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Information Minister  +   2514d ago
That's some good weed they've got at Microsoft.
Obelisk92  +   2514d ago
I really doubt it.
AKNAA  +   2514d ago
Lets even out the odds...
Lets give Sony a slight handicap and exclude the japanese sales of FF13 just to make it more fair for MS, plus don't forget that extra 8 million console lead should definitely make this sales battle an even match now...

But my vote is still Sony, only because the FF series has always been on a Sony platform, aside from nintendo.
Also, I noticed that JRPG's don't seem to be that popular with the 360 fanbase in terms of US sales?!
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peeps  +   2514d ago
i dunno why this has had so many comments. pressume it's fanboys arguing... but why? I mean of course MS would say this. whether it does or doesn't they wouldn't go 'Yeh i think it will sell more on our rival console', likewise Sony will be saying that it will sell more on ps3...
espada_assassin  +   2514d ago

No because Sony wouldnt come out in the first place and say this crap.

Anyway even if FFXIII was releasing in Japan on the 360 it wouldnt make a difference. RESI 5 outsold on PS3 outsold the 360 version 4:1 and if FFXIII were to release it would be more then that....

Then the fact that people would wanna buy a 1 disc version not a 4-5 disc version...

Anyway If 360 players really cared about JRPG's then Star ocean 4 would have sold like Hotcakes.
Capulous  +   2514d ago
Are you seriously saying that you have never read or heard Sony say that the PS3 is better than the Xbox in any way? If you are just referring to this comment, well not yet.
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beardpapa  +   2514d ago
@above, I think you're misreading his comment
aiphanes  +   2514d ago
FF13 will sale more on the......
PS3 The PS3 will be at $299 or less in a few weeks...and a year from now it might be at $199 or less...

It is comming out in Japan this year...exclusive to the PS3....

The only way it can sell more on the Xbox 360 is if the Xbox 360 drops to $99 for the premium model...and we all know that is not going to happen.

Mirosoft still has a slim chance with the PS3 at $299...but at $249 or $199 the PS3 will dominate even the wii. The only thing hurting the PS3 is price...and that is about to be fixed.

And finally the bluray disc can not be scratched and stores 50 Gigs vs 9 gigs per dvd. Current tech is so great is it not? Why do we have to live in the past?

So say we all!
Ryuk  +   2514d ago
Its the truth man, or have you 4got that you sony fans don't buy games? **Cough** Killzone **Cough**
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Xbots play games  +   2514d ago
Xbox 360 will lead the Final Fantasy Sales by at least 500,000 units..
Xbox 360 gamers have lead sales in every major Multi-platform release. At times over 1 to 2 million more. Of course the 360 will lose in Japan. But it will either be close or scew heavy in favor of the 360 in every other region. People forget that the E3 Xbox 360 Final Fantasy announcement was like an act from God. This title will fly off of the shelves, and believe me when I say 360 gamers will show up in a big way.
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CDzNutts  +   2514d ago
As I said
GLOBALLY.....most likely PS3.
DOMESTICALLY (here in the US) most likely 360.

It's been the case (domestically) for just about every PS3 exclusive that went multi-platform, so I don't see why it would be any different now.

Still a shame though, that a game which could've been technically noteworthy will have to be dumbed down due to multi-platting.
360 and rpgs
You would think they go hand and hand but no one buys them.
Xbots play games  +   2514d ago
Xbox 360 RPG sales vs. PS3 RPG sales..will history will repeat itself?
Elder scrolls Oblivion:

Xbox 360 - 2.6 Million
PS3 - 78,000

Fallout 3:

Xbox 360 - 2.06 Milion
PS3 - 1.2 Million

RPG Exclusives:

#1 selling Xbox RPG exclusive: Lost Odyssey - 900,000

#1 selling PS3 RPG exclusive: Valkyria Chronicles - 35,000

If history repeats won't even be close
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dash--  +   2514d ago
FF13 is only for PS3 in Japan. Elder scrolls Oblivion, and Fallout are not jrpg. Trust me this game will sell more on the PS3. Lost Odyssey only at 900,000 weak. FF is their is best series, I repeat its only for the PS3 in Japan. It will outsell the 360 worldwide.
Are like slower action games....JRPGS and WRPGS dont compare...
beardpapa  +   2514d ago
And he's comparing Oblivion from both consoles. From what I recall, I picked up the Oblivion for my 360 a long while ago and I think it was ported to the PS3 months later.

With Fallout, the install base of the PS3 increased and since the game was released for both consoles simultaneously, the numbers are a better representation than the Oblivion numbers.

Maybe instead of using Valkyria Chronicles you should use WKC #s.
N4g_null  +   2514d ago
Assuming your numbers are correct that is pretty bad for the PS3.

Elder scrolls Oblivion is pretty much a PC game, so no wonder the numbers are high as the 360 crowd are PC players in console player clothes.

Fallout 3 a seriously great game but we have the same case, it's a PC style game.

Now just looking at the vids of FF13 and it seems like it is moving towards an action based turn based game play which sounds weird but if the game play is more like the PC mmo games then I would lean towards the xbox and also japan not really getting into it while china eats it up like it's opium. Oh yeah doesn't the 360 sell more in south asia? I has too since it is modifiable.

Now lets say this does happen. Then MS would totally show every one they are on track to take this gen of HD gamers. Hell even I though about getting an xbox 360 after this and now lost planet.

Another thing is there are way more girls playing this game than guys. I've meet very many beautiful women that play this game and it's because of the art mostly. You have to ask your self how many killzone 2 players would actually play as a women? These guys don't mind feminine themed games?

Another thing is what would happen with FF13 coming to the Wii? I mean wii fit hit how many millions? The funny thing is SE could use the same tricks they used with the PS1 and PS2 FF13 game and FMV almost every thing. LOL it would be on a few disk maybe but it would be pretty fun. You could even use the balance board to preform magic. If you've never done game design for the Wii then you may not understand where I'm going with that.

Another thing is could the Wii handle FF13? There was a really good all FMV game that came out and you had to import it. 428 Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de yeah thats the game. It got pretty good reviews from japan also.

Back to MS if this does happen this will be the cherry on top of MS's cake but like many Pro PS3 gamer I don't think it would happen. Yet another thing is most of you do realize that lots of HD japan console sales maybe coming from US military bases and the influx of Americans working over there? It would explain why the number would jump but only by so much.

I guess we'll see. Yet Dragon quest is going to be on the Wii next time and I'm just wondering what other game will be next?
Xbots play games  +   2514d ago
Reply to all...The bitter truth
It's clear that when a game that did well in the last generation for Sony..everybody keeps looking at the this generations gaming consumers through PS2 eyes. It is 2009 and the truth is games that all of the major Multi-platform games have sold better on Microsoft.

It is also true that most games sales this generation come from outside of Japan. For example the top selling exclusive for PS3 is Metal Gear Solid 4. When the last update had it a 3.89 million. The breakdown was:

MGS4: Japan 670,000/ America: 1.56 million/ Other countries: 1.66 million

So the Japan comparison vs. the Xbox 360

Highest Japanese sales on the PS3 - 670,000
Highest American sales on the Xbox 360 - 20,000

So the truth is it doesnt even matter if Final Fantasy XIII is a Japanese Exclusive.

Just check out the last 3 PS3 RPG exclusives

PS3 RPG Exclusives

Valkyria Chronicles (PS3)- 35,000
White Knight Chronicles (PS3) - 33,000
Folklore (PS3)- 20,000

So to sum it up..even if Japan sells the highest total this generation which is 700K, NPD and European sales will compensate for it in a huge way. As I have pointed out, the 360 has outsold the PS3 in every major multi-platform game by 1 to 2 Million copies. So for Microsoft to say that they are on track' to sell more copies makes absolute sense.

@ are a little out of touch with the console gaming consumer. The PC has ZERO effect on this generation's console gamer. We lover Elder Scrolls on the original Xbox (we didn't need the PC game)..We then loved Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and Fallout 3 based on the games themselves..not because they had a PC origin. Your further reasoning for who buys games (more woman play console RPGs than men ????) is also way off base.

@ need to make excuses or spin..I just keep it real..especially when the Xbox 360 console and gamers are getting bashed for buying record number of games this generation.
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N4g_null  +   2513d ago
Xbots play games @ no offense taken you merely did not see my point. Look at the gaming tasted. Look at the games you listed. Those games are not traditional JRPG at all. They are western RPG which lack imagination. The market for HD gaming is more of a western RPG fan right now you guys like sims. Maybe it is due to the price or maybe the selection of games. I'm not that out of touch with the HD games or gamers PC gamers are pretty much the same, notice how UT3 did not hardly sell on both of those platforms. Epic did not realize we are UT out, most of us have played that game and are tired of it for various reason. Shaders and physics = sells we figured that out before this gen even started, developer did. Again I think the HD gamers believe they are the true hardcore gamers and that's where you guys are out of touch because you tend to operate of game reviews and hype when most of you have not even played some of these games from the past.

It's like the compliant that res evil 5 got because people where use to COD LOL come on, back in the day I was playing over 5 FPS all with different controls across different systems.

I think most fanboys are looking from the inside out and need to look at the industry from the out side. There are a small number of you and to make matters worst most of you have two HD systems. Another thing is game resales are hurting the HD systems more than any one.

Also more women seem to like FF series on the PS2. That is a big chunk of sells you guys may not get to see. The biggest complaint back in the day was cloud looks like a girl. I love FF but even I stayed away from the last few because of that to only go over a various girls houses to see them leveling up. FF7 was more for a guy and the series started to become more for women in my eyes. Surely the sales will show this. You guys fail to see lots more women where buying the PS2 and the PS3 just is not appealing and I have never met a straight women with an Xbox but I guess that may change.

As soon as you get into killzone just ask who is getting FF13 and xbox owners do the same. It's pretty grim but we will see. Claim what you want but the times have changed.
Spike47  +   2514d ago
XbotPlaygames, Thats a lot of spinning you are doing there
But I already know what your excuse will be when the PS3 FF13 sells more than the xbox360 version. LOL
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Phantom_T  +   2514d ago
Pretty bold claim.
The fact FF will be a PS3 exclusive in Japan (and we all know how much they love there RPG's,and support Sony) is proberbly going to be the main reason why it's a pretty empty claim as well.
Rock_On_PS4  +   2514d ago
FFXIII will sell more on X360 in USA/UK and Canada only. Japan and Europe FFXIII will sell more on PS3.
Shame FFXIII is not coming to Japan on X360.
dash--  +   2514d ago
1st RE5 has sold more on the PS3 worldwide than on the 360
2nd by the time ff13 comes out here in the states, it would have been out a year in Japan only on PS3.
3rd 360 owners in NA don't buy jrpg.
Last but not least how many 360 owners in Japan who don't own PS3 will buy one for ff13...EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM
Capulous  +   2514d ago
I think FFXIII will sell better on the PS3 than the 360 worldwide, but since this is a response to the NPD, I believe the comment may be about America only. If so, it may be close.

Maybe he is taking in to account all those PS3 fans that claimed they would boycott FFXIII since it was made a multi-platform release. (I kid, but I'm sure many of you have seen these boycott posts when the mutli-platform release was first anounced.)
Star Ocean on ps3
It will show you how a JrPg is suppose to sell this christmas.
laaakokaracha  +   2514d ago

the game is soooo FAR away and ppl are talking about on what console it will sell better.

Honestly who cares?

Will it make any difference?

Will it change your life in any way?

they should focus on releasing the game on time.

Right now it doesnt look like it.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2514d ago
With the beating the PS3 took with COD4/5 and GTA IV, it's not hard to see.
Expy  +   2514d ago
Microsoft is right...

If they start counting each DISC as a copy sold.. lol
ssipmraw  +   2513d ago
even if it does sell more
the ps3 version is pretty much guaranteed to be better.
- 1 disc (ps3) vs multiple (360)
- 3+ years development time (ps3) vs 6 months (360)
- the care and effort to make the game as best it could on the hardware(ps3) vs the ease and effort of developing on the hardware ala last remnant (360)

so ps3 for me.
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deividpaulo  +   2513d ago

PS3 > Xplode360 in Europe
PS3 much > Xplode 360 in JAPAN

FFXIII PS3 Exclusive IN JAPAN!!!

so Microsoft FAIL again!!!

ahhhh RE5 sell more on PS3 - FACT
Xplode 360 already DEAD in japan

Microsoft Aways saying Bulls***t
al_manadi  +   2510d ago
lol microsoft
it might sell more in the U.S. but worldwide will be another story.

i think it'll be about 55/45 or 60/40 in sony's favor though. ff13 will sell millions on the ps3 in japan and 0 for the 360.
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