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leeger  +   2517d ago
Sorry NS but I think you are really wrong this time, FF biggest market is Japan and, FF13 is exclusive there, the heck even if it is coming to Japan, the PS3 version will still sell more.
Godmars290  +   2517d ago
Its all well to talk crap
But if indicators are true that FF13's been degraded as a multi from when it was first shown, if MS has managed to work some exclusive added content besides which will effect its earlier Japanese launch, they and Square are going to have a fu*k-ton of things to answer for.
sarshelyam  +   2517d ago
...if Microsoft is speaking ambiguously about North America alone...there's a "chance". No way in hell they'll touch Sony's worldwide sales for the title though, considering it's an exclusive in the region that loves the series as a home-town original. I can already see the fanboy spin now "Japan doesn't matter this, Japan doesn't matter that..."
Agrahim  +   2517d ago
Ugh... and people talk of Sony's arrogance? This is just stupid Microsoft talk, like "The PS3 is dying on the shelf!" (courtesy of that fat, bloated Aaron Greenberg, or whatever the hell is name is...)

This is one game I'll have to say PS3 will definitely sell more of, as Final Fantasy has (in some ways) become known as a Sony-console game. Maybe in the U.S. it'll sell more on 360, but exclusivity in Japan, and what looks to be a superior PS3 version (one disk versus multi-disk) and Versus XIII still being PS3 exclusive (for now... ya never know with Microsoft) just makes me believe this will sell more worldwide on the PS3. I mean, 360 has gotten how many SquareEnix RPG's and how many of them have sold terribly? Look at Star Ocean, I thought that looked cool and it sold terribly...
Reibooi  +   2517d ago
This is a retarded statement. The fact that Final Fantasy XIII is exclusive to PS3 in Japan is gonna be a big factor in making the PS3 version the better seller. Not to mention that Final Fantasy is long known to be a PlayStation game so people will buy PS3 based on that.

Last and certainly not least is the fact that the 360 version will in somewhat be gimped compared to the PS3 version. Even if it's only because of multiple discs it will still be annoying since it is most likely going to be like 6-8 discs if current multi disc games are any indication.
Microsoft Xbox 360  +   2517d ago
No comment. Words can't express how stupid this claim is. Do they know where the majority of sales are for the FF series? That's right! JAPAN. And as I recall, FF13 still an exclusive game in Japan and also coming out BEFORE the US/EU and other territories. They really set themselves up for embarrassment.
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Argento-Nox  +   2517d ago
Hmm...I think the MS rep who gave this statement must have been using some high quality marijuana before commenting. Unless they can somehow stop people from buying it exclusively on the PS3 in Japan, 6-12 month's prior to a worldwide release, they just committed ritual harikari for their japanese rep.

Can anyone going to GDC or E3 do me a favor, "point and laugh" at the MS rep while saying FFXIII (do it like Nelson from The Simpsons). Maybe it'll slap MS's arrogance with a sense of humility, enough not to pull numbers out of their @sses! Better yet, we could all wait for the FF Advent Children numbers next month and gauge how well FFXIII will sell in Japan. People really don't realize that certain demos, do sell copies of the games they come with ---> e.g. Halo demo with Crackdown and FFXII demo with DQ8.
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Claudinho69  +   2517d ago
no way since every 1 in japan will have this game...and its exclusive on ps3 there
Etseix  +   2517d ago
... em ........ lol ?
BGDad  +   2517d ago
I wont be buying it... A lot of Ps3 wont be buying it just because they went multi platform
So they better sell more...

Ill pass.
likedamaster  +   2517d ago
I think even the most hardcore rabid ps3fanboy knows it will sell more on 360.
AriesFury  +   2517d ago
It all depends how many 360 fans like JRPGs or RPGs in particular. And by the numbers, they really don't like them. Look at The Last Remnant & Lost Odyssey. They weren't particular big hits on the console, where they.
likedamaster  +   2517d ago
At the same time, Final Fantasy XIII better come wit' it and give us something unforgettable or JRPG's will officially be dead from here on out. WRPG's ftw!
PS3thedestroyer   2517d ago | Spam
dkblackhawk  +   2517d ago
wow microsoft.
I know people like final fantasy but if i remember its going to be on quite a few discs for the xbox 360.*(if i heard right).
likedamaster  +   2517d ago
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likedamaster  +   2517d ago
LOL at all the comments
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shawnsl65  +   2517d ago
multiple discs vs 1.. hmm tough choice, but hey.. more is better right? :D :D :D :D :D

Hope XIII Versus comes out the same month, or even sooner.
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dkblackhawk  +   2517d ago
there is
also a saying that "less is more" lol just thought i would throw that in there. But Microsoft is going to have fun selling this game. :D
Asuka  +   2517d ago
*reads title

.....moving on
cmrbe  +   2517d ago
Not without Japan you won't
I don't know what these people think anymore. Are they crazy?.
T-What  +   2517d ago
Who ever believes this needs to be slapped, The game will be completely omitted from one entire country (and it probably also includes all Asian territories like China, Korea, and the Philippines) but by some miracle they will sell more.
If they only mean the US then thy are still delusional since there is a massive chance that the PS3 will be even or have surpassed the 360 by mid 2010 (or whenever it comes to America)
BrianC6234  +   2517d ago
I guess this is important for Microsoft since they don't have many of their own games anymore. Most of their exclusives are third party games and could soon go multiplatform. Sony on the other hand has built up a nice list of exclusives.
BrownPowerzz  +   2517d ago
I know its gonna sell better on 360! All you PS3-toddlers go change your diapers! QQ
Argento-Nox  +   2517d ago
I can see it now guys, another MS rep will soon make one of the following announcements:

1. Internet Explorer 8 will surpass Firefox and Chrome (I think MS already did this one).

2. 360 will beat the Wii and PS3 for combined worldwide hardware sales.

Better yet

3. The Zune will outsell the Ipod!

Someone at MS should get a move on one of the announcements above, they seem to be on a roll commenting on their direct competition.
leeger  +   2517d ago
Ps_alm3k  +   2517d ago
I really think ms is going...
to buy alot of copies of this game..
how sad, its the only way..
is there another????
felidae  +   2517d ago
i don't know but maybe it's running smoother ;-)
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Shane Kim  +   2517d ago
I highly doubt in since:
1. No xbox JRPG has come close to PS3 JRPG's in sales
2. Final Fantasy is a more well known game than any other RPG released so far.
3. FFXIII on xbox 360 isn't even going to be released in Japan (last time I heard of it) and the Japs will go crazy about this game over there.

If this MS exec is speaking of US I can give him that since the userbase of xbox 360 is more than twice the one of PS3. But since there is an outside world besides US this will never happen.
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llMurcielagoll  +   2517d ago
I bet that who wrote this kind of article was Aron Green whatever his name is.
1 HiT KiLLZ  +   2517d ago
LOL M$ is really getting a big head since the recent NPD.
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