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GWAVE  +   2482d ago
Heck yeah. Zone of the Enders is awesome. The first one was good but the second one was altogether mind-blowing.

I definitely want to see a ZoE3, especially after...

*MGS4 spoiler*

....playing that awesome sequence where you pilot REX and fight against RAY. That 8-minute battle put every Armored Core game on the market to shame.
gauntletpython  +   2482d ago
i feel the same way... that sequence just showed how awesome a zoe3 could be.
raztad  +   2482d ago

1000% agree with you dude! That battle was utterly awesome. It left me waiting for much more mecha combat.
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Baka-akaB  +   2482d ago
Of course i want a ZOE3 espacially if (at least) on ps3!!!

It even pisses me off they are asking about it instead of being already working on it .
Bonsai1214  +   2482d ago
the second one looked better than half the first generation games on ps3 and 360. it didn't hurt that it handled like a porsche and the soundtrack was to die for.
cmrbe  +   2482d ago
True but Jetutty moved much faster than Rex.

Taking control of rex is a life long dream for me ever since i played Metal Gear on the NES. I remeber when i was young i saw the the pic of metal gear on the cover and i thought i was to use it to fight but eventually i learned than i was suppose to destroy it lol!.
The bike ride was great but it was introduced in MGS3 so it didn't really surprise me as much as taking control of Rex. With the extended gameplay on top of the music, the sound, the graphics and offcourse the story.

MGS4 is the greatest game ever for me.
Ssxtreme36  +   2482d ago
He has to make this game, it was amazing on ps2, imagine on the ps3......
zoneofenders  +   2482d ago
take a look at my ID.........
seriously i have been waiting for too long. this is not funny.
ThanatosDMC  +   2482d ago
If they do, i hope tons more enemies on screen. I like the idea of that big battle level with all those LEV (or something) vs Orbital Frames. But wouldnt it be great an all out war between Earth and Mars and Jehuty is caught in the middle in space or somewhere.

Also, I hope they do gimp Naked Jehuty somehow... Naked Jehuty would be killing everything with one hit. Have Jehuty somehow lose all that power and have Earth create Orbital Frames that are like the size of Jehuty for one on one epic fights.

Giant bosses are always awesome! Let Naked Jehuty be unlockable after first play through or part of the story in the end.

Oh! They could say that since Jehuty was so jacked up damaged from taking on Aumann's explosion they could say it had to start back to it's initial configuration?

Damn, i wish Anubis was still alive... i love him in VS mode.
Enate  +   2482d ago
I couldn't agree more in the past few days I have been mentioning I want this game like crazy. Do we want it? two words HELL YEA!!!!!!!! Jehuty can finally go BANKAI,(Means Full Release) a game of epic proportions an length to satisfy those who can't stop wanting more. I can see this games intense style being brought to life like never before by the PS3's new capabilities an Kojima productions brilliance.

An for those of you that may not have read the article or just missed this link make our voices heard not only here on N4G but where it counts.
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The Lazy One  +   2482d ago
WTF kind of question is that?

That's like you're biggest crush walking up to you and asking if you'd like a bj...
DaTruth  +   2481d ago
That's crazy! I hated the first one soooo much! It amazes me that so many people could like that game... It amazes me that anyone likes that game. Collecting weapons was of no use, since all the other weapons were ridiculously underpowered compared to the original weapon. Only time I died on that game, was when I tried to use another weapon.

Clearly I'm in the minority, so It must be me, but I'm in awe.
DragonWarrior_4  +   2482d ago
Dude, this is what I was expecting before the ps3 was even released. I Dont know why they haven't started on this yet? BTW, I dont know why people didn't like the first one's story. I really love the story. Watching the cg in the first one was awesome, the kid finds the mech, takes revenge for his family and fighting the communist army. That was the bomb.
THC CELL  +   2482d ago
i think this will be a e3 thing
will see
SmokingMonkey  +   2482d ago

ZOE1&2 were amazing!

We NEED a next gen ZOE, and a PSP version as well.
Skyreno  +   2482d ago
Zone of the Enders 3 For PS3 PLZ >> PLZ ,E3 is not that far..
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chidori666  +   2482d ago
gauntletpython  +   2482d ago
No offense man, but if you're a real gamer, you would want it regardless of whether it's exclusive or not.
Microsoft Xbox 360  +   2482d ago
Exclusive for the PS3 for sure. I want to play the game in its highest possible form.

Multiplatform only means it's going to be gimped by DVD9 and the other technical limitations of the other console(s).
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v1c1ous  +   2482d ago
but if it's only for ps3
it might get low sales :(

Baka-akaB  +   2482d ago

No offense but that's PC talk BS !
in an ideal world devs would be pushing to the max each versions of their multi games , using each console's advantage ! Hell it used to be that way before the utter domination of the PS1-PS2 ...

Now all they care about is a unified next gen version , and a downgrade for psp... ps2 and sometimes (i insist on sometimes) Wii .

So of course i'd rather have it as an exclusive to a given platform ... so should any true Zoe fan .
DragonWarrior_4  +   2482d ago
Agreed, it could be a downloadable game for all I care, and I would still want it. As a matter of fact that is a good idea. That would be a good marketing Idea for Konami. Now if only xbox live would allow games to be bigger then 1 gig.
mastiffchild  +   2482d ago
I'm not getting into the tech for each console here(I know what I kno and others agree to differ) but whars reslly onvious is that multis now gfimp themselves both ways to appease the fsnboys of eash half of their market which means we never get the best game for either platform-plain fact.

Look at it sinply like this. Say PS3 had more pretty colours and could have better and more movement on screen than 360 but 360 has less jaggies and is easy peasy qwuicky squeesy to make games on. What do you as a MP dev do make the very best game you possibly can and sod the owners of the system who, in this games case it doesn't suit? Why, so you lose half your market,lose all the publicity of pointless comp articles and upset MS and/or Sony? No you compromise and make a game thatdes ok on both but will never shine like MGS4, Gears1, Uncharted, Killzone2 or any other exclusive game tailored to be the very best game it can by eeking out every ounce of power from it's console.
This gen while people would have you feel that exclusives are less important you have to remember that all the big competitive strides are being made in the realm of the exclusive purely because profit should never ever come before making the best piece of art/music or gaming that a xcreative team can and the multiplatform game places roo many restructions on the processfor them to compete witrh their exclusive cousins. So I'd rather SOE3 was exclusive to PS3(more fans there I believe so as an exclusive it makes moe sense there for me)But rather than it go multi and die like DMC4 did I'd rather see it exclusive to MS so they can at least amke the best agme for one of the platforms rather than gimping noth with each others shortcomings.
Snatcher  +   2482d ago
I WANT A SNATCHER REMAKE, PLEASE KOJIMA. MAKE A SNATCHER REMAKE. People will be mindblowed by the storyline.
Johnny Cullen  +   2482d ago
360isthebestps3sucks  +   2482d ago
make this for 360, not for crapstation 3 kojima.
slyrunner  +   2482d ago
Hell yes,i would buy 2 copies for this game,(one to play and one to stare at),this game is so Amazing
v1c1ous  +   2482d ago
i'll buy it
even for wii
Spike47  +   2482d ago
gauntletpython, well honestly if its exclusive it may lead to a better game obviously, but
if its multiplatform I'm okay with that.
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TheColbertinator  +   2482d ago
I would like a Snatcher remake for the HD consoles.Or maybe a Policenauts release PSN/Xbl
Snatcher  +   2482d ago
YOU ARE MY MAN. Nice to see people want a Snatcher remake. Snatcher is a awesome game, man. There is a reason, I named myself Snatcher.
ultimolu  +   2482d ago
That would be awesome.
Strife Lives  +   2482d ago
ZOE3 would be Awesome!
My bet is,their already making it,they atleast have a story laid out,names of characters etc.Heck,they may even have an engine know Kojima. . . .he's sneaky
Snatcher  +   2482d ago
I want a Snatcher remake.
pippoppow  +   2481d ago
ZEO 3 would be nice
But would rather have a new IP or Snatcher 2 or similar style game. Kojima could be the one to bring back to the lime light graphic adventure gaming.
Apocalypse Shadow  +   2482d ago
all i know is that
if you didn't play f#cked up and missed an outstanding game.

you love mechs?
you love anime?
you love kojima games?

you didn't play it?

you f#cked go and correct your mistake.

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Reshun  +   2482d ago
Microsoft Xbox 360  +   2482d ago
Looks like we have another game coming to the PS3. The 360 is pretty much dead.
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MaximusPrime  +   2482d ago
never played ZoE.


if the 3rd one coming, i will definitely buy it and see what this game is all about.
HDgamer  +   2482d ago
Start off with the second one on ps2, I didn't like the first game since it was nothing like the second which is much better.
Shoko  +   2482d ago

The 2 on PS2 were pure epicness.
Strife Lives  +   2482d ago
Hey,I liked both :D
After seeing the trailer for ZOE1 with the Bonus dvd for MGS2,I watched that thing a billion times and then bought the game.the 2nd was better. . . .but the 1st was still great.
Baka-akaB  +   2482d ago
Well the first one was great too , and actually my first ps2 game .
Only prob with the first zoe was , while very short , too short , it felt repetitive with only one environnement .

Right when the story begins kicking some butts , and you're ready to leave MArs , it's the end .

But what an end , one of the saddest in videogames
The_Firestarter  +   2482d ago
I NEED ZoE3 so badly! I don't think anybody knows how badly I want that game.
Lumbo  +   2482d ago
Erm, yes please?
What kind of question is that supposed to be?
bviperz  +   2482d ago
the only answer to such a question.
Nikuma  +   2482d ago
Yes please.
cmrbe  +   2482d ago
Between MGS5 and ZOE3
I pick MGS5 but if they can produce and deliver ZOE3 before 2011 then ZOE3 for me.

ZOE2 is the greatest Mech game ever created imo. ZOE3 with the power of the PS3 will indeed be something else.

ZOE is more for the action oriented gamers but story wise its no MGS but then again all games story i have come across in my 23 years of gaming never have matched the MGS saga.

For those that played MGS4 i am sure most of you saw Dingo ZOE2 pic on Octcons Apple Desktop durning the mission breifing. I thought this was a hint of an up comming ZOE3. I hope.
heyheyhey  +   2482d ago

make it happen Koj, make it fvcking happen
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