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IVYvsTAKI  +   2412d ago
Sh!t Yeah...
...I been wantin' this game since the second one was over! ZOE is the illest mecha combat game I've played. I like it better than Armored Core, smoother than Virtual-On...

We need some ZOE3, bad! Do it, Kojima-san!
deno  +   2412d ago
Kojima is a mastermind. One of my favorite games last generation was zone of the enders 1 and 2. Absolutely make a sequel. Kojima I hope you make part 3 of this wonderful futuristic series. I love your stories and the mentality behind them. Than you!!
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The Kingslayer  +   2412d ago
Was on a whole different level. I mean the range of missions, presentation, the combat, and the fact that you had different versions of your mech. The game was just phenom. I stayed up one whole weekend to the end it. Could not put the game down. Anubis kicked ass. One of my favorite levels was the aircraft carriers. Having to take out their weaponry and down them. Next Gen of ZOE3 is a must. The only justification would it having to be multi so Konami can recoup. If they take the marketing serious there's no reason it couldn't do as well as RE5.
xztence  +   2412d ago
ok where do I put my comments for them to read?
This NEEDS to be made so badly its not funny.
poopface1  +   2412d ago
I hope they make this game
I loved the first one even though I originaly only bought it for the mgs2 demo. Id buy this on 360 if they made it. If it was only on ps3 it would convince me to buy a ps3 when it comes out. I would love to see an upgrade ZOE.
Ps_alm3k  +   2412d ago
Yes!!! My dream came true!!!
I been spamming message( About this news) throughout the whole board and forum of different kind,
and now i'am banned from gamer zone and can only leave message in the open zone. I'am happy that the ps3center pick it up this news. Now my job can be laid to rest, and let the hype begins * sigh*
Ps_alm3k  +   2412d ago
ANyways all you *FAN*!!!!!
Go comment the page now!!!!!!
This is like a encore and we have to get a third one.
I rather it go multi but have the 360 be gimp just to let them know that
their disc medium isn't good but i want them to play this upcoming masterpiece.
Just have the the ps3 version coming with everything and the 360 compressed and gimped it to however they want to fit their dvd9.

Ps3 ftw!!!!!!
ShinFuYux  +   2412d ago
The first sucked..
But the second one was incredible.

I find it funny how the first one did so well because it had the MGS2 demo disk on it. But the second one was pure gold.
ceedubya9  +   2412d ago
Do I really want it?
Redempteur  +   2412d ago
He wants to know ???

I WANT ZOE 3 ... if it isn't a third runner of jehuty ... please TRYYY to make another robot as awesome ...

I wanna blow up battleships with vector cannons

I wanna dodge severals laser beams while dashing to grab an ennemy and throw him ( the ennemy ) on the ground or on the face of another ennemy .

Zone of the enders 2 was just the best 3D action game ever ... and the best Robot game done on PS2 no doubt ...
And if you could put a vic viper too and a versus mode i won't complain

Ps_alm3k  +   2412d ago
If You Never Played It this is ZOE * EPIC!!*
check out this video!!!!!
this is why there should be ZOE3!!!!!
wh0am1  +   2412d ago
**** YEAH!!
i want it and i want it now!!!

let put Snake to rest (for a while at least)

i want my giant robots!!!
RedGr3mlin  +   2412d ago
PLZ Do a Zoe 3
I can still remember the sorrow i felt in ZOE-1 in the ending when the "guy" ask "ADA" what she is going to do now.....

And she answers: My mission is to go to mars and self destruct then shut down her self... damn i felt like a friend should leave and never comme back :(.
Tho ZOe2 was AWESOME and i saw my dead "ADA" again...

So PLZZZZ do a ZOE 3. i want to see the "ADA" in her high deff glory EXCLUSIVE on ps3!!!!... ADA + MECH + HUGE FIGHTS ALL IN 1080p = OMFG!!!
Diselage  +   2412d ago
Really why wouldn't you want a Zone of the Enders 3.
Argento-Nox  +   2412d ago
ZOE is one of the reasons why I'm disappointed with most mech games these days. ZOE is a fun, user-friendly game that's given me an over-inflated expectation of how most mech games should be played these days. Any time Kojima wants to bring out ZOE 3, I'll certainly not waste time complaining.
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Baka-akaB  +   2412d ago
Indeed , only mecha games that felt as good or even remotely close in controls always had a major flaw like speed , story , design , or just too few in numbers and never released out of japan .

Like the rare good gundam games from the bandai/capcom arcade team up , or Another century episode 1-2 ... or virtual on .

The rest is just the standard gundam and macross crap , those mediocre to even worse each time Armored core games , the good but slow and heavy simulation flavored mechwarrior games ...
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Argento-Nox  +   2411d ago

If there's an arcade in your area with Gundam next, I recommend it. It's generally 2 vs. 2 matches since so many people play it, but if you get the chance, 2 vs CPU is really fun, b/c you and a partner can play against the computer in closed terrain battles.

If not, I recommend downloading the japanese version of some of the gundam games for the PSP (assuming you have *ahem (^_-)* a soft-modded PSP). They're great games played via PSP wifi if you can find a partner to play with/against.
Trebius  +   2412d ago
I namd my kitten ZoE...
I got my kitty when ZoE2 first came out...and it was everything a game should be.
Megulito  +   2411d ago
hell yeah ive ben fiending for a new one
i love zoe good ass story good ass game play graphics the whole shebang the first one was soo short i playe dit liek 8 times through and i just got teh second one and imma play it when im done with killzone 1 and 2 i hope they make a ton more
xxBATTLECATxx  +   2411d ago
i say.......

original IP.
BlackIceJoe  +   2411d ago
A new Zone of the Enders would be cool. But I want to see a new Snatcher or Policenauts game first. It has been a long time from when they first came out and a sequel to either one or a remake would be very welcomed. But after those games get a Sequel or remake I want ZOE3.
7thNightvolley  +   2411d ago
jlemdon  +   2411d ago
we sooo need this
I loved the ZOE series, beat pt.1 but couldn't finish 2.:(
Rmagnus  +   2411d ago
what kind of question is that
Who wouldn't want ZOE3? After playing ZOE2 which imo the best mech game I have ever played, I will be over the moon if ZOE3 is announced in E3.
Quickstrike  +   2411d ago
I would love to see another Zone of the Enders game. I feel the series can go from great to awesome. It's one of the best mecha games I've ever played for the PS2 and I would love to see this great series make its way to the PS3.
thereapersson  +   2411d ago

I don't care which system it comes to, just DO IT! Your loyal fans are clamoring for it, so the only thing left is to ACT NOW. :)
DanteLinkX  +   2411d ago
mmike855  +   2411d ago
Zone of the Enders is a great franchise
But why not begin something new? Reinvent yourself, Kojima Productions! With your uniquely powerful storytelling and imaginative capabilities, create a new universe, and bring in new characters to generate a brand new buzz in the gaming world. It can be easy to fall into the ideology that making a sequel is always safer than starting a new IP, but consider more options when deciding what kind of game to make. Whatever Kojima Productions choice is, I'm sure we will be in for a treat.
boss_killa  +   2411d ago
kojima... hell yeah...
what a dumb question. who in their right mind wouldnt want zoe3?

make it happen please.
Ninjamonkey  +   2411d ago
Ive never played a zone of enders game but its its made by kojima its probably good.

And the anime thing it said about, that would be cool, too many games take a realistic approach these days...
DMasta718  +   2411d ago
Uh yea.

I was waiting for a ZOE3 forever
shysun  +   2411d ago
yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee s!
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