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ps3gamerkyle  +   2409d ago
One Word:

Unless of course Kojima Productions is working on a new Metal Gear game..In that case, that comes first.
Jecht  +   2409d ago
Anyone but me....
notice they emphasized casuals? I really hope they aren't considering the Wii for this game. It really wouldn't work.
boss_killa  +   2409d ago
if kojima is behind the title
i doubt it'll be on the wii. kojima will be looking to push the franchise graphically, and content wise. the wii will not do that.
Jecht  +   2409d ago
He did say he wants to try something on the Wii. I just hope it's not this.
Blackcanary  +   2409d ago
I've left a comment
on there site i really want to see Zone of the Enders 3.

heres the link to were u need to leave the comment
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