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dannyspanish  +   2447d ago
You can't believe all this poo N4G churns out seriously. It's put on here for you all to discuss fanboy bull s**t.

HolyOrangeCows  +   2447d ago
300 0's? Sounds like lives servers alright.

I kid, i kid.
-MD-  +   2447d ago
I don't get it.
Christopher  +   2447d ago
Sounds like online gambling
Possibly Poker and similar games where you can gamble with MS Points.
DevastationEve  +   2447d ago
my 2 pennies
More does not always equal better. Gears and Gears 2 proves that small teams of players work out the best. Now, if they were in a progressive and moving world that might be fun...but...

All this MMO stuff is soooo DONE already anyway! Everquest was DONE. Guild Wars was DONE. World of Warcraft was DONE. Shaiyla (or whatever it'c called) is DONE. Go to oogplanet and there you will see the same thing. I can play free MMMORPGs and all kinds of other free stuff out there online.

I just want games, keep XBL the way it is and maybe refine it here and there but don't over do it with these community ideas...
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divideby0  +   2447d ago
MS has no choice to start looking at the next xbox, while they prematurely abandon the 360, just like they did to xbox.
I got hosed when MS left the xbox so early, it clearly had another one or two years left in it
AND they will do the same to my 3rd 360, dump it early.
I learnt my lesson, no mo xboxs on launch day for me
Ace Killa 08  +   2447d ago
hey if sony can copy achievements with trophys ms can copy a crappy home on console and make it better lol
Shendow  +   2447d ago
You mean make a new problem for the next Xbox? Besides how do you know if Sony copy it? Does anyone know if Sony had this idea during PS2? I mean Home was going to be for PS2, an if its so crappy then why would xbox fanboys want? or making a big deal about it? By the time the next Xbox can do something close to that, Sony would have some alot better out. It says "300 000" so for all you know that could just be 300 -_-
air1  +   2447d ago
you sony fanatics need to give it a rest already...

sony wouldnt of had even taken online gaming serious if it wasnt for micro's original box. if it wasnt for the xbox the ps3 just might of still had that sh!ty online thing they had going for the ps2, hell the ps3 might of not had a built in hdd either.

yea dreamcast started the onine but micro was the 1st to get it right..

bubble up for godofthunder sony fanatics just act like sony is nothing but original
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Shendow  +   2447d ago
MS? Got It Right?
Wow you know thing uh? Sega has been doing its own online thing for along time, Sega Chanel was something like that and Dreamcast had a great online or did you not read on the Dreamcast that it use Windows!!! so MS got their idea from Sega because of Sega using their software an it wouldn't be a shock that MS bought Sega's online set up an just made it better. And before you call anyone a Sony fan or anything you better know about the person, because I own systems for NES an up, so F off.
air1  +   2446d ago
yes ms got it right, must be hard to understand from a sony fanatic point of view..

i loved the dreamcast dont get me wrong i thought it was better than the ps2 but how long did it last? if i remember right didnt it have like a 56k modem or something? isnt that what held it back a little?

kid grow up if by now you havnt realized that everyone takes other ppl ideas then you have a long way to go to realize reality. its not who makes it first anymore its who does it better and as of today more ppl think ms does it better thats why ppl drop 50 bucks a year so get over it..

and just so you know that post wasnt to you thats why it doesnt say 3.2 on it but i know your sony side had to come in and act like micro has added nothing to gaming since the xbox.
astrotriforce  +   2447d ago
It'll be interesting to see where Microsoft heads with this. Is it current or next-gen? Home or Primetime? Personally I'm edging towards the latter based on the text.
CypH  +   2447d ago
interesting 3000000 ppl

Home has over millions still nothing
Shendow  +   2447d ago
MS Mii's
Yes MS Home with MS Mii's, sounds very hardcore to me -_-
Shendow  +   2446d ago
MS Dieing
I'm getting sick of people not seeing that MS is losing by wasting money on things that don't work out, MS needs to drop everything (360, Zune an so on) an get back to what makes them MS!!! SOFTWARE!!!! Vista look awesome to me but I seen alot of people having problems with it an losing computers an Windows 7 is already said to be Vista 2.0(To put in a easy way) an I think the need to stop trying to get in to a big marketing game an work on what they need to work on.
air1  +   2446d ago
i think it sounds like you fear for sony..

i also think you didnt see my response 4.2. you have no more bubbles, oh well.

i guess you think sony is making a killing off of the ps3 huh the ps3 is doing so great that it is doing kz2 numbers great. clown....
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