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JOLLY1  +   2289d ago
I have decided.....
I hate rp-fps's. I want a fps that is based on skill only. Everyone gets the same rules. None of this "Oh goody, I get a red dot" or "I am the only class that gets to use a sniper rifle". F all of that. Learn to be better without special bonuses. Equal playing field for all!
SpoonyRedMage  +   2289d ago
Totally agree with the last point, too many games have co-op only on system link or online. I'm looking at you Crackdown!
thor  +   2289d ago

I totally agree... Online first person shooters are ALL EXACTLY THE SAME. I wish people would wake up and see this. Charge in, shoot people, die, repeat. Every innovation or variation on this formula has been done before, and is usually quite minor at that. Levelling up should unlock purely customisation options - so there's an incentive for doing so, but you don't lock beginners out of all the options. Still, I disagree with the current trend towards giving the player exactly what weapons he wants when he spawns. Weapon pickups are so much more balanced and it means you can get good killing sprees going.


Again, spot on here, although the first game I saw that did this was "The Getaway" and it didn't catch on until later. Likewise, Resistance 1's health system is almost exactly the same as the one in "Red Faction 2". It's not any more or less realistic than using health packs. If they are going for realism, this isn't the way to do it. I dislike the gameplay mechanics it creates. Having health means that, even if you can just get one shot off on the enemy, you've hurt them and that's going to stay with them. With regenerative health, you NEED to go in guns blazing and finish them off. It promotes reckless play over strategic play.

I will also say a word about respawns since I am on the subject. Respawns in an objective-based game NEED to be sorted out. The tactics they create are ridiculous. In order to assault a base to capture it, or to take a flag/object from it, one would expect that I would have to weaken the defenses first. Not true. The best strategies are to -
1) Have numerous people rush in, steal the objective, and rush out again
2) Lure the enemy away so that your teammate can charge in and knab the objective
3) Weaken every enemy but don't kill them. This could involve depleating their ammo, their health. Then charge in.
If you just try to take them out, you can't, because they'll respawn either right in the objective, or they'll run straight there. It's really irritating and turns most games into a game of chance if defending is too easy.


I hate guitar hero and rock band. Minimal development effort, same rehashed game, effectively all it is is pressing buttons as they come up on screen. I don't find that fun, and frankly, I can't understand why anyone would.



There are too many platformers to count... sure, not many kiddie platformers, or "pure" platformers, but what is? A platformer has to have some other mechanics - fighting or shooting - and in "pure" platformers these are just not fleshed out... look at the original crash, spyro. Prince of Persia, Mirror's Edge, Infamous, Uncharted, Assassin's Creed all rely heavily on platforming/free running. Uncharted probably has about the same mix of shooting/platforming as Ratchet & Clank does so there you go...


No more peripherals, thanks. What was it you said about "should be kept in the arcade"? Lightguns are older than I am.


Yeah, I don't see what's wrong with this, BUT think about it this way - as soon as you introduce lives, you introduce stupid mechanics/gameplay tactics like reloading your save so that you can pass a level with fewer deaths, replaying levels to get extra lives etc. I'm not too keen on the FPS checkpoint system we have now, much prefered the "save anywhere" system.


It's getting better. But I expected all games to be loaded with features by now. Split-screen is hard to do right. Most games NEED bots/AI opponents/online split-screen or they're no fun for offline MP. KZ2 is the latest casualty. The stupidity of the devs to not realise that this is a much-wanted feature probably cost them a load of sales.
Cajun Chicken  +   2288d ago
I wind up my friends by calling GH/RB 'teletext' then mimic them 'rocking out' with the coloured buttons on the TV's remote control.

Platformers. Just in general, to me a platformer was always about a cartoony good VS evil affair getting to an end of a level whilst collecting lots of stuff with boss sections and varied sections such as mini-games or 'meta games', there was the era where you earned new abilities between levels too.
Of course all games are being blended together these days, so its hard to tell what is a platformer and what isn't. I'm talking Mario, Sonic, Crash Bandicoot, Jak, Ratchet, Sly, Spyro, Ape Escape, Donkey Kong Country, Kirby, Banjo Kazooie maybe even Medievil. After all, these type of games were some of the games that got a lot of people into gaming.
But as Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch and Insomniac steer away from the platformer, that only leaves Nintendo and so far, Ninty haven't dealt out the Platformers like they used to and MS have never really been that bothered in that department. Its strange, because they days, it seems like a majority of games are made for adults where you can't escape from responsibility, death, decisions, stress, anger, realism and just doesn't involve escaping to another world, nor is relaxing. Call me old fashioned, but I used to enjoy escaping to that sort of carefree world in games even now as a 22 year old. I just want a balance between those gritty, realistic games and the cartoony, vivid world ones, before the platformer as we know it vanishes into obscurity. Again I did a blog on this a while ago, so I'll leave it there.

Yeah, I might be a bit of a hypocrite with the 'should be kept in arcade' bit to do with lightgun games already complaining about GH/RB. But y'know having a set of drums, Guitar and a microphone in your front room sort of takes the biscuit. I mean, that's like having a whole DDR arcade unit or a full SEGA Rally unit in your house. GH/RB sounds like something you just would of stuck a bit of change in with your friends in an arcade, not a full home title.
A gun is a little bit more subtle, surely the lightgun game could get some more innovation now.

Anyway, thanks for your input on this blog, glad we have some similar views, you brought up some pretty good points that I hadn't thought about too.
SpoonyRedMage  +   2288d ago
Ahh Cajun it's a pity really about the Platformers but look at most of the responses to Nintendo articles here. The people that like the lighthearted, fun games seem to be in the minority(when it comes to gamers anyway).
Tony P  +   2288d ago
Agree with FPS. I've said before, I don't think it's a bad genre, but the market is absolutely saturated with them. Despite that, they're hugely popular and the majority of consumers are happy with a new coat of paint and multiplayer. Again, the genre itself isn't crap, but I think it could use some serious renovation.
lh_swe  +   2288d ago
The last point is spot on.
I feel that this gen has all the focus placed on online components and fail to recognise the fact that when you bring a freind home there are only a finite amount of things you can do with your friend, most commonly this involves video games yet almost every game released lacks this function and there is really no excuse for spending 2 extra months fixing that functionality or adding it in a patch or whatever, no excuse but laziness. I also stronly agree on the platformers, we need more games like ratchets & clanks.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2287d ago
Great blog post Cajun. I have to agree with most of your points except for the regenerating health. I do think it's over used but it seems like a natural fit for many games. I hate having to run down a health pack but I wouldn't mine to see dev's get creative with the health bar. I just don't want to see them go the way of like Too Human, no health just a brutal death scene you have to watch over and over everytime you die.

"EDF2017 is the finest TPS for years."

Love this game!! Still hoping for a sequel.
kwicksandz  +   2287d ago
Thank you for recognizing the awesome that was giants
I could still play giants today, it holds up well graphically and game play wise. <3 British humour!

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