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akaFullMetal  +   2511d ago
wow wii beat again
JokesOnYou  +   2511d ago
Its amazing that releases like SO4 and *Biohazard aren't showing any legs in Japan for 360, lolz even ps2 outsold 360 this week thats really bad news for micro but I can't quite figure out whats going on in Japan the numbers aren't all that great for any of the next gen consoles, either way wii sold plenty already so until a price drop or a major game/gimmick release its understandable that sales have no place to go but down, but I thought ps3 sales would have remained higher for awhile, I mean wheres Yakuza3?.. seems like japanese gamers really love handhelds.

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Johnny Rotten  +   2511d ago
Yazuka 3
19. [PS3] Ryu ga Gotoku 3 (Sega) - 13,000 / 452,000
sonarus  +   2511d ago
lol i think 360 needs another price cut in Japan
XxZxX  +   2511d ago
back to square one, xbox 360.
frayer  +   2511d ago
haha. 5k? You have got to be kidding me. The 360 is $199.99 in Japan with all the JRPG's. This is embarrassing. I can't wait for Sony to drop the price there.

edit: haha. The PS2 beat the 360. Embarrassing... Looks like the 360 will slump right back into the 1-2k range in a few weeks.
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Godmars290  +   2511d ago
"The 360 with all the JRPG's."
No, that would be the PSP/DSi.
jBat17  +   2511d ago
the 360 can still beat the ps3 in japan
if MS gave the xbox 360 for free.. MS, more price cuts please
WhittO  +   2511d ago
Im sure the 360 is sold even less than $199 in Japan, i remember reading an article ages ago that said it was like $89.99 !!

The ps3 is selling good, it is the most expensive console on the market and is still selling numbers comparable to 360 worlwide.
Think of what a price-cut would do!

MS would have no advantages if the price were even, and Live isnt much of an advantage since PSN seems to be evolving into a service that in some areas surpasses live.

Look out for the new 360 "sale", of $49.99 lol
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Da One  +   2511d ago
WTF is the PSP and the DSi on
there is no reason those two should be pushing that each week granted the DS had a slight slump
TheHater  +   2511d ago
Well the DSi had different color release last week. So that why the sales is so high for it.
himdeel  +   2511d ago
PSP and DSi...
...are the real heavy weights in Japan now. If Japan was prison the DSi and PSP would be the guys waiting in the shower for you to drop the soap.

They are not to be messed with. Oh and the PS2 library is ridiculously amazing. There are games that I still want to purchase on that system.
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nbsmatambo  +   2511d ago
bubbles for you himdeel

for making me lmao
Sarcasm  +   2511d ago
Japan is a working nation, so mobile products sells like wildfire there.
Why o why  +   2511d ago
lol +1
SprSynJn  +   2510d ago
Continuing on what Sarcasm said...

Most homes here in Japan only have one television as well as less rooms to accommodate more members in the family. The television is not always available for the kids to play on considering Japanese shows and drama's are on around the clock, and very popular for the most part. The DSi and PSPs here are perfect for when kids want to play in the corner with no one to bother them. I myself got a DS before I arrived here because I knew I would be on the move sooner or later. If I were to ever get a gaming system for a child I would have, a portable system would be my first choice as it suits this country perfectly. Although I am not sure, I heard cell phones access the internet more often than PC's here these days. In short, battery powered portable devices are never in short supply here.
VGChartz  +   2511d ago
Real numbers soon.
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jams_shop  +   2511d ago
nice one there lol
TheHater  +   2511d ago
lol. You made a funny :)
Raoh  +   2511d ago
Why o why  +   2511d ago
fishd  +   2511d ago
XxZxX  +   2511d ago
bubble up for making me laugh
Zeus Lee  +   2511d ago
"X360 - 5,100
PS2 - 5,400"

And people doubt Sony when they say they have a 10 year plan?
jams_shop  +   2511d ago
Guys, guys I'm sure Microsoft has an explanation. Maybe they are having shipment problems, like the last the Xbox 360 was selling around 5k each week.

Xbox 360 = 5,100 lol!!
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ultimolu  +   2511d ago
...Am I seeing things? The PS2 just beat the 360? o-O
That pricecut isn't working wonders in Japan, that's for sure.
Pennywise  +   2511d ago
They will have to give it away with anime discs.
Johnny Rotten  +   2511d ago
but the PS2 is half the price so it should be beating the 360. :)

edit: I got some disagrees I guess I suck at sarcasm. :(
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Pennywise  +   2511d ago
Johnny one is 10 yrs old and one is 3...
mirroredderorrim  +   2511d ago
Shouldn't the 360 be owning the Wii, then?
The Lazy One  +   2511d ago
it was a joke
because a lot of PS3 fans say that the 360 should be beating the PS3 anyway since it's cheaper whenever NPD comes out.
heroicjanitor  +   2511d ago
The 360 should be beating both the wii and the ps3
Half the price of the ps3, has more jrpgs, and it costs less than the wii and they advertise extremely heavily. The ps2 is too old and everyone has one yet it still beat the 360...
bob saget remix  +   2511d ago
ps2 beat the 360. What a slap in the face. Microsoft should just give up with japan. An old last gen console is beating it.
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bob saget remix  +   2511d ago
@Johnny Rotten
No it shouldn't. It just shows how badly the 360 is doing in japan. A last gen console should not be beating a current gen console.
II Necroplasm II  +   2511d ago
What's the surprise saget?
You know when most people in japan see a Xbox they are like what the hell is that thing!?..... looks like a giant iPOD and why are the display lights red!
Why o why  +   2511d ago
true necro
it was always going to be a hard graft for MS bus at least they are really giving it a go. I know they've used some effin underhand methods in their pursuit for happiness out there but they are trying
XxZxX  +   2511d ago
that hum like a plane
heyheyhey  +   2511d ago
woot go PS2! 2nd and 3rd in the software charts, and outsold the 360 in hardware... nice!

good numbers for PS3 and PSP too :)

360... ouch, MS should just give up in Japan... if they can't survive there now, what the hell is going to happen when Advent Children+ FF13 demoo drops... or the actual game?
solideagle1  +   2511d ago

this will happen at least. come on sony drop the price already i want to buy it.
chidori666  +   2511d ago
Famitsu sales (3/16 - 3/22)
i hope star ocean flop 4 not help much 360.... :P

BMS84  +   2511d ago
The PS2 beat the 360 lol
And the PS3 beat the Wii again
chidori666  +   2511d ago
star ocean 4 helping 360
only 5 k..... XDDD
m-s-8-2  +   2511d ago
COuld the Wii finally be bottoming out? Ive never seen the appeal, but those wacky asians seems to love them for like 2 years.
Sarcasm  +   2511d ago
Price cut + New color E3 2009. You heard it here first!

Probably like $20... lol

A 2400yen Pink Wii will sell like crazy in Japan.
GamerPS360  +   2511d ago
1) Ms introduced their console on 1st generation
2) took over North America on 2nd generation. Europe 50/50
3) On next generation, it will take all over the world.

Nothing to dance about 20K difference in japan when there was over 120K difference in NA KILLZONE2 month.

ps. I play games not sale anyway :D
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TheHater  +   2511d ago
you say you don't play sales but games.
But here you are point out that the PS3 is outselling the xbox 360 by 20K a week but the PS3 is being outsold by the xbox 360 by 120K a month in the United States.
20,000 * 4 (four weeks in a month to say) = 80,000
So if my math is correct the PS3 is outselling the xbox 360 by 80K units a month in Japan.
Now if we subtract the difference we get 40K a month. So between Japan and the United States, the xbox 360 is only outselling the PS3 by 40K a month between Japan and the United States even though it is half the price of the PS3.
I didn't add Europe because European numbers are posted weekly with an official source. don't count as a official source because their numbers are fake.
Why o why  +   2511d ago
now thats some hurtful truth. People never understand that this x gap amount has to be multiplied by 4 to make a comparison. Dont worry about him anyway as he's too busy playing that north american exclusive title called 'NPD', great game and another 9 instalments to go, he should be well happy:)
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GamerPS360  +   2511d ago
I don't play sales that's fact but its hard to ignore completely when I am regular visitor of this site and someday all you see is sales number.

By the way, I am playing KZ2. Just done with RE5 :D
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Sir Ken_Kutaragi  +   2511d ago
IT DONE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-D Hardware sales -
PS2 - 5,400


X360 - 5,100

;-D ;-D ;-D POOR Micro$oft!!! ;-D
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blackbeld  +   2511d ago
^^^^^ YES it done it!!! hahaha
Danja  +   2511d ago
hmm wow 360 had a bad week....
Sarcasm  +   2511d ago
What do you mean? It's a pretty normal week here.

The 360 having a good week is only when a playstation franchise releases on it's console in Japan. Just for the sales to bottom out the next week.
free3sixty  +   2511d ago
well.. do you all remember when the PS3 was at 5k and the 360 at 2-3k??

Nobody mentioned the bad sales for the PS3.. it was only that the 360 is dead. We see us when the ps3 is at 10k again :D
CrazzyMan  +   2511d ago
That before new 80GB PS3 model release in Japan + LBP bundle?
Yeah, SMART japanese waited for that model release, that`s why they bought less PS3s in a week before that. =)

What the reason for x360 to sell 5k or less? Oh, it`s just DEAD in Japan. =)

And don`t expect PS3 to get at 10k very soon, in few week japanese will get FFXIII demo bundle, then KZ2, and later DW6.
Also, PS3 is definitely getting a pricecut this year in Japan, after that don`t expect to see PS3 at 10k for a long, long time. =)
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Daoshai  +   2511d ago
Sony fanboys always claim victory in Japan, yay?
Come on its Japan, who the hell cares? They're goofy gamers who watch goofy TV and listen to goofy music. You think any mainstream gamers who love the big games (Uncharted, GoW, Gears, Halo, etc) are into their style of gaming (Happy HappyFace Man)??? I mean the country is known for buying products from japan only, read the Rising Sun, take a global economics class.

I think its funny fanboys claim victory over japan sales, give me a break. I'm a huge ps3 fan, but I find myself laughing at you guys here....

You should care about your own market, your own region because thats what will define what style of gaming will most benefit you.
Kyur4ThePain  +   2511d ago
"You should care about your own market, your own region because thats what will define what style of gaming will most benefit you"
Daoshai  +   2510d ago
Since gaming is moving more and more to online style in the games, then what yours friends play in your region is what will impact you the most. Why get something that most of your friends dont have?
Obama  +   2511d ago
X360 - 5,100

i'm a full blooded g  +   2511d ago
sony for win
it just go to show to price don't matter in japan if u system suck

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