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kaelix  +   2375d ago
Until I see some kick ass looking colors rather than being stuck with 2 or no choice at all for the color count me out =\.
GayStation3  +   2375d ago
Sony's E3 press conference has been entirely leaked.
Twisted Metal
New PS3 peripheral
Sony Rep  +   2375d ago
Forza 3
Halo odst
Rare game
lionhead game
Zune HD
xbox fluid motion
Alan Wake

Guess we can save ourselves the trouble of showing up. Not that anything interesting will happen at M$'s anyway...
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user858621  +   2375d ago
and for microsoft;

dlc for that multiplatform
dlc for a previous released multiplatform
more stupid camera games
GayStation3  +   2375d ago
@Sony Rep
I heard Sony still has two HUGE exclusives to announce at E3 and Microsoft had a MEGATON that's gonna "STUN" people. So I guess we still need to show up ;)

Nintendo... meh
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Ron Zook  +   2375d ago
If real that's terrible! The psp is already too freaking big and they want to make it larger and more cumbersome for gaming? no thanks.
Sarcasm  +   2375d ago
The PSP Go has a 3.8" screen. The PSP-3000 (slim) has a 4.3" screen.

The entire PSP Go is probably only about 5.5" in length.

So it's actually quite smaller my friend.

EDIT: Unless that's sarcasm which I'm not sure if I'm detecting lol.
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spirited  +   2375d ago
fake fake fake..
its sony guys not microsoft or nintendo they dont make ugly things and its not black it sure looks crappy not SONY, wake up now..........
Seraphemz  +   2375d ago
Sev confirmed it with pics of the box even...
hatchimatchi  +   2375d ago
watch the video sherlock
Zhuk  +   2375d ago
Once again Sony has designed what looks to be one of the most ugliest electronic devices ever created, this is truly an aesthetic abortion. After seeing this device I now know that there is no hope for the PSP platform, and that it is yet another nail in the coffin of the evil Sony empire.

Not even the most militant of fandroid will admit to liking this awful looking device, this would be an embarassment to take out in public compared to the beauty and elegance of the Zune HD and Xbox 360.

I am going to enjoy reading all the meltdowns and the cries of the fandroids on N4G about how positively homosexual this new electronic device is, though perhaps that is why some of them may actually be attracted to it.

I think I am starting to like the executives at Sony now, it seems they hate the PlayStation brand as much as I do.
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OmarJA  +   2375d ago
Keep it up buddy, your always good for a laugh...

& don't let me start on how your mother look.
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saimcheeda  +   2375d ago
I used to
hate this guy but i realy look forward to his posts coz they really crack me up!!nerds are real fun to hear!!
Jamaicangmr  +   2375d ago
Oh my...
Your hatred for Sony corp scares me. Please seek help before you completely loose it and go postal.
rawd  +   2375d ago
Sony's PSP: millions of dollars
Zhuk's handheld: big fat zero
TheBand1t  +   2375d ago
Zhuk strikes again. Seriously, I never want this guy to stop. Cracks me up every time.
sehnsucht  +   2375d ago
Could you upload the set to flicker or something while your host recovers PLEEASSEE?
Wolf873  +   2375d ago
I love the design, its sleek,
but I wonder how it will improve on the graphics department, would it be better than PSP by much? It'd be neat if it is. However, can't wait to see it on E3.
PotNoodle  +   2375d ago
Its the exact same internal hardware as the old PSP's, its just a revision - changing the shape, layout and getting rid of the UMD.
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Wolf873  +   2375d ago
Oh ok,
thus the reason it'll be cheaper than the original. Nice move, really. So now every game will have to be downloaded through PC store?
vox  +   2375d ago
i expected way better from sony
this thing is really ugly
spunnups  +   2375d ago
it looks like a cheaper version of the psp we have now, with a sliding screen.
SSCOOLCHEA  +   2375d ago
i miss you zhuk
3 years buddy tell me this is the original zhuk... I still love my ps3 though
Zhuk  +   2375d ago
I am undoubtedly the same Zhuk that you have encountered in the past, every E3 I must make a concerted offensive against all things Sony so Xbox 360 and Microsoft rule E3 once more at N4G and so that the fandroids can get a dose of reality.
Oner  +   2375d ago
@ Zhuk ~ "I am undoubtedly the same Zhuk that you have encountered in the past, every E3 I must make a concerted offensive against all things Sony so Xbox 360 and Microsoft rule E3 once more at N4G and so that the fandroids can get a dose of reality." (quoted so you can't stealth edit)

You know when you read someone say "You are a very sad person" online or in forums etc it's usually unfounded or just out of anger, but in your case it's ACTUAL truth...seriously, and this just proves it.
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BannedForNineYears  +   2375d ago
@The people who say "it's not a new psp we shouldn't get duel analog sticks omg bbqqqqqqqq!"
THEN WHY THE HELL ARE THEY MAKING THE PSP GO?!?!??! God Sony, I'm never playing my PSP until you implement duel analog sticks. Sorry.
(Then again, if they release LBP for the PSP, I'll buy a new Psp xD).
Claudinho69  +   2375d ago
they making the pspgo because:

1psp is selling well
2psp has lots of games and lots on development
3its including all the missing futures that people wished on the psp
4its probably not costing them much to make

can people stop complaining about "it dont look comfortable" till you try it...and the reason why there is no second analog stick is already stated here
Jdoki  +   2375d ago
If you were cynical you could say they are only making the PSP Go to try and clamp down on piracy...
BannedForNineYears  +   2375d ago
"3its including all the missing futures that people wished on the psp Did you even take into consideration of what I just said? Duel analog sticks in my opinion, would be considered something "wished" on the PSP.
So your logic fails.
God, I swear only 3 year olds are on N4G.
Seraphemz  +   2375d ago
You wont be missed... the rest of us will enjoy the hell out of this one..

No second big deal. Get over it.
Seraphemz  +   2375d ago
someone is going to get in trouble....releasing this early...
Dmack79  +   2375d ago
I can't wait until they officially announce it. Sony's E3 presentation will blow all competitors out of the water. It's going to be EPIC! ;)
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Ninjamonkey  +   2375d ago
This one looks incredibly ugly

But if they do the same thing in piano black ;)

And about having a second analouge stick. It would be nice but the console would have to be bigger. Plus SOCOM and resistance retribution both do without brilliantly.

And Tbh MH herpes was great despite using the buttons to turn around. Even online it felt really nice.
OmarJA  +   2375d ago
Looks great :

But they could have added at least a camera, assuming it's the real thing.
AriesFury  +   2375d ago
Until I see it at E3 I don't believe it.
PotNoodle  +   2375d ago
What, you don't believe qore? You can go download it yourself and see.

And here is a video from it:
Seraphemz  +   2375d ago
If you had would see it urself....

damn..PSLS is down TOO !!!!
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Sir Ken_Kutaragi  +   2375d ago
I like it!!! ;)
Someone has got the video of it in the Gamer Zone + That LBP looked AMAZING on it!!! ;-P
+ The other games.
+ The guy in the Video said the normal PSP will still be around to???
So it's going to be -


PS3 + PS2 + PS3:Slim??? (+If the PS3:Slim is real, i'm going to KUM-BUCKETS!!!) ;-D ;-P ;-o

WELCOME to the PlayStation Family PSP GO!!! ;-D
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shadowboricua  +   2375d ago
Yeap... someone is going to get in trouble. Just watched the video on YouTube... looks great. Bluetooth support... I have been waiting to buy a PSP and this one is going to be it!
Seraphemz  +   2375d ago
to everyone...
It looks better in HD... the pics dont do it justice

At the end...he says ' I got GRAN TURISMO in there for you" !!!!!!

WAAAHHHH... SONY WINS E3...for me anyway.

SIX. Not true, you can already download games VIA the PSP Store... through the PSP browers. Or even from a computer.
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ULTIMATE_REVENGE  +   2375d ago
look at post 1.27 on the comments, it reveals something BIG!
Yo the guy in that video just confirmed that a new MGS game is coming to the PSP

HORAAAY!! I finally know what Kojimas up to!
intruder_qc  +   2375d ago
But the most important part is about Gran Turismo ;-), so now we know what Kazunori Yamauchi has been up to.
SixAmpFuze  +   2375d ago
if sony is getting rid of umd that means the only way to buy games for the psp go is to bu y a ps3 also? if thats the case thats not a good business model .If wrong then explain to me how you get games.
Claudinho69  +   2375d ago
the psp been having a store
intruder_qc  +   2375d ago
You can go on the PSP Store from the PC, unless they remove this? It just recently that they allow you to connect directly on the PSN from the PSP itself. It will be silly to not allow people to get their content via a PC. It would be like Apple require to have a Mac to use iTunes to download stuff on your iPod.
DELTABOY04  +   2375d ago
ps3 slim
is real!!! just like the psp go is
KILLERJAK  +   2375d ago
I don't know what sony is doing or trying to compete with,is this the best they got for psp? are they going after iphone with this 16gb psp go or are they trying to compete against Nintendo with Dsi in my view it's gonna be a failure knowing that all of us that got screwed with our psp 1k/2k/3k with UMD. why would anyone buy that! I'm really disappointed in sony, and on top of the fact that the concept of this design looks just like Sony's Mylo which failed also so ya.IMO it's gonna fail.
SixAmpFuze  +   2375d ago
ok so they are competing with themselves? this is so stupid.Either go disk or dont or combine the now theres 2 psps. and devs are gonna start just making down loadable game
PirateThom  +   2375d ago
You can download games to the current PSPs as well in the same way as you will on the PSP Go.

Apart from the redesign and the lack of UMD drive, it's the same basic hardware and software.
SixAmpFuze  +   2375d ago
I understand that but what i was saying was the go will ultimately replace the psp so you have to have a ps23 to download games.I dont mind them going digiatal only onthe psp go but dropping the umd is going to 1 hurt sales and 2 limit a userbase
pwnsause  +   2375d ago
they are not dropping the PSP-3000, the guy confirmed it on Qore.
intruder_qc  +   2375d ago
Sean is our hero ;-)
Wooow thanks for providing the photos and videos.

I just finish to watch the video you posted on YouTube and it does look pretty cool!

OMG did I hear they were gonna play Gran Turismo??? Big tease they had and the video stop without showing footage of it, soooo crueeeellll!!!

Now I just wish Sony would open up this one for indie developer such as myself and build something a la AppStore. The ill be completely sold ;-).
llMurcielagoll  +   2375d ago
I cant wait to read the specification of The New PSP Go!! Or wait let me rephrase it... I WANNA GET MY HANDS ON IT!!

From the looks of them screenshot there will be built-in Bluetooth. ME LIKE!!!!!
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Captain Tuttle  +   2375d ago
The placement of the analog stick makes very little sense to me...seems almost like an afterthought.
Pebbz16  +   2375d ago
Dude these people just leaked every exciting PSP announcement that was supposed to be at E3. They leaked the new PSP Go, Gran Turismo PSP 2009 release, and new Metal Gear for PSP. This was around 3:15 in the video. I would have liked to be surprised by these announcements but whatever there out, so yea....
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Bxknuckles  +   2375d ago
no UMD slot? No buy for me.
pwnsause  +   2375d ago
if you been hearing the news for the last 6 months, you would know that they were going UMD-less.
PStu'rd  +   2375d ago
Looks like something you would get with a detergent..........

If some stupid people are still clueless on why the playstation brand collapsed this gen or why ps3s exclusive library is a graveyard compared to 360's than here is your definite answer. Its not because MS is sooo much better than last gen, which it is, its not because sony fanboys turned into absolute retarded and annoying human scum and scared away all exclusive 3rd party support, which they did, but its because sony, this gen, is simply DUMB.

Hey Stards. since your so far up your company's of choice ass than why dont you retrieve that 2nd analog stick thats rotting in there eh? Everyone wants it yet sony somehow comically forgot about it lol lol lol
Zhuk  +   2375d ago
A brilliant post, it is good to see another intelligent gamer fighting the good fight against the fandroid menace
PStu'rd  +   2375d ago

I cant stop laughing @ the analog + Start/select design (its almost like they were ready to put a 2nd an stick yet decided to make the greatest prank ever and replace it with a start/slect buttons). NO WAY SOMEONE IS ACTUALLY THIS STUPID lololol

I refuse to believe this is true. MS must have payed someone to fake this up.

PSP was actually turning out to be the best handled ever. Awsome games/features and no retarded fanboys selling themselves on the street so they can afford to pay the net bill and troll every site 24/7. And now this...................sad.

I hope they still keep the superior model in stores.

Oh they are. At least something ''smart''
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