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Steyene  +   2276d ago
I think it was aiming more for the old school/casual gamer market then the Xbox and PS2. Interesting blog post, tad small though, and bit out of date.
SinnedNogara  +   2276d ago
Uhhh....why are you talking about the GameCube??

Anyway, I liked that system.
Shnazzyone  +   2273d ago
the point of this blog is.... where's your opinion? Camecube was pretty dammned good uh but still... i don't get this blog at all.
Errol James  +   2254d ago
It was a drought
I was pretty much bored as hell because I had nothing to play and I started writing. Never thought it would get approved, but since it did I'm mad I didn't get to respond to the comments earlier... Thanks for your input and from now on I'll post things that have a point.


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