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sGIBMBR  +   2425d ago
@ dylantalon
Your an idiot... The playstation version of Assassins creed was way inferior when compared to the xbox version.

Lacked visual quality and had plenty of framerate lag. Your just a moron!!

Ignorant to facts, and base your arguments on pure sh!t... !

No one mentioned anything about playstation vs xbox or anything of the sort until you came along, typical sony fanboy and felt like you had to defend your precious console...


Playstation 3 score (7.5 overal, 8.0 For Graphics)

Xbox score (7.7 overall, 8.5 For Graphics)

pwned sir!!!
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terrandragon  +   2425d ago
Lots of stuff, but nothing there... I only see the wings and the different stealth blades at 00:10.
Phantom_T  +   2425d ago
More importantly...
Why isn't the Assassin skeletons ring finger missing?
lawrence360x  +   2425d ago
Assassin's Creed 5*
i thought the first game was awesome repetitive or not it was fun. I really liked the running, climbing and jumping. The sword play with the dodge and swing finishers was sick and never got old, and the trying to evade all the solders was fun and on hard, very challenging to say the least. Assassin's Creed get's 5* in my book and I cant wait for part 2
godofthunder10  +   2425d ago
It never fails for a duma** ps3 fanboys like you to say that the ps3 is is perfect when the article is about a game.
It people like you that runs your mouth and nothin but sh*t comes out because you don't have the slightest ideal what you are talking about.
The fact is that the ps3 isn't the future like you claim with your stupid remark.(ps3 is the future and the future is ps3).The fact is that the ps3 is behind 2nd place by almost 8 million units sold as of now and the lead keep increasing.All 3 companies already said that the new systems will all be released around the same time,somewhere around the year 2011 or 2012.In other words this only gives sony about 3 maybe 4 years to catchup and it will never happen.You are such a duma**.You have your head so far up sonys a** that you can't see or hear what the hell going on.You made this stupid remark and i quote( look at M A G, the game supports 256 people, that game should look like pac man but due to the ps3, its able to look better than xbox's exclusive top games)I wish you tell me where i could buy it because the F**KIng game isn't even out yet you retard so how do you know it's perfect a**hole.

It's people like you that's destroying the U.S as we know it.It's people like you thats been buying forign products and trashing American Products every chance you get.I remember when they had 2 reporters from 2 different game magazines.They both interviewed Japanese people in Japan.They asked them why they don't buy American products.The majority of them said because they are proud of their country and companies in it.They also said that they like to keep their money in their country instead of giving it to another country so they could help their economy out.I have all the respect in the world for these people.I know that they are not Americans but they are proud of their country and every thing in it and this is how people act when they are proud of their country.Then on the other hand we have people like you.I wouldn't give people like you all the sh*t you could eat.You have no respect for America and things in it.Instead you brag about how great companies are in other countries but trash companies in America and hope that they shut down.Every time you buy a forign product and trash an american Product the only thing you are doing is destroying america.Americans lose their jobs and every thing they own when American Companies shut down.The reason they shut down in because people are not buying their products anymore.America use to have the strongest car industrys.Thanks to people like you that buy forign product they are all going under.Ever since toyota was allowed to sell in the U.S it's been down hill for them ever since,as a matter of fact forign products are killing every american company that's left,and it's people like you that caused it all.If you are not proud of America and the things in it get the hell out.The U.S will be a better place without you.The only thing you do is trash American PLEASE GET THE HELL OUT.
jkhan  +   2425d ago
I liked the AC. The graphics and scale was simply mind blowing. The animation system was top notch but the problem with this game was that at one hand we had a beautiful city to run around in and at the same time there wasn't really anything to do in it. Plus it was overhyped to death. I played one mission a day. Because it was so god damn repetitive. Plus once you get the counter attack ability, the game's combat became really lame.
xg-ei8ht  +   2425d ago
Both funny vids.

My killzone2 belongs to someone else now,lol.

Had enough of the MP.
resistance022  +   2425d ago
Honestly. Just scrolling down a piece of old tapestry. I want trailers like just out of the top of my head "Zelda: Spirit Tracks" At least we saw a bit of what the game is about this shows absolutely nothing at all except for that the game exists and based on a couple of leaked details, WE ALREADY KNEW THAT
Campy da Camper  +   2425d ago
That "dude"
is Vitruvian Man. It is Da Vinci's doing. I suspect mideval times.
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SeraphimBlade  +   2425d ago
Those wings...
gameplay element? airborne assassinations? swooping down on the wind from a perch to swoop down on an unsuspecting target?
Sorry, I have to go change my pants...
and yeah, something tells me it won't be THAT awesome, but there's hope...
while everyone's throwing their opinions in, I enjoyed the first game very much. it takes a while to get to each assassination, but its interesting learning about your target, planning your approach and that sweet kill (especially when you do it stealthily) makes it all worth it. The last hour or so does kinda suck, since you just fight hordes of knights for a while, but an alright final boss and a couple plot twists near the end are pretty cool.
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PS360PCROCKS  +   2425d ago
um this was shown earlier, why ANOTHER story?
Yosking  +   2425d ago
I see a bright beautiful ultra realistic sky and from there history for our taking!!
I see upgraded perfected realistic motion body simulations similar to altair's first body actions but more flowlike.
-I see wings maybe or potential to reach HIGH into the Bright blue sky to fetch his destiny.
-I see a story in the realworld really connecting with history this time not through flashbacks but cause and effect.

devilhunterx  +   2425d ago
Varied assassination kills & information gathering missions can only save it. Rest was fine.
maspi  +   2425d ago
great!if AC2 will be located in Italy when Da Vinci was alive (1400/ 1500 AC) much proprably we'll see Venezia, Firenze, Milano, Roma, Genova.the most important economical and cultural cities of the Italian Rennaisance.
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krogdog  +   2425d ago
Pointless chitter chatter
Real mature gamers will not dwindle and argue on such pointles and childish things such as xbox is better or ps3 is better. Xbox itself has akready shown us this answer since they are already begining to create the xbox 720. Playstation has no new console in sight and for a gd reason, the main component is the updateable hardware and the blu ray system and because of this the playstation has no need for a new console.

Enough on this anyway, the fact is the ps3 is a better technological pece and will last longer while the real point is the both consoles play games and thats all that matters. On the point of repetetiveness this arguement could go on for ever. A game can be the best ever and yet still be slightly or massively repetetive. In a wider point of view all games are repetitive to some point although many may argue that FPS is the largest of these. In a way this is true but in all honestly why do so many people play FPS like cod4. The answer is put simply it's fun!!. I personally haven'tplayed assasins creed yet but from all the views ive heard it is obvious that the blame cannot be put on the repetitiveness. If you loved the game than it didn't really matter. If you iddn't like it than u blamed it on repeptiveness and glitches. Just because a game may have glitches thid doesn't make it bad.

As games get better there are many who demand greatness always but the real component that a game requires is fun and if it's not entertaining thatn it has no purpose and is not a gd game.

I rest my case and to all those wise gamers I hope u understood how important it was that I put these points across!!
LeShin  +   2424d ago
I loved Assassins Creed!
...and I never understood why a lot of reviewers said it was "too repetitive" unless they can explain to me why fps's aren't?
ULTIMATE_REVENGE  +   2424d ago
presador never said his a pro at gaming, he just said the KZ2 online RULES and owns all fps online, & the guy in that video is clearly a 360fan its SO OBVIOUS!!, and i flippin hate it when some idiot says he/she owns and likes both consoles but then at the end of their 'Innocent' comment they write ''but the 360's better'', WHAT THE FLIP DOES THAT SHOW DUMBASS!!, anyone who does that from now on will be OWNED!! as I will have the ULTIMATE REVENGE on them
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Word2BigBird  +   2424d ago
i hate teasers, they never show anything
Silly gameAr  +   2424d ago
I haven't played the game yet. It really wasn't on my radar when If was first released. I kind of regret not buying it because I've heard great things about the game and seen and a lot of game play vids.

I'll definitely check it out before AC 2 drops. I want to be up to date on the story and game play.
N2NOther  +   2424d ago
The first one was a very good game. I never allowed the mission repetition to bother me because I had so much fun playing the game. I did every single investigation and killed every guard on the roof tops. If you did both, killing the target was much easier. I even got the "Blade in the Crowd" achievement for the doctor while he was surrounded by guards and patients. And I absolutely LOVED the story. To say I'm excited for the next one is an understatement.
Jecht  +   2424d ago
You know...
I loved the first, despite the repetition, because I loved finding new ways to make the repetitive missions different, I loved stealth assassinating, and I loved the massive cities. I just want the swimming ability, and trophy support for the next one.
bokharij  +   2424d ago
Hope the main Character
is as good as Altair. Altair's acting and style were awesome(along with his costume). I loved the first game and still play it, it has repetitive elements, but they don't feel repetitive unless you play the game without properly knowing freerome(freerome is not a straight line).
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