second analog stick = no buy. I'm stick with my phat PSP
sniper-squeak  +   2450d ago
This is just a re-design
Just like the Playstation one went to PSOne. It's been out four year's already, give it some justice!
SixAmpFuze  +   2450d ago
unless they are going to put the entire library of the psp on psn then its a waste.
Sarcasm  +   2450d ago
I would imagine that's on their "to-do" list
WildArmed  +   2450d ago
hey thats why we have E3 right?
Magically stories popping up :D
mr mintleaf  +   2450d ago
I hope this is a really sweet dis-information blitz by Sony..
That would be cool. If they "leaked" this Qore footage and the actual thing announced at E3 was dual stick beauty.

Otherwise this thing is FUGLY as hell and the entire PSP team are sniffing glue and/or are mostly retarded. Everyone who owns a PSP has been dreaming of a dual-stick PSP for years!

This looks like they went back in time and should be calling it PSP 1999.
DanSolo  +   2450d ago
Still no second analogue stick??

FFS Sony do have some stupid fcking ideas about how to do things sometimes. For everything they get right they seem to do something dumb!

The PSP is a decent piece of kit and I use it quite regularly for watching movies ect. But gaming wise its a bit crippled by the lack of 2 analogue sticks.

I mean what genius when designing it said "Hey I know lets model it around the playstation controls and port a bunch of PS2 games over to it, oh but lets make sure the gamers have to make do with just one analogue stick even though the games need 2" ????

When Sony finally make a PSP with dual analogue sticks and hopefully L2 and R2 buttons (so PSP 3 for them then), then I will be snapping one up. And if they incorporate a phone into it so we have a kind of PSP/iPhone piece of kit then I think that sh!t will P!ss all over every other handheld device from a great height.
-EvoAnubis-  +   2450d ago
Why would they add a 2nd stick and split their market? That'd be full on idiotic.
-EvoAnubis-  +   2450d ago
Having known about this for 3 and a half months now, I was already sold based on what I knew then. Today I learned something that makes this even more of a win: Bluetooth. Seriously, I had no idea.
Enigma56  +   2450d ago
Definitely not, somebody must just be into plastic works and wanted to fabricate an exciting new story. And it's the playstation portable, no need for a "Go" lol.
Claudinho69  +   2450d ago
so they changed the screen from 4.3 to 3.8?
-EvoAnubis-  +   2450d ago
Yeah. The smaller screen does kinda suck.
KingItachi  +   2450d ago
Just hold off on the bashing till we know the full specs.
X-Alchemist  +   2450d ago
sexy lookin handheld console
DOOMZ  +   2450d ago
Man, I really wanted this, BUT...
Where the hell is the duel analog!?!
Or at least put the analog stick on the RIGHT SIDE...
I guess Sony really dont give a crap about gamers or what they want...
Grrrrr, Sony, u dumbasses!
No Buy...
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